Title: A ‘perfect’ gift
Written at: December 5-6, 2007
Summary: An incident on Valentines day cause Shiraishi to explain to Ashita why he would not want someone ‘perfect’ to be his girlfriend. Theme: fadf
Word count: 1442
Author’s Note: First of all this will probably be my last stories in chapter for a while, one reason I have decided to stop this is because I finally feel that I have run out of all ideas. (Although I can’t make an absolute promise as I didn’t really though that I’ll continue after the first story and I often get inspired when I read the latest genius, but right now I think I probably wouldn’t be doing this for quite sometime…I’ll try and see if I can finish my other stories).
To an extent this is probably my response to all these fan fictions I see where the OC is just perfect. I seriously can’t stand that idea: an OC that is just beyond the world perfect, being able to be good at everything. So I am trying to explore what this really means- and why it is actually not that good to be so perfect.

As the regulars of Shitenhouji were pretty popular, they would jokingly describe Valentine day as their ‘chocolate buffet day’: what they were expected to return on white day was definitely outweigh by all that they would get. Since most of them were still young boys who were not attached, they would compare and brag about the chocolates they received.
“Seems that Kenya is the clear winner again.” Chitose commented as he wrote the latest tally onto the board in the club room. “I am shocked, Zaizen! You are the only second year regular while there are so much more third year regulars!”
“This is the last opportunity girls have with third years so they naturally give more to senpai-tachi.” Zaizen retorted as he began to eat from the pile that marked him as second. “But what about buchou?”
“Shiraishi won’t be first as everyone know he’s taken.” Koharu dismissed this simply. “Although he might make you slip down a rank like last year.”
The said buchou of Shitenhouji entered with a rather trouble expression, as well as a large bag full of sweets. The latest gift he received was in a fabric bag along with a carefully wrapped box that he carried in his hand.
“Is Tanako-senpai upset again?” Zaizen asked. “My sister-in-law always used to sulk if my brother gets a lot of gifts on valentine day.”
Shiraishi answered with a nod as he dumped everything onto the table: “I can’t blame Ashita as I’ll feel quite jealous if I saw this much piled on her desk and in her locker.”
“Yes, Yuu-kun, that is what I feel too!” Koharu declared out dramatically, only to be smacked on the head with a duster by his doubles partner. “Who is the traitor?”
“By the way,” the two of them yelled out at the same time as they both grabbed Shiraishi from one side. “Where is our friendship chocolate from Tanako-chan?”
“How would I know? She hasn’t even given me anything yet.” Shiraishi muttered, and his normally patient tone was almost non-existent.
“So that bag and box is not from her?” Kenya asked. “I thought that was why you didn’t put it in with the rest.”
“No, this is from Chida-chan. She shoved these into my hands before I could even refuse. You guys take whatever you want because I am not going to eat anything from her.”
“I don’t understand why you dislike her so much as to deliberately reject anything from her.” Chitose pointed out as he unwrapped the very expensive chocolate. “I thought that any guy, regardless of having a girl friend or not, would be flattered to receive her attention.”
“Because she is what? Perfect by being good at everything, as well as being really rich?” Shiraishi said with a roll of his eyes. “I never liked her in the first place, and now I really dislike her due to the way she behaves toward…”
The very person whose name he was just going to say entered the room at that instant, but much to the disappointment of many, she only had her school bag in her hand.
“Where did that come from?” she immediately muttered, pointing to the fabric bag.
As Shiraishi began his explanation along with the emphasise that he did not want to accept it at all, someone opened the bag to reveal the chocolate butterflies in it: chocolates were melted in order to be shaped into butterflies before they were left to cool and harden.
“Chida-senpai does not seem to be much of a cook.” Zaizen laughed out as he picked up a particularly bad shaped butterfly.
“I saw an even worse one.” Shiraishi said, briefly turning away from his girl friend. “The wings are not even similar in size…”
Ashita actually turned quite pale and she quickly muttered something about having left something in their classroom before she dashed out of the boys’ tennis club room.
“Wasn’t my explanation clear enough?” Shiraishi asked with a sigh. “Is she that angry because I still received chocolate from someone she dislikes?”
Kintarou entered shortly after Ashita’s departure and his senpai all immediately noticed that he was eating the same chocolate butterflies that they were just mocking.
“She certainly knows who to bribe.” Chitose teased. “Should I count these as yours or as Kin-chan’s?”
“Kin-chan, you can have mine as well.”
“But isn’t this bad?” Kintarou actually had enough self control to halt his automatically stretching hand. “If I eat Tanako…Tanako-senpai’s gift for you.”
“Tanako-chan/Tanako-senpai/Ashita gave these to you?”
“She put all these bags into my hand when she walked past me.” The first year said innocently. “Shiraishi, are you alright?”
Not only did the buchou of Shitenhouji have his head buried in his hands, he was also muttering the following over and over: “I – screwed- up. I – really – screwed – up.”

