As always I never get enough done in my holidays, I planned to do a heck lot more then what I actually did. It seems that my blog usually suffers the most. I planned to have a lot more reviews but it seems that I wouldn’t get that much done. I meant to make a review about Baldur’s Gate 2 (the role playing game that introduced me to RPG- role playing game) as well as numerous mode guides. The problem is that I already can’t remember that much now since it is about two years ago, or at the very least one and a half year ago or so.

But anyway, I guiltily admit that I have spent a large proportion of my holidays playing Neveriwinter nights 2. Good game…and the truth is I got more then a bit addicted. And the problem is that I ended up charging through the game because I just really want to see that happens… which is bad because I didn’t get to do some of the side quests. I will replay it but even if I do it soon I won’t be playing it much because my holiday is going to end in a week or so, so I have to control myself. But anyway…this entry will contain thoughts about the game and maybe I can have more entries talking about the plot/storyline and the non-plyaing-characters who will join your group- ie.your henchman…

 first of all, the size of the game…it is too BLOODY BIG! You have to have 1GB of RAM to play this. In my case my computer just has this, so I can just play the game, but surely everyone know that when your thing have the minimum requirement it will actually not perform that good? Initially I was considering giving up because the mouse moves really slow and my PC seem to be running instead of walking, so you can imagine how ‘fast’ walking will be. Luckily albatross-sis managed to find a way to handle this. We basically make the resolution much lower, and basically turn off most of the flashy effects- shadows, weather and all kind of that stuff. And then the game is actually PLAYABLE!!! Running is running!!! And despite everything the animation is still really good.
 Some of the animations are so pretty!!! And one aspect of the game that I really like is that sometimes you can see animated films of your henchmen talking to each other, and sometimes they do the same when they talk to you. It is as if this is an animated film. Basically you don’t just see this tiny minature figure of about 2 cm on your screen, you can see your characters as if you are watching some sort of an animated film…So it is really cool in that aspect.
 One good thing, I suppose it is a good thing is that they sort of force you to have all of the NPC at one stage, because you have to have some NPC in order to get some quest done. This sort of differs from Neverwinter nights 1.
 One very weird thing about the game is that there is no sense of time, in the other RPGs there is always a sense of time, your entry will have the game time and in the bioware series you can usually have the game time shown when you hold your mouse over the key on the screen that let you pause. And your game will be saved in game time as well. However, in neverwinter nights 2, there is no sense of time as the game is only saved in our time and your entries don’t have the game time at all. So basically you never know how much time passed in the game world. This is strange cause this is the first time I can remember playing a RPG game without knowing what the game time is, but yet it is actually pretty smart. Because most of the time the time in the game world does not matter. Although there are occasions where it does. But most of the time it does not.
 As mentioned before, the animation is really good, and some of the costumes are really nice. They have this new class- a warlock- and although I still don’t get what it is (it seems a mixture of a mage and a fighter) I really wanted to play one because the clothing is super sexy! I always play a female the first few times so I am only speaking for the female PC’s clothing, but a female warlock have this really awesome as outfit, it honestly make the wearer look really sexy. But I still decided to be good and play a fighter related class- a monk. In my opinion it is much easier to get through the game as a fighter related class. And the detail is really good too.
 Another unique thing in the game…your character’s death. In the Baldur’s Gate series if your PC die then you are screwed, you reload. But if the NPC die when they are still in your group then you can resurrect them. The icewind dale series differ because your whole group is made up of characters you created. (basically in baldur’s gate you get a six people group, and your PC is one, the other five are NPCs created by the designers…in Icewind dale you get a six people party but they are all PCs you created, there are no NPC created by the game designers that can join you.) So in Icewind dale you will only have to reload if all six of your party die. You can just cast a spell to resurrect them. In neverwinter nights 1- the original campaign, if your henchman dies then they just disappear and you can find them next time you go to the temple of Tyr (recollect the all wonderful stone of recall that I have mentioned), but if you die then you have to reload, although you can ‘respawn’, you will find yourself in the temple of Tyr and you can just continue the game from where you left, but you get your experiences and gold deducted, so most of the time it is better to re-load. In the neverwinter nights 1 expansion the same theory applies, the pc can’t die, but if their henchmen die then you have to resurrect them (with a rod of resurrection that you can buy and find throughout the game.)
 Having said all this…Neverwinter nights 2 is very…interesting. The PC can die, you will only have to reload if all of your party die. Note, your group is usually made up of four people- including you, but sometimes you are allowed to have five people in total. But the strange/funny thing is this: Once the fight is over the character in your group that died will just jump back up. They will have only one hit point so you probably have to rest, but the really weird thing is that they just jump back up themselves, no need to bother about any spell or anything, it is all automatic… But a big problem then exist: you can’t escape the area if some of your party members are dead.
 Neverwinter nights really mean ‘your party have their own opinion’ when they said that line, unlike Baldur’s Gate…in the game you basically control one person, and most of the time that is your PC. But if you click on another NPC then you can control them. But the problem is that those not under your control will have a mind of their own. Basically this is what happened…an illustration…
 I was in a fight and there were only a few enemies left and it was basically at a situation where I will soon win without much difficulty. But the sorceress in my group then cast this big destruction spell. (basically it is as if someone used a bomb in order to kill a rat…) And there was this other time when I clicked on the sorceress because there was a large group of enemies in front and I wanted to cast a fireball spell (area spell) during this time my PC, who only had a few injuries, drank one of the potions. Which was unnecessary since there was no fighting yet, and she isn’t that injured as to need it. Basically, you only really get to control one character at a time so be careful…
 MAJOR COMPLAINT: the game ends up being really hard at the end. Really really hard. It is more realistic but I am still complaining because it is REALLY HARD TO FINISH! As someone said in their website: they don’t mind a hard battle that last long but they start to have doubts when half of these times were spent reloading the game. I am not kidding, the end is probably the hardest I have played. Even worse then Icewind dale 2 because that was just due to the final final fight. In this game it starts from the latter half of the final chapter. I admit, I started to use a cheatcode for most of the latter half of the final chapter when things get desperate because I couldn’t be bothered to work out a way… But…in the Baldurs gate and icewinddale series the enemies you kill have the same amount of experience. Eg. A goblin might give 10 experience, it doesn’t matter how good you were when you killed it, whether you spend 10 minutes or seconds to destroy it. Also, if you are level 10 or something, and your enemies is only level 1 then they are not likely going to be able to harm you, even if there are twenty of them. Unfortunately the same thing does not apply in neverwinter, so you might have to fight about twenty goblins and get really little experiences even though you had a hard as fight…that is another reason I used cheatcodes…
 I don’t know if it was because I build up this really great anticipation due to charging through the game but I was really disappointed at the end, because I feel a sense of “WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS IS IT?” a sense of un-fulfillment. Laugh, maybe it is because I hoped for a happily ever after ending. Likewise the romance really disappointed me, especially when I actually quite liked the ones in never winter nights 1 one, but more about these two bit in the summary and character section. (if I get to do them, hopefully I’ll get to do them…)

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