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My lecturer sort of went berserk yesterday...this was naturally quite a surprise because one does not expect one’s lecturer to go berserk, especially when you take account of why he went berserk. I think most lecturer and teachers are quite touchy about any one talking in their class, and I think this is really understandable, because they are really doing this for the students.

But this lecturer seem to take it really personally, if someone who can’t speak English come to my lecturers, then they will soon learn the following sayings: “Don’t talk”, “Some body is talking”, “I don’t understand how anyone can be so stupid to talk when they paid so much to come to class”, because he keeps on saying these lines, he actually says them quite a lot. I will say on an average of three times per day. Well, he started off quite calm, he’ll just say: “If you don’t want to listen then go outside,”, “If you want to talk then go outside.” He would be quite calm. But yesterday he went berserk.

He had his back turned as he was referring to something on the screen behind him and someone was naturally talking. He then went...berserk...


He started to yell along these lines: “I don’t get this, how can some one be so stupid to talk!” “Every time I turn my back someone start to talk!” Eh...I really don’t think this is fully true because I think people often talk even if he is facing us. And it wasn’t even that bad, there was probably only three or four people talking at the most. But he went totally berserk, even saying this: “I never had this problem in the past ten years! If you don’t want to listen then get the bloody hell out of here!” I must admit, I really wonder whether he was just going to charge out of the room.

No one took the offer of leaving when he first made it, but then, a few minutes later, my lecturer suddenly said: “Are you two leaving? I hope you really know your stuff well because this bit is pretty hard!” Everyone then naturally turned around to see who is leaving.
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