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This is a rant. I really can’t stand moth not because they gross me out but because they are such a nuisance!!! I would not mind them so much if they just perched somewhere and stay out of my way. What I really can’t stand is the fact that they keep on flying around right in front of me, as that naturally diverts my attention. Although I spouse if they just fly around then I can sort of manage, but it is the fact that they keep on landing on you- that is quite gross. And it is hard to concentrate when they do that.

I think the worst experience I have had with moth is the time when I was literally attacked by one. I think I was about to go to sleep or something when this quite large moth suddenly attacked me. It must have been at least two centre metres, one of these really fat ones too. It literally attacked me as it aimed for my eyes, it pocked my eyes… (ew ew ew). Although the biggest moth I have ever seen is about at least five centre metres. I was just in my room when I saw this large as moth. Ohime-sama would have had a panic attack if she saw it…

But I think I now have an even worse experience….sort of. This happened during the period I was trying to study. I got addicted to drinking tea due to studying for the exam. When I get into my studying period I get quite greedy, I really want to have something nice that I can drink. So water is not enough, but keep on drinking juice and milo and soft drinks is really unhealthy. So I became a very vivid tea drinker. Tea is healthy and the best thing is that you can use one tea bag for a lot of time. I would start the day by making a mug of tea and the tea would be quite strong for the very first time, which is good because you need energy in the very start of the day cause you just got up. Then by the end of the day the tea bag will start to produce tea that is less cafine contained, which is very good because if I drink strong tea too late then I will actually have problems in sleeping. (eh…it seems I have forgot my original subject completely…)

So anyway, I was trying to study with a mug of tea beside me, and then this moth then came, flying around and for some reason it literally leapt into the mug and let us just say it did not manage to fly back up. That sight is naturally some thing I did not wish to see.

This is totally random but yeah, this is my horrifying experiences with moths.

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