Today was not exactly a good day for me due to various stuff, oh the usual stress about assignments and all that stuff. And then a lousy day at work. I realise something…I definitely prefer cold days to hot days. Today was so hot that you just don’t even want to move, and going to work was really difficult as it felt so stuffy there. I don’t know how to explain it but it is that sense of stuffiness that just make even moving unbearable. And the really weird thing is that because it was not a busy day, things were harder. Well, ohime-sama was giving me quite some problems today. (apologise to Satsuki-sis for not answering her letter)

Well, I was examining some of my stuff and I was looking at my ‘what if’ fan fictions and I realise that I actually only have two more left. As most people would know by now, my what if fan fictions are a series of random scene that is meant to be funny, and I write in script from. I don’t know why but lately I’ve been having what if scenes in which my OC comes out. But anyway…this is the last two, so I probably wouldn’t be writing them for a while, because I don’t seem to have much ideas lately.

This one was written in response to what my friend Calliope Medina Erato said about my other what if fan fiction- the letter one. Which I ‘published’ on my blog the last day of last year. I said something along the lines of ‘Ashtia meeting Sengoku would be bad for Shiraishi, since Sengoku will probably be flirting with her. I can then see this scene when Minami asking Sengoku why Shiraishi is acting as if Yamabuki did something offensive to him. She then wrote the following: “Minami would be puzzled on why Shiraishi is hostile to them or maybe he would not be surprised if Sengoku is the cause of it. I can see Minami asking Sengoku: "Shitenhouji's buchou wants us dead all of sudden. What did you do this time?” And from that bit I had the idea for this what if scene…

So this relate to my previous letter- with a scenario that all these schools have gathered together for some sort of training, so they would be playing against each other. Although you can really substitute Shiraishi’s role for any other buchou…

Sengoku finally ends up in trouble…
Ashita: “Easy to find? How can Kuranosuke describes his location as easy to find? I swear, this must be the fifth tennis court!”
Sengoku: “Hey, are you alright? You look lost.”
Sengoku: “What a great opportunity- finding this cute girl! Lucky!”
Ashita: “Oh, can you help me? I need to go here, to this court. Do you think you can…”
Sengoku: “Of course, of course! Anything for a cute girl like you! This is a super lucky day for me since I get to help some one who is so pretty!!!”
Ashita: “Hahaha, Sengoku-kun is such a funny person.”

Shiraishi: “ASHITA?!”
Ashita: “Kuranosuke, I couldn’t find you so Sengoku-kun here kindly showed me the way.”
Shiraishi: “Is that so? Well, now that you found me, let’s go.”
Ashita: “Wait a second, don’t pull me so hard and don’t walk so fast. Are you angry at me or something?”
Shiraishi: “It is not you I am mad at.”
Sengoku: “By the way, Tanako-chan…”
Shiraishi: “Whatever it is, the answer is NO!”
Ashita: “Why are you so angry? All he did was showing me the way!” (1)

(Next day…practice match…)
Minami: “Okay, what is it with Shitenhouji’s buchou? That guy seems to want us dead as he keeps on glaring at us.”
Hagashikata: “I did hear a rumour about him having a fight with his girl friend.” (2)
Minami: “So he’s just taking out his anger on someone? Gosh, that seems so…”
Dan: “Oh, I think Sengoku-senpai was talking to Shiraishi-san’s girl friend yesterday.”
Everyone else excluding Sengoku: “Thanks a lot Sengoku.”
Sengoku: “Why does the air behind me suddenly seem very still…”
Minami: “Way to go Sengoku. You’ve just signed your death note.” (3)
Sengoku: “Hey, hey, hey, I didn’t do anything wrong okay? I was just helping her out when she asked me to.”
Sengoku: “Isn’t it rude to deliberately ignore someone when they ask you to help?”
Yamabuki (excluding Sengoku): He does have a point…
Minami: “But why will Shiraishi be that mad if you were just talking to his girlfriend? It must have been something more because I doubt that he would get that angry if you just talked to her since it is highly unlikely that she wouldn’t meet any guy here.”
Sengoku: “Well, he might have heard me telling her how pretty and cute she is.”
Yamabuki (excluding Sengoku): “…”
Sengoku: “But I didn’t know that she was Shiraishi’s girl friend, okay? So she had a kansai accent but that doesn’t mean everyone from Kansai is related to Shitenhouji!”
Sengoku: “Since she really is a cute girl I don’t see why I shouldn’t tell her so.”
Hagashikata: “Somehow I don’t think this is the end of the story.”
Sengoku: “Okay, I might have accidentally brushed my hand across her sleeve somehow, and I suppose I was standing a bit close to her.”
Sengoku: “Or maybe he is mad because I wanted to ask her name…well, maybe her phone number too as…”
Minami: “Maybe that is why he is really angry at you! Cause you were going to hit on his girl friend!”

(1) This is probably enough to make any guy even more mad…
(2) He is Minami’s doubles partner, the other half of the Jimmies
(3) Direct quote from Calliope Medina Erato, online friend

There is one more but life journal is being really stupid so I will publish it maybe tomorrow or Sunday as I can not be bothered to work out why now…

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