Seems I am in another reflective mood today, this is another talk about daily life. I read ‘The pilot’s wife’ by Anita Shreve sometimes ago (by the way, it is a really good book, I highly recommend it.) and today, this realisation suddenly just hit me. Well, more of an understanding really. There was a scene where Kathryn (the protagonist) was thinking about her parent’s relationship, how it ended up quite bad. Her mum became really insecure and demands her father to constantly tell her that he loves her, and this really troubled their relationship as her father simply can’t stand her being like all the time. The sad thing is that he would have tell her that he loves her quite often it isn’t for the fact that she demands him to do it.

I think to an extent, a lot of us are like that as well. There are a lot of things that we would have done, but choose not to, because we feel as if we are ordered to do it.

I think the best example for me is my sister’s blog, I would probably leave a lot of comments if it doesn’t seem like that she is forcing me to leave a comment all the time. Ultimately, no one likes being ordered and sometimes she asks me then ‘no problem,’ I will leave a comment on her blog. But when I feel that she is ordering me to do it, then I just refuse to leave any comment. Of course, this happens a lot in other aspect of my life too. For example, in regard to reading fan fictions. I can not stand authors that do a ‘leave me a review or I will not update’. I just can’t stand it as to me, that is translated to ‘do it or else’, and in such a situation I just think: ‘ok, or else, tough luck.’ I might have left a review if they didn’t have that, but because they are doing a give me a review or I wouldn’t update, then I feel that this is them threatening us and I guess it is a way of passively protest for me. I refuse to give in. Mind you, I don’t mind people who beg for review because they are not forcing you, they are asking you. I understand if they say this: ‘Please leave me a review as otherwise I don’t know if anyone is reading it, so I might stop writing.’ That is understanding, but not a ‘I wouldn’t update unless I get a certain amount of reivews’.

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