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It was not a scream of horror, but more one of shock. Running outside, they saw that Yuri was standing some distance away from Seishuku, who did not seem to have moved, as the scattered flowers were by his feet- indicating where Yuri had stood. (14)
"Don't...don't come near me!" Yuri was saying to Seishuku. Turning around she saw the rest of the Suzaku warrior with Hotohori among there. "You...don't come near either!"
With the exception of their clothing and the fact that one had his hair gathered back, while the other's hair was completely untied, the two men were identical similar in appearance. Closing his eyes in order for the casting of a spell, Chichiri was to discover that the two men had the same aura around them.
"What is this?" Miaka mumbled.
"Obviously one of them is not real, and from what we have heard one of them might be created by Tenkou." Chiriko analyzed rather rationally. "But the problem is that we cannot really figure out who is the real one."
"They both seem identical." Nuriko stated, next to Yuri, he was the one they expected to detect the real one, as Ryoen was Seishuku's brother, while Nuriko's memories of Hotohori were deeper then the other celestial warriors of Suzaku, as he had been in love with his emperor. "Neesan..."
"How am I suppose to work out who is the real person?" Yuri chocked out. "Hotohori...he has been beside me all these time that it is not possible for him to be fake but if Seishuku is not real it does not make sense as well. What he has said to me...he..."
Perhaps what she feared the most was that Hotohori was not real, because she would never be able to forgive herself if she had lay with another man- if he was even a man- under the believe that he was her husband.
Unable to control herself she sank down to the ground, causing both Hotohori and Seishuku to automatically step forward to her in concern.
"I don't want either of you to come near me right now!" Yuri repeated.
"But you love him, you must be able to know..." Miaka began but was quickly hushed by Nuriko. (15)
"I don't!" Yuri screamed out.
Suddenly, Seishuku went up to her and grabbed her by the arms.
"What...what are you doing?" Yuri whispered brokenly. "Why do I even ask that? Who are you?"
"Yuri, it is me." Seishuku said tenderly. "I don't know what has been done that caused that...that copy of me to be made, but I don't blame you at all for what happened. Tenkou, Tenkou did this."
All of a sudden Yuri saw that image once again, of Hotohori with Miiru. The insecure bit inside her pointed out that surely her husband would never be with another woman, even if it was by a spell. But rationality quickly stepped in by reminding her that Hikitsu, a celestial warrior of Genbu, had acknowledged Hotohori's presence, surely he would be able to tell whether the man beside her was the real celestial warrior or not.
Seiryuu had appeared as well, if her husband was actually one of Tenkou's minions then wouldn't the god she serve tell her? But he did say that he had little time to do all that he would do...
She was so frustrated that she lacked the will to struggle even as Seishuku held her close.
"It is not fair for you to suffer so much, to be alone and be with that thing Tenkou created." Seishuku was saying, Hotohori would have tore Yuri out of his hold if it wasn't for Nuriko holding him back with his strength, which was regained with his memories.
"Aniki, if you are my aniki, then you must not be irrational." the younger man advised him. "Please see this from our point, and try to be calm."
But how can he be calm when Yuri was being held by what might be one of Tenkou's minions, especially considering what the last one did.
"Yuri, let us leave all this. We have suffered too much already." Seishuku repeated.
"You would have us leaving our duty?" Yuri asked softly, leaning forward.
"I am sick of it all, protecting Miaka when it is you that I truly worry about, as well as not being with you because of the responsibility I have toward my kingdom. Now that I am no longer bind by my duty, this new quest exists to separate me from you again. I don't want that, I don't want to be away from you."
"And so you will take me away from this right now?" Yuri repeated, her hand now resting against his thigh.
"We will go away from all this, have we not done enough? We..."
He was cut off abruptly when Yuri shoved him away from her, as well as drawing his sword out of its sheath to hold it right in front of him.
"Who are you?" Yuri stated flatly, ignoring the mutterings of all the other.
All with the exception of Hotohori, as he was beginning to realize just who the other was.
"Yuri, what are you doing?" Seishuku chocked out, the shock and hurt look on his face was so realistic that it just did not seem to be possible for it to have come from any other man other then him.
"Whoever you are, you are not Hotohori or Seishuku. Yes, you are like him in almost every aspect until you betrayed yourself.” she released a chuckle, but there were no mirth in it at all. "He...he would never abandon his duty no matter what, at least not all of it, what you just suggested us to do."
"It's because I am sick of my duties, what they caused us to do! Surely you out of all people would understand!"
"Yes, he would speak of abandoning his duties, and I can understand why he would play with these thoughts." Yuri continued calmly. "And to an extent he is not following his duties as a celestial warrior of Suzaku by being with me, but we are still doing what must be done, not running away as you suggested.
"No mater what, Hotohori would never do that. (16)
"So I ask you again. Who are you?"
"The part of me that wishes to be free of all responsibility." Hotohori answered softly as he stepped away from all the others to go to Seishuku. "The part of me that wishes to do what I want, instead of doing what I must because of the decrees of the gods. I hate that part of me, as well as envy him. I hate him because he is doing what I regard as despicable, yet I can not help but to admire him because he is doing what I truly wants to do." (17)
By this time Hotohori had managed to stand right in front of Seishuku, even though the other was backing away.
"I don't know what has happened to make you stand in front of me but enough is enough." Hotohori stated sternly. "I understand now, it is normal to feel what I feel, so I accept your presence in me." Saying so he reached out to hold the other man, pulling him towards his own body. "Return to my body." (18)
A red light surrounded the two of them, and the rest could do nothing but to watch Seishuku being literally pulled into Hotohori. Strangely, it was not sickening in any way, as Seishuku began to fade the closer he approached Hotohori.
