I suddenly had inspiration for Chapters again and since I published these two oneshots on fan fiction net this weekend I thought I’ll put them on my blog too.

Title: Multiple definitions
Completed in: January 9, 2008
Summary: A chance encounter caused Sakuno to join Shitenhouji for a picnic, where she ends up learning more about Shiraishi as well as what type of a buchou he is.
Theme: The idea that the image and definition of an authoritative buchou is not always the same.
Word count: 1791
Note: One of my friend saw my comment about Shiraishi in relation to 40.5 and she find the fact that he like girls who smell like shampoo really funny, and she was left a message saying she wonder whether he would smell his girl friend’s hair after she had a bath and make a comment about the shampoo she use, and that then seem such a good idea for a fan fiction! So I really wanted to put it into ‘chapters’. So big thanks to Calliope Medina Erato for giving me this idea.

I wanted to do a Sakuno x Kintarou story before but it didn’t work, but the idea for that is then brought into this story, although this is not really a Sakuno and someone from Shitenhouji pairing, it is really just Sakuno happening to spend the day with Shitenhouji’s regulars, and I decided to let the story be seen from her point of view so the story will be less repetitive as I do deal with similar ideas.

Both Seigaku and Rikkai were taking advantage of the three extra days they had by spending the majority of this time practicing. This was why Sakuno could understand that Echizen might not have much time, although it still hurt for him to completely ignore her.
Was her dream really impossible? She wasn’t asking for much, all she wanted was to spend sometime with Echizen alone- just like the two couple who sat underneath the tree only a few steps away from her.
The girl was wearing a yukata while the person who must be her boy friend was in a yellow and green sports uniform that seemed rather familiar. If he wasn’t leaning against the tree trunk then she would be able to see the name of his school in large letters printed on the back of his jacket.
She wasn’t spying on purpose, she really just happened to see the boy grabbing the girl’s hair- which was still wet by being in chunks instead of separate strands- and raised it to his nose in order to smell it.
“I really miss this smell.” He laughed out. “Your hair always smells so nice whenever you wash it, although it smells a bit different then before.”
His girl friend turned away, blushing, which then made her notice the young girl sitting at the nearby bench.
“I am so sorry!” Sakuno began automatically, preparing to run…
“Hey it is that rice ball girl!” a rather familiar voice yelled out loudly and within seconds she was facing the one who had address Echizen with a very bizarre name, as well as eating the rice ball she made like if it was some food that fell from heaven.
“I am Tooyama Kintarou from…”
The boy who was sitting down leant forward and pulled the overly energetic boy by the collar with a bandaged hand, allowing Sakuno to have some breathing space again.
“Kin-chan, you don’t do this to girls, okay?” his explained in a tone that was a mixture of both patience and resignation.
“Shiraishi, aren’t you doing the same thing with Tanako-chan?” someone else said dryly, indicating the couple’s clear proximity before he turned to smile apologetically at Sakuno. “I am sorry for not introducing ourselves earlier but we are the regulars of Shitenhouji, the representative from Osaka. I am Oshitari Kenya, the fukubuchou, and that guy there is the buchou, despite being like that.”
“Hey hey hey, what do you mean by that?” Shiraishi protested indignantly.
“Shiraishi-buchou, Kenya-senpai meant that most people don’t go around smelling girls’ hair and say how nice it is…”
Sakuno couldn’t help but to giggle as they all began to argue rather good naturedly. She was certainly surprised by what the buchou of Shitenhouji was like.
She always thought that a buchou should be like Tezuka, since she greatly respects him, as well as having heard numerous praises from her grandmother and the other regulars. Not only did the buchou of Shitenhouji seem much more relaxed due to his smile, his teammates were not treating him with a deep awe or even respect- it was almost as if he just happened to be the buchou since most of them were teasing him.
“Why don’t you eat with us?” Kintarou offered, holding out a box of food toward her. “It will be fun.”
It would not be difficult to refuse their offer since they were strangers to her, but she did not see why she should when they were all so friendly, especially Kintarou, and perhaps she was also feeling desperately in need of a prove that she was not always unwanted.
“I…I am Ryuzaki Sakuno.” She began shyly but she didn’t even manage to finish as Kintarou grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to sit down beside him before he placed a whole box of food onto her lap.
“That is his way of saying he like you.” Shiraishi told her with a slight smile. “He actually kept on telling us about this really nice girl who gave him some really delicious rice ball.”
“I wish you can be bribed as easily as him.” his girlfriend butted in, leaning against him.
“But it seems he is bribed just as easily.” Yuuji laughed as he tugged the end of his friend’s still wet hair. “All you have to do is to wash your hair a lot!”
“At least that is better then my cousin…” Kenya began.

