I am a biased person, and I freely admit that in Prince of Tennis, my main focus is on Shitenhouji, and that they are my main concern. I admit this because I pretty much read the manga for the sake of Shiraishi, after I saw his match.
However, please do not tell me that I find his sacrifice noble because I am biased for him, because I like Shiraishi due to hearing his beautiful speech in Genius 316. So tell me, what act of bias that made me like this character in this first place? What act of bias that made me like this speech from this character who is then, completely unknown to me? It is like saying you like someone’s voice and have someone saying you are only saying that you think their voice is nice because of your bias. But what bias made you think that person’s voice is nice?

But anyway, we all know that 40.5 is out, and I naturally tries to find stuff about Shitenhouji (well, I doubt that I would read Prince of tennis if Shiraishi did not exist), although it is not that easy. I wish Shitenhouji is loved more as I seriously think that they are a great school. But anyway, for now, I will just put my own comments about what few information I have discovered in regard to 40.5.

The thing is, a lot of the stuff is not what I have thought about and the problem is that I have already written my fan fiction with my own ideas. I don’t think I can change these ideas now- and I started to write these fan fictions about half a year ago, and since the author is quite inconsistent himself I hope no one will mind that much for me to continue sticking to my old ideas.

 First of all- the author’s inconsistency…a while ago there was this official merchandise, some characters get to release a necklace that have their name and date of birth on it, while the necklace is more like a little silver plate. But anyway, Shiraishi’s birthday on it is said to be at December 14. And here is a picture of the product.

But then, we look at 40.5 and his birthday is said to be in April 14. Well, same date but different month. If I am honest then I must say that I like his birthday being in April as that make him the oldest third year, and I think he is really mature. But this inconsistency is too unfair…

 Shiraishi is not an only child, but the middle one as he has both an elder and younger sister. His dad is a pharmacist while his best subject is chemistry. Seems that he is following his dad’s footsteps. And he is even in the health care committee!!!! He is also able to recognise up to 200 different types of poison plants and seem to like these type of books. As I read this I suddenly wonder whether that was what happened to this hand? I can suddenly see this picture: a really little Shiraishi went to visit his dad and then wanted to play with medicines and so he spilt some chemical onto his hand (if his dad is one of those that develop medicine).

 He is into chess and healthy gymnastic (健康体操). When I first saw the kanji I thought that it meant aerobics, but other people say it is yoga. So either way…Shiraishi seems a bit like a health freak, no wonder Kenya said the following to him at the yakiniku compeitition: “Aren’t you really into health stuff?” I mean…he even buys health good and joins health lessons. That is how he spends his allowances. (But Shiraishi…aren’t you a bit young to be doing this kind of stuff? Gosh…you can join the old people group- which already includes Tezuka, Sanada and Tachibana. Gosh…if there is such a group then buchou- Sanada, fukubuchou-Tezuka, members- Shiraishi and Tachibana and others…)

 He even likes girls who smell like shampoo, or who uses shampoo. But he dislikes girls who seem quite open and are out to get guys, or girls that disobey the rules. Well, I think he had some bad experiences with girls that seem out to get him since he is so popular.

 Shiraishi and Kenya are in the same class! Yet I still believe that they had a rivalry in the past that prevents them from being really really good friends.

 Shiraishi actually visits the infirmary the most and this kind of crack me up when I read it. The thing is, in any BL manga, the school infirmary (ie.school health room, is where these kind of stuff happens) and also…I couldn’t help but to wonder, surely Watanabe is not the teacher in charge of the infirmary? Note: In Japan, or at least from the manga I have read, you actually have to have a license and diploma in order to be the teacher in charge of the infirmary/school health room. It is much higher then the school nurse. For none BL supporter-, sorry for bringing this up.

 One of my major disappointment: KENYA IS NOT THE FUKUBUCHOU, as that player number nine really is. Sigh…I seriously think that Kenya deserves to be the fukubuchou. Kenya and Shiraishi are in the same class, so this kind of support that they probably are good friends, yet I still believe that there is something in the past that prevents them from being closer friends.

