Initially I thought what happened is that Watanabe had no idea that his students actually decided to go to yakiniku instead, but when I read my manga I actually saw that Watanabe was actually with them, since a hard copy is much more clearer, so he knows that they went to the store. Basically Watanabe is at the very right hand end, one should be able to recognize his coat.

I though that the coaches has been a bit idiotic in regard to the yakiniku competition because they were eating together, and shouldn’t they then realize that all their students are at the same place, and that these boys are very likely to do something foolish when they are gathered together? And since this is a restaurant, shouldn’t they foresee that it might end up being very expensive. Initially I thought that this is an all you can eat restaurant, so I thought that’s why no one was worried!

Initially I thought that Watanabe was probably the one who is to be blamed the least since he thought that his students were outside, although “Sensei, don’t you think that is it highly likely your student might decide to go in when they saw that everyone else is in there? And considering that Shiraishi is clearly quite sad at having lost the semi-final just then, don’t you think it is quiet likely that he might just decide to forget all his responsibility and try to drown his sorrows?”

But it turned out to be like this…personally I think the reason Watanabe let them eat Yakiniku is because he saw that these boys actually want to eat Yakiniku, and I can see him giving them persmisson in a quite sweet/cute way. Telling them that: “Well, I said that you guys get to eat nagashi somen if you win, but since you guys lose I better not give you guys that. Instead, you guys will have to put up with Yakiniku.” I really see Watanabe as a coach who really cares for his students, although he doesn’t let people see this easily.

But I can also see this version in my mind…

Just before Shitenhouji went to eat Yakiniku with the rest…
Shiraishi: “Sensei, are you really going to pay for all of us?”
Watanabe: “Of course, is it that surprising?”
Shiraishi: “Well…yeah. So I need to make sure that you really will pay for us.”
Watanabe: “Alright, technically the school is paying for this, as it is part of the funds that we raised...”
Shiraishi: “Sensei, isn’t this illegal?”
Watanabe: “Well, think of it this way: we raised the money for the purpose of this trip but any leftover will be given back to the school so we might well use it.”
Shiraishi: “Yes but…”
Watanabe: “Unless you want to pay for it, Shiraishi? It will cost about…”
Shiraishi: “I didn’t say or hear anything.”

For some reason Watanabe does seem to be that kind of person- using school funds for his private purpose (laughs)

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