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The last chapter was longer then I thought so this is the explanations to it.

(1) Yuri actually calls her father in law otousan, and her mother in law kaasan. I don’t know if they do this in Japan but I know that in china, it is not unnatural to call your in laws father and mother, if you are rather close to them. Although according to the online Japanese dictionary that I use, there is the word ‘gifu’, which means father-in-law/foster father/step father, and gibo, which means mother-in-law/foster mother/step mother. But anyway, Yuri is actually using the more formal term in addressing her in laws, while she calls her own birth mother haha, which is kind of like mummy.
(2) The traditional costume for the village of Konan is very much like the cloths of the kingdom of Konan, as I mentioned before Yuri’s wedding gown looked very much like what she had wore as the empress. In this scene Hotohori would be wearing clothes that look like the one he wore when he traveled with Miaka and the rest…the clothes he wore for his disguise?
(3) As this fan fiction is extended, I thought I’ll bring in the issue of Ryoen not being fully happy with his brother’s marriage due to various reasons. I guess this is due to the tiny amount of memory he have of being Nuriko.
(4) Every one in the village has the last name of Konan.
(5) Once again, an ironic little remark that I just couldn’t help but to add in. Although it is important to remember that Yuri didn’t actually enjoy being an empress that much, and the whole urgency of producing an heir almost made her mad. Plus, she didn’t agree to marry Hotohori until three months later, and that was because she loves him, not because he was an emperor.
(6) This is inspired by the story in volume one of Tokyo Babylon. Just a slight mentioning, although the stars do play a very big part in Fushigi Yugi.
(7) Wow…amazing. Originally I really just wanted to write about Yuri watching the stars but somehow I ended up making the random bits into two purpose-filled ideas. I’m impressed…although this idea is actually not original. It is what two charactesr in my baldur’s gate fan fiction are meant to say to each other, although it was goddess instead of faeries. So that’s how Seihana is called that, but I have no idea who they name their son Boushin, well… why the real Houki did I guess.
(8) This bit is related to the weird prologue story for Fushigi Yugi that I want to write, it is a crazy idea but I some how decided to do it. This will get explained at the end of the story (hopefully)  I won’t say much about it, other then the fact that it is set kind of in heaven (where the celestial warriors are from, in Genbu Kaiden it said that the celestial warriors were sent down by Taiitsukun ). It will be a bit of an explanation as to why everything happened.
I think some people might not like the ideas of the prologue at all, but I want to write it so I will.
(9) In my story priestesses can call out their god even if they are not virginal, the only consequence is that she will be eaten by the god. I explained this in hidden secrets in more detail so if this is confusing then I suggest for hidden secret to be read. As for Takiko’s actions, I will explain this later.
(10) This is a dream, but it is also a flashback, it’s linked to my prologue story. And that is a very radical (?), well crazy story.
(11) I guess you can say this is like the past life of their past life, before their lives as the celestial warriors in the fushigi yugi story.

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