I think I am getting a bit addicted to writing these random what if scenes, because it doesn’t require that much…effort and they are all conversation based so that is another factor why it is much easier to write. So I wrote this other one…

I am not sure about the manga but I know that in the anime Mizuki have this whole ‘Fuji is my destined rival’ due to his singles 2 match with Fuji…whenever I see him saying that (not often, as I haven’t really watch the anime) I really want to say ‘Mada mada dane to him. But the thing is, as Shiraishi beat Fuji, I think Mizuki will probably think ‘Shiraishi is my destined rival as well since he beat my other destined rival’…This seriously… “Mizuke, mada mada dane!” Both Fuji and Shiraishi are regarded by many as being able to compete for the position of top four and top five of the senior players along with people like Atobe and Chitose etc. I’m not just saying this, I have actually seen people on forums who thinks Shiraishi deserves to be in one of these two spots. (the fan girl in me: YAY YAY YAY!!!) Naturally the top three position is already taken by Yukimura, Tezuka and Sanada (although I have seen people saying Tezuka’s position is getting shaky…)

So yeah, I can imagine Mizuki thinking Shiraishi is his destined rival too now, and I also think it will be very interesting seeing Yuuta meeting Shiraishi, so this inspired me to write this random what if scene…I suppose it take place in the junior selection camp, if some how Shitenhouji was there too and it is after the nationals.

As always (action) means action or my narrative, while “thoughts” means thoughts of the character.

When Shiraishi meets Yuuta and Mizuki
Kintarou: “You are Sanada, right? I want to play a match with you!!!”
Sanada: “…” (obviously displeased at a first year student calling him without adding any suffix/honorific after his name.)
Shiraishi: “Gosh Kin-chan, you have to get yourself into trouble on the very first day. I better do something about this.”
Kintarou: “Koshimae, he’s that super strong gorilla right!”
Yanagi: “‘100%,’ that is what you want to say isn’t it, Sadaharu?” (1)
Inui: “You are wrong Renji, I think in this case it should go beyond 100%, perhaps 200%?”
Shiraishi: “On second thought…Kintarou should be able to sort this out himself. At any rate I am certainly not going to be here when Sanada starts to look for the buchou responsible…”

Shiraishi: “Well, I should be safe here. This should be far away enough to prevent any of them thinking that I had been nearby.”
Yuuta: “You are Shiraishi Kuranosuke from Shitenhouji aren’t you?”
Shiraishi: “Yes I am…”
Yuuta: “Then I want to play a match with you right now! You managed to beat my brother so if I beat you then I would have proved myself to be as good as my brother.” (2)
Shiraishi: “Who is your brother?”
Yuuta: “Fuji Shuusuke. Who you played in the semi-finals of the nationals.”
Shiraishi: “Oh, so you are Fuji-kun’s…”
Yuuta: “I am Fuji Yuuta! I am not just Fuji Shuusuke’s brother! Play a match with me and I will show you with my own skills that I am Fuji Yuuta, more then just Fuji Shuusuke’s brother…(This is yelled out) Eh? Where did he go?”

Shiraishi: “I’ve never seen a kid this sensitive before. Jeez, if he is Fuji Shuusuke’s brother then of course I’ll say that he is Fuji’s brother since I have no idea who he is, while I at least sort of know Fuji Shuusuke.”
Mizuki: “Mm-hmm, what a pleasant surprise, meeting Shiraishi Kuranosuke, the person who defeated my destined rival.”
Shiraishi: “Destined rival?”
Mizuke: “Since you defeated him then you must be one of my destined rivals as well.”
Shiriashi: “Who is this guy? If he is as skilled as Fuji then I should have heard of him…”
Mizuki: “Mm-hmm, this must be a sign of fate. My destined rival is actually…”
Fuji: “Why, it’s Shiraishi-kun! Why don’t we have a match?”
Shiraishi: “Certainly. But Fuji-kun…who is that guy that says you are his destined rival?”
Fuji: “Eh? I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you are saying at all.”
Shiraishi: “Well, the guy who is following us and is clearly trying to talk to you.”
Fuji: “Oh, that’s just some guy who I beaten once quite some time ago at one of the local competitions. Seems that he is quite sensitive about his lose although I don’t even remember who he is.”
Mizuki: “I…heard…that…”

(1) For those who failed to understand Yanagi and Inui’s data talk, this is the translation: “‘The odd of him not liking being called this is 100%’ That is what you want to say isn’t it, Sadaharu?” Note: Kintarou has described Sanada as a gorilla, so it’s not that I am being mean…
(2) I think Yuuta will still be really eager to be as good as his brother, although I think he kind of give up suppressing ‘Shuusuke (to avoid confusion) so that is why he said as good as his brother, not better then his brother.

Also…on Friday night I was reading this person’s blog- her comments about the Shitenhouji arc. It was really interesting and she wrote the following in regard to Shiraishi’s perfect tennis, how it is like what you see in textbooks: “Shiraishi is Shitenhouji’s bible…I began to think: during Shitenhoujis’ practice, does their coach say the following whenever he needs to correct some one’s posture: ‘Go and look at Shiraishi’s posture.’”
I don’t really know why but that bit really made me laugh when I read it, I think it is because I can actually see that happening. (Shiraishi: “Sensei, what have you been saying to everyone? Because there are always so many people staring at me whenever I practice.”)

But yet is also rather bitter that his team mates keep on praising his perfect tennis even though he doesn’t like it. I think that kind of illustrates a belief of “It doesn’t matter if no one ever finds out what I really think about perfect tennis, I will be happy as long as I playing this will somehow help the team.” A perfect example of a good and noble buchou. The whole idea of doing this purely for the team, and what make it even more noble is that he really doesn’t let any of his team members know. I think this is another reason people often doesn’t realise how great this sacrifice is, because we are not being actively reminded. I think most of these boys don’t really care what their team will say but I think any one of them will feel better if their team acknowledged their sacrifice. For example, we help people just because we want to right? But how many people will actually not feel happier if someone said thank you?

This bit really remind me of the whole Sanada/Tezuka match, when Tezuka was seen as the really noble (times a thousand) buchou by everyone else because everyone is failing to see that Sanda was equally pushing himself because no one really know that his leg is injured as well… I’m not saying the whole Tezuka sacrificing his arm thing is not noble because it is quite noble, but what I am trying to say is that there are so many buchou who made such sacrifices for their team, but this is not realised by the audience as they can’t physically see it. My conclusion is just this: a lot of the other buchou are really noble as they are making great sacrifices too. It is not just Tezuka.

I think I am talking about this subject again because I went to this forum and I saw some people talking about the Tezuka and Sanada match so that just got me wanting to make comment about this again. Some people were criticizing Sanada so I just felt like talking about this again…

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