For some reason I feel like putting this up. When I started to read about prince of tennis I have only heard the Atobe, Shishido, Sanada and Yuushi version (for explanation please see previous entries). Then I heard the Ooishi version. At that time I, like many other, naturally wonder about who will get to sing the next version. Although I didn’t think it was likely for Shiraishi to be able to sing the 2008 version, I still tried to picture what it might be like- I ended up seeing Shiraishi singing with Koharu and Yuuji doing the back up vocal, and I can see this happening in the interval- Koharu’s praises will lead to Yuuji shouting at him and so on, typical Shitnehouji stuff really.

To be honest, my secret hope was naturally that Shiraishi will get to sing it but my bet was on Yukimura and Tezuka. With the exception of Shishido it really seems a buchou/fuku-buchou song. (Yuushi would be the fuku-buchou of his school if they have one, at least that is what I think…) for those of you who have read my previous entries will know that I believe Yukimura’s version will be quite a tragic version, you kind of feel that it is the last valentines day and all that… Or Tezuka…because it was some sort of competition between Atobe and Tezuka and since Atobe won Atobe get to sing it. Basically I was really really shocked to learn that Kai from Higa would be singing it. (which is probably what the majority feel.) Granted that he is revealed to be the fuku-buchou of Higa but still…I think Kite deserves to sing it. (Okinawa style, and the seiyuu for Kite really is from Okinawa….)

But one day I got bored (yes, I know) and I then had the idea of writing what might be the conversation that goes on if Shitenhouji get to sing this song. But someone I ended up using Zaizen and Kenya instead of Koharu and Yuuji doing the back up vocal… So this is it…what might be happening if Shiraishi get to sing the song, as well as having the back up vocal done by Zaizen and Kenya. (I suppose this is not that absurd because one do sort of get a feeling that Shitenhouji’s other doubles pair, other then Koharu and Yuuji, is Kenya and Zaizen, and they did do their best of rival players together.)

Basically name means this person is singing, and the lyrics is in the italic bit. (name: ) means the character is speaking…

Valentine kiss (Shitenhouji version)
Shiraishi: Shalala a lovely kiss (Zaizen: Kenya-senpai, what are we doing?)
Shalala a kiss on my face (Kenya: I told you already, we are here to represent Shitenhouji, as well as everyone in Kansai.)
Shalala a lovely kiss (Zaizen: But why this…song? And why us? )
Shalala a kiss on my face (Shiraishi: Are you two really doing the back up vocal?)

Tomorrow is very special, special day (Zaizen: I feel like a big idiot…)
A chance which comes around once a year (Kenya: Can you please at least try? I told you, this is very important as it will reflect everyone’s perspective regarding our school, as well as Kansai)
Oh darling, Oh darling (Zaizen: If this is so important then why can’t our coach do it with Shiraishi-buchou?)
I love you! (Kenya: He did offer but Shiraishi said…)

Everyone is delighted on this carnival (Zaizen: All the more reason for me to not do this then!)
Take the heart of your boyfriend (Kenya: I guess I better get Koharu and Yuuji to do it then…)
Oh baby, oh baby (Zaizen: This will suit them…senpai what are you saying in that text?)
Love me do! (Kenya: I am merely stating the truth, that you can’t sing at all.)

A sweet sweet chocolate (Zaizen: That is not true! I can sing!)
Even if I try and give it to you (Kenya: I doubt it, especially from what I just heard…)
Because I just don't stand out (Kenya: even Kin-chan or Gin might do much better then you.)
I might just have to use my special method to win your heart (Zaizen: I can sing! I’ll prove it to you!)

Zaizen: Valentine day kiss (Shiraishi: What did I tell you, Kenya? That is the best way to deal with him.)
Valentine day kiss (Kenya: Eh…Shiraishi…I accidentally pressed send.)
Valentine day kiss (Shiraishi: Well, I don’t think Koharu and Yuuji coming here will be that a bad thing.)
With a ribbon ... (Zaizen: That was pretty good, wasn’t it?)

Shiraishi: The sunset park the colour of wine (Kenya: That was actually not bad)
I want to experience a lovely romance (Zaizen: I told you that I can sing!)
Oh darling, oh darling (Kenya: Maybe you should sing more.)
I love you! (Shiraishi: Actually, why shouldn’t he?)

The telephone call which calls you out (Zaizen: But…but…this song is given to Shiraishi-buchou because he is the buchou.)
I want you to know how I feel (Kenya: But you will probably be the buchou next year. I mean, do you really think that Kintarou will be the buchou instead of you?)
Oh baby, oh baby (Zaizen: But…)
Love me do! (Shiraishi: here you go, Zaizen)

Zaizen: The chocolate I save to this day (Kenya: I am starting to question his ability of singing again.)
Is my very own lips (Shiraishi: don’t worry, we’ll just move to Plan B.)
In your arms (Shiraishi: by the way Kenya, I haven’t sort out the cleaning duty yet, I am still not sure about who should clean the toilet.)
I'll deliberately close my eyes for you (Zaizen: Buchou, that is abusing your power!!!)

Valentine day kiss (Shiraishi: Well, I am having doubts about whether I am a good buchou since my team members are not following my orders. So I might as well assign you to the cleaning duties, as you will have to obey, and that will make me feel better…)
Valentine day kiss (Kenya: I am impressed, although I still expect him to protest a bit more.)
Valentine day kiss (Shiraishi: haven’t you heard about what happened with Rikkai yesterday? They had to re-record their song as their fuku-buchou ended up screaming ‘that is too slack’ at their second year.)
An adult taste ... (Kenya: But is Zaizen doing this out of gratitude as you are not like Sanada from Rikkai, or is he is afraid that you might try to be like him that way?)

It's been the chocolate of love ever since that day (Koharu: Looking really good, Hikaru!!!)
Open up the silver wrapping (Yuuji: You traitor! You want to die?!)
And double check my feelings (Koharu: I can’t help it, Yuu-kun, Hikaru just looks too cute singing that song!)
Anyone and everyone will experience romance (Yuuji: This is all your fault, Hikaru!)

Shiraishi and Kenya: Valentine day kiss (Zaizen: Yuuji-senpai…please calm down…Shiraishi-buchou, Kenya-senpai, help me!!!)
Valentine day kiss (Yuuji: I am going to make you pay for this!)
Valentine day kiss (Zaizen: Yuuji-senpai, please remain calm!!!)
An anniversary of our love ... (Kenya: guess you better finish the song, Shiraishi)

Shiraishi: Shalala a lovely kiss (Yuuji: I am not going to let you get away so easily!)
Shalala a kiss on my face (Zaizen: I want to change school!!!)
Shalala a lovely kiss (Kenya: I think there is a cable there…oh, I guess I should have said that earlier)
Shalala a kiss on my face (Shiraishi: and this is valentine kiss sung by Shiraishi Kuranosuke with the back up vocal done by Oshitari Kenya and Zaizen Hikaru. We had a great time singing this song so I hope that you will enjoy it too.)

Laughs, it seems that it turned out to be Shiraishi and Kenya picking on Zaizen…at least it seems to turn into that way at the very end…
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