When he was finally gone, Hotohori bent his head down- perhaps in acknowledgement to the other part in him- making his hair fell over his shoulders. This revealed his neck and the glowing character of ‘star’ that appeared there.
Stretching his hand to Yuri, she immediately went to him, embracing him tightly. Smiling at her, he placed something in her hand.
But their joy was very short, as the light disappeared very quickly due to the shadow that began to circle around them.
"Tenkou." Yuri whispered to Hotohori, who nodded and pulled her into his embrace even more, although he knew that he could offer her very little protection from Tenkou.
"Say good bye to your beloved, priestess of Seiryuu." Tenkou said with a smirk as he stepped out from the shadows, but the chillingness in his voice was enough to make everyone shudder at the thought of what he would do.
Another of his plan failed, leaving him with only the last final plan.

(11) Neesan is a way of calling some one ‘elder sister’
(2) Hopefully I managed to make that good, the whole issue between Yuri and Nuriko (Ryoen). On a side note, their rivalry actually started since that prologue story!
(3) This was mentioned in the beginning of Volume 15, when Suzaku told Miaka about Tenkou
(4) To be honest the last ova really surprised me due to the fact that Miaka and Tamahome didn't seem to have marry immediately after the second OVA, although I suppose they probably did have to arrange everything
(5) Watase Yuu said that Taisuki's love for Miaka is really more of a sibling love, and his actions are like an over possessiveness towards a young sister, which cause you to be angry when they are in love with another other then you. Personally I don't think that Taisuki is in love with Miaka in the romantic romantic fashion, my view is what I just described.
(6) I know that these two things are both admirable but as I said, I don't like Miaka and now I think she is too angelical that is just seem unnatural, I mean, there are times when you have to fight despite who your opponent is. But then I just don't like Miaka so I'm highly biased, I admit that I’m just anti-Miaka, so I might just not like something for the sake that she did it. Although I really don't know how my liking of her shifted to a slight dislike, that eventually turned to a really strong negative feeling. But as I warned in the front, if you like Miaka, then don't read my story! At least don't read this one, I think the first one is not that bad
(7) As shown in the original fushigi yugi, Tasuki had great difficulty in riding his horse
(8) Yeap, this is Seishuku. Presuming that most people know the original story, I think you would be able to figure out what I'm doing and what has happened!)
(9) In the original story Hotohori gave this sword to Miaka, as a replacement of him. He wanted his sword to be able to protect her as he is unable to be beside her, poor Hotohori. But this didn't happen in this story, as it simply didn't happen.
(10) I kind of feel that many of the warriors of Suzaku sees things in too much a black and white fashion, or at least that is what I feel now, I feel that Chichiri would be exempt from this with Hotohori (him being an emperor, and he is definitely not naive) because Chichiri had done wrongs himself. As for what Rin did, well he probably did something similar to the manga but I don't know because I never wrote about his actions, I only included Miiru's.)
(11) This will relate to my prologue, I’m really letting the ideas for my prologue running wild in Buried memories. But as explained, it's like about their past past life, what happened is that Yuri had once sang this song to Hotohori in their past past life.
(12) Ok...I really have a thing for Fushigi Yugi character songs, and I have the very bad habit of twisting songs to fit into my ideas even if it is certain that there is no possible ways that a song can be about certain characters. But I often listen to a song and go 'oh that song is describing so and so so well, even though I know that it is not about so and so.' As seen in hidden secrets, I did that with Hotohori's character songs, using quite a lot of it, I couldn't resist doing this in Buried memories too, apart from the difference is that this time, and it is Yuri who is doing the quoting. But this is actually someone else's character song (well duh, Yuri is an oc) This is taken from Soi's character song 'Please tremble', as I really like Soi and I feel that she and Yuri are kind of similar. Note: the actress who did Soi sounds so beautiful when she sing, so I really recommend hearing Soi's character songs, even if you don't like her, as it really is worth it. Being biased here but I think she and Koyasu Takehito and the guy who did Taisuki, sang the best out of the whole cast.
(13) To avoid confusion, Seishuku is the one that Chichiri and the rest found, while Hotohori is the one that accompanied Yuri ever since she woke up in Kutou.
(14) I've been watching Weiss Kreuz lately and for some reason that caused me to have images of flowers, so I couldn't help but to include some in this fan fiction. I kind of want to do a fan fiction for Weiss too, as it is a really good story, a bit moralizing but it's still really good. Although I wouldn't be doing one yet as there is no definite plot, only a character)
(15) Unlike Miaka, Yuri does not know which one is real just by looking at them, but this does not mean that she love him any less. Because as it will be revealed, both are Hotohori in a way.
(16) Hotohori is not doing his full duty by protecting Yuri instead of Miaka, but he is still doing the whole stop Tenkou quest. And he has told Yuri that he doesn't want to be bind to his duties as he once was, but he did not say that he would abandon his duties, although he admits that it is tempting.
(17) It kind of sound like split personality eh? At least I thought about it that way when I first came up with this idea? The fact that I came up with the idea when I was listening to sukisyo drama cd didn't help. For those who don't know, Sukisyo is this game/drama/cd the Koyasu Takehito is in-who as we all know by now, is the voice actor for Hotohori, and in Sukisyo, Koyasu's role is Yoru, the alternate ego of the protagonist Sora.
(18) This is basically what happened in the book with Taka and Tamahome, the only difference is that in my story it's Seishuku and Hotohori, and it's caused by Hotohori's blood. That was what Tenkou meant.
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