I am still tormented by exams but I am taking a break tonight…so I thought I’ll update my blog. Well…this is a what if scene that I wrote some time ago so it’s not as if I am using up a lot of time. So anywhere, Rikkai fans will be glad as this what if scene sort of focus on Kirihara quite a bit.

Kirihara…you really do have to feel sorry for him. Even though at one hand, he is really privileged, I mean- which other school will actually deliberately lose in order for him to understand more? However, it is quite clear that he is paying a lot for this privilege- well, in regard to all the games and mini dramas for prince of tennic one can see this really easily… (apparently he often get additional training etc etc. direct supervision from Sanada…). But anyway, I then came up with this what if fan fiction…

Kirihara paying a visit to Shitenhouji
Kirihara: I heard from my senpai that Shitenhouji has a first year who is treated in a way a bit like me. Apparently his buchou really sees him as his own brother. That must be horrible – direct pain inflicted from the buchou. I would like to talk to him about a way that will let us resist this.”

(Kirihara arrives in Shitenhouji and begins to talk to Shiraishi- who is in the club room.)

Shiraishi: “You want to talk to Kintarou? I don’t really mind…”
Kenya: “Shiraishi! We have a crisis! Zaizen is chasing Kintarou around and trying to hit him with his racquet.” (1)
Shiraishi: “Excuse me for a second, Kirihara-kun. What has Kin-chan done this time?”
Kirihara: “Ken-chan? I wonder what it would be like if my senpai calls me Aka-chan…(shudders)”
Kenya: “Well…he purposely spilt juice on Zaizen’s jacket”
Shiraishi: “Because?”
Kenya: “Zaizen grabbed him by the ear and twisted it.”
Shiraishi: “Which was done as?”
Kenya: “He addressed Zaizen the way he usually does”
Shiraishi: “For that reason again? For goodness sake, when will these two ever learn? Well, send them to me now.”

(Kenya exists, Zaizen enters.)

Zaizen: “Buchou, I know what you want to say, that I half deserve what I got for twisting his ear.”
Shiraishi: “Well, yes. Zaizen, I know that what Kintarou does is rather rude but he does this for everyone, he’s not just doing this because you are the only second year in the regular. I mean, I’m the buchou and he just calls me Shiraishi. For goodness sake, he even calls Sensei ‘Osamu-chan’!”
Zaizen: “I know, you’ve told me many times before, but…”
Shiraishi: “You should realise by now that Kin-chan is just like that, he is not being rude on purpose. Because we are all regulars he regards us as all being the same. At any rate you should not physically injure him.”
Zaizen: “Nonetheless, my jacket…”
Shiraishi: “I will make him apologise and clean the jacket.”
Zaizen: “Fine, then I will tell him that I am sorry for tearing his ears. I guess I really shouldn’t have done that.”

(Zaizen exists, Kintarou enters.)

Kintarou: “Shiraishi, are you angry?”
Shiraishi: “Kin-chan you know that Zaizen doesn’t like you calling him without adding any suffix, he’s just like that.”
Kintarou: “But it really hurt!”
Shiraishi: “I imagine it will be so, but Kin-chan, you really shouldn’t have spilt juice on his jacket either.”
Kintarou: “But it really hurt!”
Shiraishi: “I know, I know. But to make peace you should apologise to him and clean his jacket, after all you are the one that dirtied it right?”
Kintarou: “But he grabbed me by the ears and twisted it, and that really hurt!”
Shiraishi: “He will apologise for that. So will you apologise when he does?”
Kintarou: “Alright I will.”
Shiraishi: “Good.”

(Shiraishi pats Kintarou on the head)

Shiraishi: “As a reward I will give this pudding to you, but don’t tell anyone else, ok?” (2)

(Kintarou exists with pudding in hand, Kenya enters)

Kenya: “So that’s everything solved. Did you give him food again? Shiraishi, you really are spoiling that kid…by the way, what does Kirihara from Rikkai want?”
Shiraishi: “Eh? Where did he go? That’s so strange…he was there a moment ago.”
Kenya: “Maybe he just wants to see what Shitenhouji is like. You know, I heard that their whole team treat him as if he is their brother, it’s just like what you do with Kintarou.”
Shiraishi: “Then I guess he must be a pretty happy kid if he is spoilt by the whole tennis team instead of just the buchou.” (3)


Kirihara: This is so unfair! Why does that kid get to be treated like that when I would be killed for doing just half of what he did!!! Gosh…if I called my senpai just by their last name…

(Enter into Kirihara’s imagination…)

Yagyuu: (pushes his glasses before he calmly slaps Kirihara) I’m doing this for your own good.

Niou: (chuckles evilly)
(The next day.)
(Everything starts to go wrong for Kirihara…he would be surrounded by accidents.)

Yanagi: (says nothing)
(the next day)
Yanagi: Akaya, I told Genichiro that you have been a bit slack lately so he made me modify your training. This is your new training schedule.

Yukimura: (smiles even more radiantly) I think Genichiro heard that and he doesn’t seem to like it. I’m sure that he went to get his katana…

Kirihara: Aghh! I don’t even want to think about that!!!

1- This is an idea from my fan fiction, as I really believe that if Shitenhouji has a fuku-buchou then it will be Kenya. Initially I tried to make my ‘what if fan fiction’ not so much like fan fictions but I then decided…why? This is about stuff that wouldn’t be happening anyway so I might as well do what I want. So in this story, and possibly others, Kenya is occupying the position of fuku-buchou.

2- for some reason I just see Shiraishi doing this- I think it is because I believe Shiraishi really regards Kintarou as his own brother, and I also think the others know about this.

3- Well, as mentioned in the front, it is a different kind of spoiling

Apology: My brain is not very coherent right now so this entry will probably be really hectic…confusing to understand…

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