I should really have asked my sister just where the old choral hall’s labs are, instead of walking here all the way to the human science building then walk back again, which is kind of stupid. But all the computers in the library and Kate Edgar centre are filled so that’s why I’m somehow here. (And moaning about it too).
Anyway…IMPORTANT NEWS!!! I now have a blog in MSN too but that was a bit of a semi accident that just happened, but none the less, I will be dual blogging. Word of warning though, the MSN blog will just be exactly the same as this one, actually, it will probably be a bit diluted as I started that one later, and I’ll be updating my live journal one first. So for those who have my live journal blog, there is no need to go to the MSN one.

Well…ok…I saw Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast on Saturday night with my sister and her two friends and there is just something so amazing about seeing a play performed life. I don’t know how to explain it but the mere fact of a performance right in front of you. It makes you think too. The main characters are the stars of the play but yet the nameless chorus members are what make the play wow visual wise by the dancing and everything. But anyway…about the musical in general.
It is certainly interesting, although there seem to be so much dialogue in the whole musical, but I like the songs. I kind of went there with a sense of knowledge because my sister has the sound track to one of the versions. I thought all the songs were done really well but then I suspect and believe that I am tone deaf, as I can never tell whether a singer is out of tune unless they are really really really out of tune. But I think the weirdest bit is the characters who dressed as furniture, especially the wardrobe and the clock. (Actually I take that back, the tea pot was probably weirder.) I thought the guy who performed the beast was excellent in both singing and acting wise (although at times he behaved a bit idiotic) but when he sing “If I can’t love her”, both the whole song and reprise it was really beautiful. The disappointing bit was when the beast turned back to a human and well…I didn’t expect to see a really hot guy or anything but I guess I kind of was wishing that the guy could have been a bit more good looking. (I’m not the only one who thinks this, my sister and her friends both think that too). The only other complaint is the fact that the characters all kind of have to wear what they wore in the cartoon, which does not look that good, especially the guy for Gaston with his hair. (Shudder, shudder). But it was on the last night so the whole audience actually stood up and clap, the last time I remember such a strong reaction was when I helped out at church, looking after the little kids by taking them to see sleeping beauty. The kids begins to boo at the evil witch, I feel so sorry for the actress. I am convinced that she changed her costume when the cast come out because I did not see her.

Somehow this made me recollect how a few years ago, when I was in forth form, I had wanted to rewrite a story based on the concept of beauty and the beast. When I got home I actually dig through my old stories and it is amazing on what I once write. (It’s kind of funny too. There’s this story that I wrote and then I rewrote it and came up with plans for at least 2 more version, but when I read it last night I realized that I now think the first version is the best version). But my version of beauty and the beast, it was a product of my forth form writing, so that was when I was trying to be very feminist. (I almost think that I have become the opposite as my recent stories keep on having guys as the protagonists and many female I use does not possess the best characters.) Basically my story is set in a fantastical world (another trait of my writing back then, obsession with fantasy), where the world is rules by four gods and is kind of Celtic and Medieval with the women rather suppressed. (Which I discover is not that true, but hey, I was only 15 or so.) The story centres on Ellan (the beauty) and Kyvain (the beast), he is cursed by the water goddess because he would hunt near the river and pollute it, so she turned him into some kind of fish, he have scales on his body and later on his legs became a tail. Ellan is in the castle because her brother caused Kyvain to be cursed by the water goddess again by accidentally polluting the river, she went in her brother’s place for the simple reason of not wanting to be at home.

Well, that is about it for today, it is a long enough entry any way. I actually have more stuff to say but I better start doing work until my lecture start.

I think my blog pet has yet to learn Shiraishi's first name so let's try again...
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