She ended up volunteering to buy some drinks for them since they were all strangers to Tokyo, and Zaizen somehow ending up as the one accompanying her.
“Zaizen…” Shiraishi had said something to the second year when he wordlessly took the bag Sakuno was struggling to carry, causing Zaizen to mumble something along the lines of “If you say so...”
“If you don’t then we’ll ask Tanako-chan to beat you up with karate!” Koharu had added merrily.
“Does Tanako-san know karate?” Sakuno asked, curious at Koharu’s remark.
“I think so.” Zaizen answered with a slight shrug. “She is probably in the karate club as I think I once saw her in one of these outfits when she came to find buchou last year.”
“She seems so talented then.” Sakuno whispered out rather wistfully. “Being able to do karate as well as playing tennis. Is she the buchou in the girls’ tennis club?”
“I am not sure who told me this but Tanako-senpai does not play tennis at all. Why are you so surprised?” Zaizen commented dryly due to her surprise. “There are more girls who don’t play tennis compared to girls who do play tennis.”
“But she is Shiraishi-san’s girlfriend and Shiraishi-san is the buchou!”
“Well, I don’t know about your Seigaku, but in Shitenhouji being the buchou does not come with the requirement of having a girlfriend who is really good at tennis.” Upon seeing her hurt expression he quickly apologised. “I am sorry, I always get told off by buchou and sensei for being too rude. I am not being mean to you on purpose, it is just that I tend to talk like this with pretty much everyone.”
She must have showed some sort of disbelieve that his buchou’s opinion mattered so much to him as the second year quickly added: “I know that we were all laughing at Shiraishi-buchou due to how he was behaving with Takano-senpai, but that is because he was not being the buchou just then. When he asks any of us to do something as the buchou we all usually listen to him.
“I think buchou must know this, why else would he dump his girlfriend and play tennis in a way that he dislike if he does not think that his team mates regard him as the buchou other then the one who happened to possess that title.” He was muttering to himself now as Sakuno could barely hear him, but she saw that he suddenly replaced his rather emotionless expression with a smile. “So I guess we don’t have to feel that bad for what he did.”
“I guess I better answer your question. I don’t see why Shiraishi-buchou or any one of us will want a girl friend that plays tennis just because most of us are really good. I do love tennis but I don’t think I can do it every single moment, so that is why I won’t mind having a girl friend who doesn’t play tennis.
“To be honest, I’ll be more happy with someone like that as I won’t have to comfort her whenever she feels depressed due to not being as good as me.”
“But what if she is really good too?” Sakuno protested, as she always thought that the ideal girlfriend for any of them would be someone who could be as good as them, and this was certainly one of the drive toward her desire of improving her tennis.
“I spouse that can happen.” The arrogant second year genius admitted reluctantly. “Then it will be a bother to keep on arguing about who is better if we are on a similar level. But it is whether I like her that is important, if I like a girl from the girls tennis club then I will continue to like her regardless of how well she can play tennis.
“Do you have anymore question?” upon her shock of head, not really that big a surprise as his tone was rather brisk, he muttered something along the lines of: “the things buchou ask me to do…”
“What did…”
“He told me: ‘if she asks you a question, just answer it without being rude. I don’t want Shitenhouji’s reputation to suffer due to you once again.’”

