First of all, message to Satsuki-sis: Thank you so much for the text of support. I think I am better now, but I am still not ready to reveal any detail about the ‘incident’, I sort of still need to think about it, but the problem is that I don’t really want to think about it- kind of shows by me typing up this entry instead. I am still in the process of recovering…(end of message)

I have a long rant I want to do. Ok, there is this new girl at work, she came at about November’s end and after having worked with her for three times I realised something: I DON’T LIKE HER. I SERIOUSLY DON’T LIKE HER.

1) She wastes food. I guess this is just one of my personal disapproval. Ok, in my mum’s opinion I waste money by buying useless stuff, by buying expensive food. (my mum disapprove me buying canned drinks from vending machines) but my defence is that I don’t usually throw away something without getting something back. Eg. I get something in return when I buy stuff, but if I throw away food then that is a waste. Ok, I can understand if it is a case of you biting into something and realise that it is so disgusting that you really can’t eat it, because that has happened. But in this case…

On her first night she was eating our u-don (one of the best part of my job: free food…) and she only ate about half. She then asked me this: “how do I get rid of this?” I naturally thought that she meant she can’t finish it so she want to put it somewhere and take it home. So I said this to her and much to my shock she said this: “No, I want to get rid of it. I want to throw it away. I ended up half forcing her to take it home by saying she is really wasteful if she does that. (and I really hope that she didn’t just chuck it away.)

2) Food wasting incident number 2. Aka spring onion incident. This is a Japanese restaurant so we sell miso soup and miso soup have spring onions in it. Just a few small pieces. We only put two or three pieces (I personally don’t know why you do it anyway…) and she put about 10 times more. So I took all the extra ones out and put them in a spare bowl, so later on I would just grab spring onions from that ball instead of opening the fridge (where the rest are.) at the end of the night she needed to use a spare bowl so she took that one and I saw her tilting the bowl near the bin. I know that she was going to throw it away if I didn’t stop her, why else would you be in that position? This irks me quite a bit because you just don’t do this, even if the food is cheap, and in this case it is not. I heard that spring onions cost quite a bit, and it is not even her food, it is not as if she brought it.

3) She also presumes a lot. On the same night as the spring onion incident she said she is going to stir fry something and said she’ll make me one too. I told her very politely, “No, thank you, kind of the offer but no thanks, I want to eat something else.” And so I made whatever I wanted to eat, and was eating that. But it turned out that she still made two and upon my refusal of taking it said: “Don’t you eat onion?” I think what angered me is her presumption of making that food for me when I told her no, I don’t want it, and showed this by eating the stuff I made for myself, and doesn’t she realise that all these stuff does cost?

4) But ultimately what really angered me is this final incident. At work there is this iron tray along with various cooking utensil. It is very oily and whoever get there first wash it. You can do a “I can do it for you” if you want to, my sister’s friend who used to work there did that when I first started, likewise my boss’ wife, because that thing is hard to wash. And depending on the situation you can say: “Ok, thanks, can you do it?” or “Nah, it’s ok. I can manage.” And that is the end of that.

In this girl’s case she just as good as half shoved, half pulled me away. I don’t really understand why but this made me really angry, I almost want to slap her. I don’t really understand why as she is doing this without malice, but it just anger me. Maybe it is because this is an intrusion of my personal space? My biggest trouble now is that I don’t know how to make a stand for myself without making a scene. I don’t want to clutch and bend over the sink, because it is not as if I really love doing that task. Although the good thing is I’ll only be working one more day with her, and the person who originally works on Friday will be coming back in January.

5) I think she seems quite posh, although she doesn’t exactly look like one. According to both my mum and sister my clothes get some oily and sauce smell when I get back, I don’t know as I think I lack both a sense of taste and smell. So you get changed, which is what everyone do. But my co-worker would wear a bandana to protect her hair. This is not that bad but she also put on these rubbery gloves to scrub do even the lightest task of washing (we have the rubbery club for serious cleaning) Even if she just have to wash one relatively clean pot she still put on gloves…

This made me recollect what Albatross-sis said to me one day. She said that there are girls in the lab that shrieks at the lightest acid being on their hand, according to her the acids are completely harmless and having these splashed on your hand is seriously not a big deal. She then said she can’t understand the girls who insisted on wearing gloves for every single thing, and that why are they doing chemistry if they can not handle this? I can’t help but to think about this too, if she can not stand the slightest possibility of her hand being harmed as to wear gloves the whole time then why the heck is she working as a kitchen hand? Because you are required to wash and scrub a lot.

In regard to this last incident I am not saying that she is wrong, but I am just saying I don’t understand why.
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