I tried to do a neverwinter nights review- detailed summary and character but it didn’t’ work, but maybe I’ll try it another day? The problem is if I write too much then it just seems a basic summary of the game, and I don’t see any point of why I should do that. Maybe I’ll have a better luck in writing a character one. But anyway, I’ve still got quite a lot of fan fiction and what if fan fiction that I want to put up.

I am working on the last chapter of the cracked mask! Yeah!!! Hopefully I can get the draft done before the year’s end, but I finally get to write the character’s declaration of love after six whole chapters, after six whole chapters of denial and refusal etc. That story is different from all the other ones because it ends when the two characters get together, usually my other story will include more even after they got together. (but not all my story are being romance based nowadays…) I plan to continue my genbu kaiden fan fiction, I got re-inspired when I found a site that let me read some of the latter scans. (but I sort of think that there might have been something going on between Hikitsu and Inami, and now I actually think that they make a really good pairing. Because Hikitsu is really calm and mature, I feel that he and Inami’s age gap will not be that much a problem, but since I already wrote him with an OC in my story…I’ll just make their relationship one of friendship. It’ll be good to continue my genbu kaiden fan fiction, with more straightforward romance. (laugh).

But I sort of got idea for Prince of Tennis again (although I’m trying to shove that away). 1= I want to do a friendship/brotherly fic between Shiraishi and Kintarou after genius 371. All I have is a hazy image of Shiraishi comforting Kintarou about his loss right now but if I think about it more then it might actually work…

I don’t know why but I still want to try and write a Shiraishi/Yukimura pairing story. This is probably the side effect of having read too much of these story in Chinese communities/forum. They are actually quite a popular pairing in Chinese communities (although the most popular pairing I have seen relating to Shiraishi seems to be Shiraishi/Fuji). But it’s funny, my shounen ai stories for Prince of tennis is much more romantic based then Sacrifice and Chapters. So I just want to try and write one with Shiraishi/Yukimura although I don’t think there will be much of a theme and I’m not even sure about characterisation. Although the problem is that I want to fit this in the wavering clock, which then means I have to include Watanabe somehow…

So anyway…this is my random as entry. More of a thinking out aloud to myself probably, since the words are not very coherent. This was not meant to be an entry talking about fan fiction but someone it seems to end up as one. By the way should I have a tag that says Shitenhouji?
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