 Shiraishi’s unnamed technique, previously known to most fans as ‘that’ or ‘the spinning shot’ actually does have a name. it is known as ‘Entako shot’ and it basically just means ‘roundtable shot’. In think Shiraishi’s character is quite non-nonsense, so the name is probably literal. (that is one of the thing about the OVA that really made me angry, the fact that they didn’t show this. To me, I feel that this shot is Shiraishi’s only indulgence. It is symbolic. He allows himself this one elaborate shot even though he knows that he can do this in a much more effective and simpler way, so I think that this is another reminder of the fact that he doesn’t like perfect tennis, and that this is one of the few hints for the others to realize this.) but somehow I can’t help but to have an image of Shiraishi reading the stories of Camelot…

A reminder of what this shot is…Ok, I have ranted about the Niou transforming into Shiraishi thing so often, but the thing is, I didn’t really understand what Shiraishi’s entako shot is until I saw Niou using it as Shiraishi, (the shot was drawn more clearly in the final- singles 2) so that is why I will include this picture. NOTE: THIS IS NIOU, NIOU! BUT HE IS USING SHIRAISHI’S ENTAKO SHOT.

 Shiraishi’s have no subject that he is not bad at, he and Koharu are the only ones in Shitenhouji to have this. Most buchou don’t have any bad subject. (Kintarou is the exact opposite, apparently the five subject he is the worse at is the five most important subjects…I don’t know how that kid is going to do in his third year. I can suddenly see all his previous senpai going to his house and help him. What can I say? Kintarou is really spoilt by everyone in Shitenhouji…)

 Zaizen’s family structure gave me quite a shock. I don’t know if this is a culture thing or not, but to an extent I am a bit surprised that with the exception of Akutsu, every one of them have both parents. If this is a NZ manga then I would sort of expect maybe 1/4 of them to have step parents, single parents, divorced parents, step siblings

 But anyway, Zaizen’s family structure: Parents (ok, this is normal); elder brother (this is normal too), sister-in-law (I immediately thought the following: his brother must be quite a bit older then him, as he is only 14 but I then thought, hey maybe his brother married quite young so…), nephew (I almost sprayed out my tea at this point. It just gave me quite a shock. So obviously his brother must be quite a bit older then him, but as many said, Zaizen does seem someone that is pretty spoilt- the way younger child.

 Shitenhouji’s uniform…well, their girls’ uniform. I don’t know what I can say about it. It…it…there is no word for me to describe it so I will just put up the picture from 40.5, it is in Japanese but from the kanji, it seems that it is yellow at some part. Because their boys’ uniform is the normal gakuran I thought that the girls’ uniform would just be the serafuku (the sailor outfit) and I was just wondering colour it would be. But I still think that Yamabuki is worse because their boys’ uniform is really weird too.

 I finally saw the order of their first game- the second round, against Okahura and well…
Singles 3: Zaizen: 6-1 (I really believe that Zaizen would get to play the first match of the nationals but I thought he might get 6-0 as he is a tensai afterall! Unless he has the same mistake as all the tensai? He likes to let his opponent get some points? Then I must say he is pretty good since it is only one game. Although this seems quite contrary to Shitenhouji’s teaching- at least what they think is their teaching)
Double 2: Gin and Koharu: 6-0. (the first tea spraying incident. I just…I don’t see how this work. I suddenly got a bad feeling that Watanabe and Shiraishi might just randomly pick the orders since they know they will definitely win.)
Singles 2: the previously unnamed fukubuchou: 6-0. (perhaps Konomi-sensei is trying to tell us that he is a really good player. However I still can’t really care about him, even though he is a member of Shitenhouji.)
Doubles 2: (this is the second tea spraying incident.) Chitose and Shiraishi: 6-0. (my first thought: “Well, there goes all my theory about Shiraishi, how he doesn’t play doubles anymore because of his perfect tennis. And that he only played in the semi-final. This all goes out of the window!” But why on earth did Shiraishi say he haven’t had a match for quite sometime? He just had one not that long ago. But it seems Shiraishi can play doubles. But my main complaint: “Why can’t it be Shiraishi and Kenya?” I just really really really want to see the two of them playing doubles together. Or at the very least let me see Shiraishi and Zaizen.) (voice of reason- it is not as if you get to see these matches anyway.)
Singles 3: Kenya: 6-2. (I felt quite a pit fall when I saw this. Once again, my theories are being chucked out. Not to start with the fact that I firmly believes that Kenya should be the fukubuchou, he is not one of their top 3 players?)

Side note: I seriously can’t call Oshitari Yuushi as Oshitari now. I wrote this fan fiction (maybe more of a dream novel) with Kenya in it and since it is about how he and this girl get together, it starts off with them calling each other by their last name. So she keeps on calling him “Oshitari-kun” so whenever I see the name Oshitari I just think: “which one is this one?”

Well, one last parting gift, Shiraishi’s page in 40.5, in Japanese- but there are various translations on the web which I have seen.
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