Okay…this is not really a rant rant as some bit is just my opinion. I was going to do this earlier, but due to not managing I thought I might as well talk about Genius 371- which I just read.

First of all, I am not sure whether I like the match between Yukimura and Kin-chan. The reason is because there was this whole thing of Kintarou being on the same level as Ryoma, if not better as he is said to be the person closest to muga, and yet we just see him being beaten by Yukimura really fast. Of course, nothing will be wrong with this if it isn’t for the fact that we all know that Echizen is going to beat Yukimura- or at the very least be able to put up a very close match. So how come Kintarou have to suffer in order to show Echizen’s miraculously improvement, once again… but I really should have guessed this will be happening, all the rival school are basically victims and since Shitenhouji is the school in the semi-final, they will naturally suffer in the final. (even Shiraishi- the only winner from Shitnehouji, and Kin-chan, whose match end in a draw). What really bother me is not the fact that Yukimura beat Kintarou because Yukimura is said to be the very best, so we can only admit that he is better, just like we (speaking as a Shitenhouji fan) admit that Shitenhouji can only be third last year because Rikkai was better. As I said, what I don’t like is the whole idea of Echizen can have this miraculously improvement, just because he is the hero in this story, because if he is not then the same thing that happened with Kintarou would be happening to him, he would be in that state, instead of being his normal cocky self. (gosh, someone beat him, anyone!)

I don’t really like how Yukimura’s technique seem to be freaking his opponent out, since that is the impression I have when Shiraishi (is it Shiraishi? Or is it Gin? I personally think it is Shiraishi) said what he heard…

But Shitenhouji is such a friendly school! I love the shot of them all jumping down to go to Kintarou’s side. (but buchou-sama, shouldn’t you forbid Kintaoru to play a match with Yukimura since you seem to have heard of what he can do? Although whenever I read that bit when Shiraishi commented about how Kintarou is using his own way to delay time, my instant thought is this: “Buchou-sama…are you alright?” For some reason I think he is actually broken due to what he just saw in the singles 2 match…I don’t know why but I got a feeling that he is at a state of “I don’t care about anything right now…”)

I LOVE THE SHOT OF SHIRAISHI AND KIN-CHAN!!! This convince me even more (not that I need much more convincing) that Shiraishi and Kintaoru have a brotherly relationship, and that Shiraishi certainly regards Kin-chan as his little brother (that is why I really really think that he should be an only child). Well…most people seem to see them in a brotherly relationship, although many more seem to see it as a father-son relationship. (I don’t agree because for goodness sake, he is only a fifteen year old boy!!!)

I don’t know why but I’ve been seeing this really weird image in my head, after I saw Kintarou getting beaten, as well as recollecting Yukimura’s words of “Are you going to where that kid/child is?” to Sanada, I could suddenly see Shiraishi walking down to kneel beside the defeated Kintarou and address Yukimura even though he is looking at Kintarou, and then says the following: “And what will you proof by beating this child?” And then, tonight, just then, when I saw Shiraishi rushing to Kintarou’s side, I really thought that something like that might actually be happening- although the situation will differ. But I can also see Shiraishi suddenly turning away from Kintarou in order to look at Yukimura and yells out (a bit more emotional, not staying so calm. I just personally always see Shiraishi as being very calm. But maybe his elderly brother’s protective nature suddenly kicks in) “And what does doing this to this poor child actually proof for you, Yukimura Seiichi?” Hmm…maybe this will be a good fan fiction idea… but I am taking a break from doing ‘chapters’. But this might be a good idea for a shounen-ai story between Yukimura and Shiraishi (and I have been thinking about doing one…)

Note: I don't think Yukimura is wrong in anyway because it's Kin-chan who wanted to have a match with him. but yet i do kind of feels that there is no point in Yukimuar agreeing. Just kind fo a 'WHY?' And since Shitenhouji really cares for Kintarou they will probably be more emotional...which will probably be the setting of the context of this story, if I ever get to do it.

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