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“I don’t want to see this again.” Yuri whispered.
That was the beginning of it all, when her originally very happy life started to become bad, when her happiness was slowly destroyed by a sadness that turned into depression.
She continued walking, either someone was forcing her to walk or that she simply lacked the strength herself to stop. It was as if she was entering a long row of rooms which all contained some part of her past. The rooms were all joined together so that she could not even be free from these memories for a single moment.
She saw herself as the unwanted child in her father’s house again, then she witnessed the day when her stepmother forced her to cut her hair. There had been another argument and it ended with her father yanking her by the hair and slicing her hair off by force due to a kitchen knife.
“We must all compromise.” He had said stiffly in order to conceal his guilt as he watched how the young girl knelt down to gather her shorn off hair. (11)
She resumed her walking, unaware that tears were streaking down her face until she tasted something salty with her mouth. She placed her fingers over her eyes briefly, then quickly removed them.
There was no point in wiping them away as more would follow.
“I am scared to go on, at least when I am by myself.” She admitted to herself, pausing before she opened the next door.
Ironically, and even cruelly, the next memory was what she just saw: where Hotohori was tangled in the arms of another woman. The act of betray was replaying in front of her once again.
This was simply too much for her.
She sank onto the floor once again and closed her eyes, what would happen if she just remained here and ignore everything? Would she be able to remain inside her own heart forever? In a way she wanted to, perhaps she could find some form of peace here by denying her other memories.
“I am not a brave person.” She whispered as she lifted her head up to stare at the door that would take her back, then turned back to look at the door that would make her remember more.
Strangely, there were now two doors. Without even standing up, she could see some of the images behind them.
Behind the first door was an image of her in the robe of the priestess of Seiryuu, what she was wearing now, with the shinzaho of Seiryuu twisted with her hair. But the difference was that one hand held a mirror, while the other clinched around a ring and the chain of a necklace.
Without being told, Yuri knew that the image there was what had happened in the past. If she entered then she would discover the whole truth, but she was beginning to doubt her ability of facing it.
Especially if she had committed what might be a crime.
The other door showed the image of a beckoning hand that was clawed and covered with scales.
“Will I be able to summon you even if I refuse to see what had happened?” she questioned.
Seiryuu continued beckoning to her, and for this reason she believed that she would not be condemned if she went to him now. She did not want to know her past at this moment, she was simply too afraid, and most of all: she did not want to face what had happened if Hotohori would not be there to help her.
Closing her eyes again, she reached out to grasp that beckoning hand.

Even though Yuri’s mind was in turmoil, her body remained very still. Hikitsu was still holding onto her, but he was beginning to question his own actions; Hotohori was kneeling right beside her, his hand clenched to prevent himself from reaching out to her; while Kamiyasu was watching this in a state of confusion and shock.
Yuri moved slightly, and Hikitsu frowned, there was something strange about her. Technically, he was dead and so he should not be affected by her living form although he was allowed to be able to touch her. For the first time since he held her, he could feel a weight.
Without warning her hand shot out and grabbed him by the throat tightly, what should be an impossible thing. Hikitsu had to force himself to look at her instead of closing his eye due to the pain made by her hand, a feeling that he had been denied of since the day he died more then two centuries ago.
Her eyes was different…they had become blue and the pupil and iris has shifted in size. They were no longer the eyes of a human woman, but that of a dragon. (12)
Lowering his eyes with great pain, he confirmed his believe when he saw that her hands were covered with blue scales.
“Seiryuu…” the celestial warrior of Genbu whispered, here was a being that had the power to do something to him.
“You are brave, Hikitsu, to do something that you know I did not want.” Even though Seiryuu was using Yuri’s body, he was actually speaking with his own voice. “You would show her what had happened? She almost would have remembered what had happened before on that day.”
“Would you have the past repeating itself again?” Hikitsu demanded. “Yuri and Hotohori had both played a part in Tenkou breaking free from his chains by simply loving each other.”
“Tenkou will be stopped.” Seiryuu stated simply. “And this time he will be destroyed.”
Hikitsu was going to speak again when the god suddenly released his hold to drop him down into the pile of water.
“My time here is limited,” he said grimly, “Tenkou would soon come if I do not leave. But there is one thing I must do, for my priestess.”
Gesturing the door he let out a ray of light that shattered the bolt completely, forcing the double door to be thrown open. This revealed the eavesdropper: Miiru.
The seemingly innocent woman blushed modestly and was going to begin her excuse when Seiryuu shifted Yuri’s hand to point to her. A blue light engulfed her and within seconds she was screaming.
“Minion of Tenkou, show your true self.” Seiryuu commanded.
Miiru spat on the ground as a reply, but much to her horror her body was beginning to shift back into that disgusting being she had become just for loving her brother too much. What happened to her body was rather ironic as it was what she had done too many others, with Hotohori as the latest victim.
Inside her own body, Yuri gasped as she saw what the maid whom Hotohori had been with shift into a…a monster!
“That is what she really is,” Seiryuu explained. “She is one of Tenkou’s minions and no doubt she was sent to do what she did in order to break you.”
“Why did Hotohori…” she began.
“She controlled him somehow. Do not blame him for what he had done, it was truly not his fault.” Seiryuu reassured her. “I would destroy her but I must go now.” Saying to he simply left, while Miiru snarled at them before she too, departed.
Standing up Yuri turned to her husband, who was still looking at her so tenderly even though she had refused to trust him. With her hands shaking slightly, she stretched it out to him.