He only managed to find Ashita after he spent quite sometime running around because she was sitting at the far end of the field, hugging her knees.
“She…Chida…insisted on taking some of the sweets that I made, what I was going to give to you and others.” Ashita explained when he silently took a seat beside her. “If I knew that she planned to give it to you under the pretence that she made it in order for you to laugh then…”
“I am sorry.”
“Don’t apologise.” She said, her tone quite sharp. “I know that some of the butterflies looked really bad. But it just still hurt to see you making fun of it…Kuranosuke, don’t lie by telling me that it isn’t that bad, because I saw how you would judge it if you are not biased.”
“But I was still biased because I dislike her a lot.” He pointed out. “Ashita, I really am happy that you made them for me, that you went through all this trouble instead of just buying something from the supermarket. This is why I am truly happy at your present, even if they do look a bit strange.”
“I gave all the remaining ones I brought along to Kintarou as I thought that it is too ugly. But I still have some at home.”
“They are just not perfect.” He corrected her. “I think that is why we were all picking faults with it, because we thought that ‘Miss Perfect’ made it.”
“You should have guessed that she is always so perfect.” Ashita said rather bitterly. “Rich, beautiful, high grades…”
“But you are the person that I like.” He interrupted. “Ashita, I would still not like her if you don’t exist, and it will be because of her perfection.”
“How come?”
“I don’t like perfect tennis but I must admit that it taught me a very valuable lesson: it made me realise that imperfection is so much better then perfection. When a thing or a person becomes perfect then they become boring because there are no more changes. I don’t want my relationship to be like a single repetition of a particular day.
“A person will give the others too much pressure if they are perfect. If I am her boyfriend then I’ll feel that I have to be as good as her- I’ll probably just end up trying to keep on pleasing her instead of being happy myself.
“That is why…” his words trailed off when he saw that his girl friend has leaned back and closed her eyes. Her very even breathing then indicated that she really was asleep.
“And to think that I just made one of the best speeches in my life.” He said with a fond sigh as he took off his regulars’ jacket in order to drape in over her like a blanket, and as he did so he heard her mutter something about her baking.
“Who is the single minded person this time?” he whispered.
He couldn’t help but to wonder whether she actually did stay up all night in order to make these butterflies for him, just like what she did for his fifteenth birthday present. She barely slept the night before as making that sweatband turned out to be much harder then what she originally thought.
The final sewing was still not that good as some lengths between the outer and inner band were larger then the other parts, while the stitching on the joint was a bit too tight- causing the two ends to be scrunched up instead of being flat.
But it was this imperfection that made this sweatband special, these very faults reminded him that Ashita made this for him and that he could not just get something identical by going to the local sports store.

Author’s Note: As I said before, one motivation I have from the story is to attack the idea of a perfect OC, I don’t really know why but I just seriously can’t stand that- an OC that is so perfect and can beat the boys and anything (this is not because I am sexist but I am just sick of another “Princess of Tennis”. So hopefully this idea came through, and another idea I think it will actually be quite bad for one of these boys to have a girl friend who play tennis (unfortunately this idea couldn’t fit but I got quite angry when I saw people saying how impossible it is for Sakuno to get together with Echizen since she doesn’t play tennis). But if she is really good then you might get jealous, if she isn’t then she might feel insecure.
Although I still don’t know why I really can’t stand these oh so perfect OC at least I manage to show that I think they are actually quite unrealistic and will probably not result in a perfect relationship.
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