Sakuno was pondering about what Zaizen had just revealed to her, so she did not notice the first hint of trouble until they were right in front of them.
“So this is the team from Osaka.” Someone wearing a purple and black uniform snorted out, interrupting the pleasant conversation the regulars were having. “You lot really do look pathetic.”
Kenya immediately stood up and yelled something back, while the joking pair both gave the offenders a very hard stare that make Sakuno shook a bit, as it was surprising how fast the friendliness was gone; Zaizen naturally delivered some sharp comments.
“Enough.” Shiraishi did not raise his voice but the hardened tone was actually enough to silence his team mates.
“And you are the buchou? No wonder your team mates lost since all you can do is cuddling up with a girl.”
“Why don’t we have a match then?” Kenya clenched out, clearly very angry.
“We’ll even give away some games to make it more fair.” Zaizen added coldly.
“Fine then, we’ll let you see...” the offending rival school pressed on.
“I said no.” Shiraishi repeated, his tone was much more hard, and there was also a firm and strong authority in it. “We are not going to do something stupid like that. Not one of you is going to play against a team that completely ignores all ethics.”
“Why do any of you want to do something so stupid? We are the ones who won the title of being third while they are not even in the team who left just as we entered the competition.” Shiraishi continued. “We don’t need to waste our time this way.”
“Yes, buchou.” Zaizen muttered while Kenya reluctantly nodded.
Like many young girls, Sakuno still saw the world in a rather black and white fashion, but she just realised that the world was not as straightforward as she think it was: for example, the buchou of Shitenhouji was clearly an very authoritative buchou even if he initially didn’t seem to be one.

Final Note: First of all, Ashita actually does not spend that much time with the regulars of Shitenhouji, it is just that I happen to be writing about the time when they are there as well. Most of the other regulars are nice to her because she is their friend/buchou’s girl friend, and it is not as if she behaves in a negative way to them, although only Koharu and Yuuji are her friends as well. I think one reason they are really nice to her is sort of due to the fact that she and Shiraishi broke up because of them.

My sister once said, that Shiraishi was not an authoritative buchou, which I disagree with as I think he is actually doing a very good job. If you think about it, most of the buchou only needs to do something about their kohai, not their peers- with the exception of Tachibana (who I think is the most authoritative buchou). We know that Kintarou listens to Shiraishi, and I think Zaizen (his other kohai) is actually quite respectful to Shiraishi. When Shiraishi scold him, he didn’t rebut or anything, as one might expect him too- consider what he said to Kenya.

I feel that Zaizen does respect Shiraishi, especially when Shiraishi had been his buchou ever since his second year. As for Chitose, I think Chitose is a bit like Yanagi and Fuji, he is the one the buchou really does nothing about due to the fact that he is fully capable of looking after himself.

The yakiniku competition was used as an example, because his team mates still tried to make him drink inui juice, but this has nothing to do with tennis, and being a buchou for him is not a role that he must play all the time, I don’t think he wants to, especially if you consider what he had to do due to being the buchou. I think both he and his team understood that they went to the yakiniku as friends from a club, not as a buchou and his team mates.

I wanted to show the above in this story, and I decided to use Zaizen to explain since he is the only non-third year apart from Kintarou- who is an oddity. Basically, at the start of the story they were at the park as friends, so that was why they were all teasing Shiraishi, but then when the non-regulars from Higa come, Shiraishi took charge because this become a matter that involves them as tennis players, and in such a situation like that his team mates does listen to him.

I hope Zaizen was not out of character, I think he wasn’t. I believe that he respects his buchou enough in order to try and be polite when he is ordered to, (I guess this also link to a previous story in this series- ‘Additional duties’, where he admit that he probably does need to be a bit more polite. I think this is not untrue because he probably would have got told off quite a bit for being so rude) but he still automatically says something quite nasty. As shown by what he immediately said to Sakuno. But I really don’t think he is a bad kid, I think he just happens to be like that with almost everyone.

With this story I also got to show my believe that the regulars might not all want a girl friend who play tennis, because it can be problematic. (by the way, Zaizen likes a girl who is family-orientated.)

As for why I use higa as the bad guys…who else can I use? I feel that none of the non-regulars in any other school might be this rude and challenge the team that came third twice in a role (in this story) or who entered the semi-final twice in a role. I really dislike Higa due to their boasting in their match with Rokkaku, it is bad enough that you do this if you lose (trash talking your opponents, which was what the non-regulars were doing), but to do it if you win is so much worse.)

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