I admit, I have been bad in not updating my blog as I am not managing my time very well. I am surviving and I think that I should be able to manage...

Anyway, yesterday was actually the Japanese coming of age day, which I didn’t really know about before. I have heard of it being mentioned in manga/anime/janapese drama before, but I didn’t really know about it until I wrote The Cracked mask- one of my prince of tennis fan fiction. Basically (according to my research at Wikipedia), the ‘seijin shiki’ is the Japanse coming of age ceremony and it is on the first second Monday of January and you go to it the year you turn twenty.

The reason why I ended up finding this out is because I was looking up for information on kimono (because Aizuki-main OC in that fiction had this kimonon and is meant to be wearing it in a certain chapters, so I was wondering what occasion would let her wear it.) and the page that talk about the furisode (the type of kimono that have very long sleeves) mentioned that a furisode is often wore at this coming of age ceremony. So I naturally clicked on the link.

As most people who visit my blog would know, I live in New Zealand. And we just had the Heineken opening- it is a tennis tournament that is one of the many organised by the association of tennis professionals. (Once again, hail to the great wikipediea). Basically there are prices and winning games in it does alter one’s ranking, although not that much. And the stadium is very close to Auckland university, in fact- you can see it if you go to the newest building- the fish and pypall building. Although I doubt that you can just watch the tennis game from there.

But anyway, me and albatross-sis ended up watching the finals on our, at the very least my, precious Saturday afternoon. (I have school now so…) And it literally took all afternoon as the match just got dragged out. Maybe it is because of Prince of tennis but I found it really enjoyable- even though it is really ordinary tennis. (but Shiraishi plays normal tennis, saved for his entako shot. Now that I think about it, Yukimura seem to play perfect tennis too, saved for his really weird shot that he showed against Kintarou. I suppose these two can still be categorised as normal in the prince of tennis world, since they only (very rarely) plays their prince of tennis world style. I refer to the manga, because Shiraishi didn’t use his entako shot at all in the OVA) But anyway, I suddenly realise the importance of getting all the basic stuff right- like Shiraishi. Because when I was watching the final on Saturday- which consisted two players who are ranked twenty and thirty something out of all the tennis players in the world, not to mention one had been top one during one stage, I actually saw double faults (if you screwed up your serve twice then your opponent automatically get the point) more often then I thought would be possible. And for all we know, that might have made a difference. At the semi-final there was even this case- one guy was at his match point, and it was at an advantage serve- basically he scores he win, but he screwed up his serve due to double fault and the point went back to deuce again. He still won but imagine how angry one would be if you might have won if only you didn’t screw up your serve.

Explanation from someone who doesn’t really understand tennis herself: say A and B are playing and A is serving. The point then become 40-40, known as deuce. If one of them scores again then the game became advantage serve for them, and he must score one more time in order to win the game. (I think this happened in the Kamio and Kaidou match.)

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