Smiling for the first time since he woke up with her gone, Hotohori pulled his wife into a loving embrace.
“You were not to be blamed anymore then I am.” He said gently as she began to whisper her apologies. “I doubt that I could act any better. I would probably have pulled out my sword and demanded the other to fight me.” he added light heartedly.
“But I…” Yuri began.
“It was not your fault.” He repeated.
“I did realize one thing.” She whispered. “Despite all that I still loved you. In fact, I was so angry because I love you.”
“We will manage.” He promised.
Watching them, Hikitsu had to smile. After all that they had caused he shouldn’t be so happy but he could not help it, Hotohori had been his dear friend while he was starting to regard Yuri as a younger sister: he had wanted her to be happy.
“I will believe that we have all learned from our mistakes.” He decided as he moved to stand before the two embracing couple and hung the shinzaho of Genbu around Yuri’s neck.
“This will be in your keeping until the priestess of Genbu come for it.” he declared out. “Yuri, remember one thing. No matter what happens you have a duty as the priestess of Seiryuu. Right now, that duty is to summon Seiryuu and then Genbu in order to destroy Tenkou. Let no grief upset you so much that you will turn away from this goal.”
After his depart, Kamiyasu knelt down in the water beside them. He smiled sadly as he realized that no matter what, the one person he desired would never be his. After what Hotohori had done, he did thought about offering his proposal to Yuri once more as he believed that she might choose to stay here.
“I am sorry,” he said to Hotohori, “but if even Yuri blames you then I cannot be condemned that much.”
“I understand.” The man whom could be regarded as some type of rival said with a brief nod, then released Yuri’s in order to let the emperor of Kutou say good bye to her.
“Yuri…” Kamiyasu began as he took her hands in his, then raised it to his lips. “I…I hope you will always have happiness.”
There was really nothing more to be said other then that. He knew that now she had the shinzaho of Genbu as well as the shinzaho of Seiryuu she would want to leave in order to search for the rest of their companions, and they had found nothing useful in regard to help her with summoning the deities either.
“Am I leaving?” Yuri asked.
“I know you and Hotohori both want to go to Konan. Now is a very good time.” he said.
Yuri nodded as he guessed all that she and Hotohori had thought of. They did have to find Miaka and the rest of the Suzaku warriors, and also, Hotohori wanted to go to Konan because that was his home.
“I will leave soon then.” Yuri decided before she withdrew her hands away from this man who loved her in his own strange way. “Kamiyasu…may you find happiness too.”
“I will find it as long as my kingdom is safe.”
At this Yuri nodded again.
“I promise to try and not let my emotions affect me. This time, I will save Kutou not just because of Hotohori.”

(1) It is not the same type of love as what Hotohori feel for Yuri, I think it is kind of more of a really idealistical idolization. It is a bit like what Hotohori feel for Miaka (original story) but not the same as that either. It is simply a strong affection different from love…kind of hard to explain. What he feel toward her is rather platonic as well, it’s simply the desire of having her beside him.
(2) I don’t want Yuri’s character to be portrayed as the wrong way, by taking his hand she is simply accepting his devotion to her as well as telling him that she will only ever accept his devotion because she is in love with Hotohori, and will remain in love with her.
(3) If I was doing short chapters then this would be a chapter end because I guess you can say this is a cliff hanger?
(4) I am not fully sure if that is the right colour of Miiru’s eyes but I looked at the back of the cover for volume 16 and it showed her with purple/lavender eyes. By the way I noticed that the cover for the Chinese version and English version are different…
(5) This is basically what happened with Tamahome and Miiru in the original story, as well as Miaka and Rin. They basically gained some sort of control over their victim’s body, and note that in my story Miiru took some blood from Hotohori- which will be used in the later part of the fan fiction!
(6) The thing about Hikitsu is that his appearance is a bit of a contradiction at some point. In fushigi yuri- he appeared with chest length hair that is the colour of silverish blond, kind of silvery but in Genbu Kaiden his hair- although it remained the same length- become a very pale blond. Then we have the genbu kaiden game, where his hair is the same pale blond but is now waist length. Me, I personally like the way he is drawn in the Genbu Kaiden game best- where he has very long hair the colour of pale gold. Because of that, I will describe Hikitsu in my story as he appears in the game, very long pale blond hair.
(7) Hikitsu is my favourite character in Genbu Kaiden. But anyway, I really feel that Hikitsu is so much like Hotohori, they both have this really sad expression on their face that is caused by what they suffered in life. I really think that these two are the most beautiful drawn characters I have ever seen.
(8) I know that Hikitsu is talking weirdly but this is all related to my prologue, so hopefully you will find out what he means.
(9) I can kind of relate to this as I used to have really really long hair (up to my waist) and you do get a bit flattered when pretty compliment it. Silly I know but it is the truth.
(10) Don’t know why but I just wanted to do this bit. Well, a flash back. So that’s how Yuri’s mother died, due to cancer. This bit is also symbolic for Yuri.
(11) Yuri is vain about her hair not just because she like it, but it is mainly because by having her hair long it remind her of her mother, who had very long hair as well.
(12) I don’t exactly remember what colour Sieryuu’s eyes are, so I am just going to say that it is blue since is a blue dragon. Although that word is more like aqua but I don’t like that colour as my intermediate uniform was this aqua colour and it is really ugly but ok, off the topic.
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