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This story is getting quite troublesome to put up since each chapter have so many words, so I have to split it up into various parts for each single chapter.

(1) This is kind of shifting responsibility, I can’t be bothered writing about how everyone regained their memory, or, in Tamahome’s case, finding the stone.
(2) Oniisan is the most formal way of addressing your older brother, and niichan seems the most informal, but I want aniki to be used instead, because I think that is what both the real Nuriko and Hotohori calls their elder brother. Although I think Aniki must be rather affectionate too since Hotohori actually addresses his mother and father in the very affectionate term of chichi and haha, as well as using that to describe him and Houki when he talked to his son, so I am saying that Aniki is a rather affectionate term, I hope!!! As before, do correct me if I am wrong because I really want to get it right.
(3) I have never mentioned about Hotohori’s sister at all, so I want to do it in this fan fiction, the sequel. Apparently he actually have two half sisters which make this very interesting, because it would be so much more easy to make him have two elder sisters: the ones who were born and neglected because they were not the sons wanted. But I can’t really remember any mentioning of his two sisters in the novel at all.
(4) In regard to this it is really harsh but it seems that in most society, especially in China, the status of the mother does not matter so much, as long as the father is of a higher status, that is why there’s legitimization. (Although you don’t even need that in China until modern 20th century.) Also, it could be because of a double standard. But it is so ironic that the emperor could basically elect any woman to be his concubines and even empress, as long as she was not born too low, but yet the emperor’s other children, especially his daughters would have to marry quite high.
(5) I especially mention this as I feel that the conversation is kind of getting light hearted, that it seems a bit weird for these two to suddenly talk about these things in a rather casual manner when both of them are really nervous and awkward around each other.
(6) Ok sexist I know but don’t blame me, it is real history! In the novel it seems that these girls get to go home as soon as the emperor choose to marry but I wanted to make it more realistic as I think what happened in the novel is way too ideailistic. So I kind of made it half way between what really roughtly happened in Chinese history and what happened in the novel/manga etc. What really happened for many Chinese dynasty is that when the emperor died, all his concubines would be sent to nunnery and other religious centers (while, Chinese equivalent). In my story the concubines must stay in the palace until the emperor die but they are free to go home once he dies, as oppose to being sent to these religious centres.
(7) I’m not fully sure whether this is done, but I think it might not be impossible. I am really glad that I get to talk about Yuri’s two maids a bit more, as I kind of like them.
(8) Just incase any one is actually wondering, and if I don’t get to mention her two maids due to the story. Chinatsu did manage to become the empress, so she’s the fifth empress of Konan as she is allowed to marry Kotsuki.
(9) I know that it is not a heart attack or something but that is what Taka did in the book.
(10) Originally I wasn’t sure whether I can manage to show one of them (apart from Hotohori) finding their stone. I’m glad that I managed. I think I better explain about the stones in further details because I don’t think I actually understand myself that clear. But to make one thing clear, Nuriko gained his stone when he called Rokou his brother, while Rokou did something out of love for his brother. So it all kind of relate to love. So something along the line like that.
Right now, there is only two more stones left: Hotohori’s and Tamahome’s.
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