I got really bored last night so I suddenly had this idea. I would assign points to the characters that and sort of worked out which school have the most point etc (as I said, I got really bored.)

So this is basically the system I used:

Characters that I dislike quite a bit: -2 points.
Characters that I slightly dislike: -1 point.
Characters I am indifferent to: no points at all.
Characters that I slightly like: 1 point.
Character that I like a lot: 2 points.

Favourite character gets three points, while the character I dislike (hate) the most get -3 points. As you can probably guess, the +3 points went to Shiraishi while the -3 point went to Echizen. I then added the points together and the results were quite surprising. Mainly: the school that come third, the school that come last and Seigaku’s position. Okay…I’ll just show the result (for my safety I am not going to show all the exact details…of who got how many points…)

1= Shitenhouji (+12 points) Not really surprising since Shiraishi is in this school and I like almost all of them. Chitose however, did bring the overall score down with a -2. (I just don’t like him)

2-Fudoumine (+10 points) Not really that surprising since I probably like all of them due to what they went though, although not that many got 2 points, but they are the only school where everyone got 1 point at the very least.

3- Rikkai (+8 points) This really really shock me because as I said before, I didn’t use to like Rikkai. And what is even more shocking is the fact that no one got any negative points. (Kirihara is one of the three that got zero, because I really don’t know whether I like or dislike him…) And this is all thanks to fan fiction. My sister is always complaining about how fan fiction changes ones perception. Well, I think she should stop disapproving of this so much because I wouldn’t be talking about Rikkai with her if I didn’t end up changing my perspective about them due to fan fiction. (by the way, Jackal is one of the three that got +2 points.)

4- St Rudolph and Yamabuki (+2 points) I didn’t include Dan Tachi because this is about the regulars, the players. If I include him then I’ll be including people like Sakuno and the coaches (in that case Shitenhouji’s first place will increase even more while those in last place would do worse…) Basically two from each school got +2 points (both buchou did. I know, crazy as it is but I actually like Minami that much!) but due to Mizuki and Akutsu (he was a player) the score got brought down.

6- Rokkaku (+1 points) Kind of funny, since the first character of Rokkaku is six. Basically this score is thanks to Kurobane (he’s the only one to have got any point other then zero.)

7- Seigaku (0 points) Initially I was quite shocked at this, since I actually really like Kaidou, Kawamura and Ooishi (they all got +2 points) but their point got brought down to zero due to the characters I don’t like there. (As I said Echizen got -3 points. The person who got the -2 point is probably quite easy to guess but someone else in Seigaku also got -1 point!!!)

8- Higa (-2 points) The negative points are coming up. But surprise surprise, Higa is not last! Well…I like Kite and I actually gave him +2 points…I know that he did a lot of amoral stuff but somehow I actually still like him. But for everyone else whom we know (excluding their doubles 1 because we haven’t seen them in action) I gave them negative points. Unlike Kite, I can’t really see past that and like them as a character. But due to what they suffered, I did not give them -2 points as I do feel sorry for them.

9- Hyoutei (-5 points) I won’t say anything other then this: Shishido was the only one who actually got more then zero.

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