I suddenly feel like putting one of my what if fan fictions…so here is one. After reading some one’s review about the prince of tennis games I decided that Yuushi (as I said, I can not manage to think of Oshitari Yuushi as just Oshitari, as I’ll immediately think of both cousins…) is just like an upper class version of Sengoku- I mean, the stuff he says to girls... but then Kenya does not seem to be like him at all, so I can sort of see a case of Yuushi pestering Kenya about possible girl friends, about pick up lines, and I can so see Kenya thinking: “Gosh, why does this guy have to be my relative?”

This then caused this what if fan fiction…I know that Kenya is not the fukubuchou but for the purpose of my stories he is, since I’ve made him the fukubuchou in them…

A misunderstanding due to reading someone else’s text…

(in Shitenhouji)

Kenya: “Heck, another lot of text from Yuushi, no doubt it is about that girl he has a crush on… Let’s see what he says… ‘I plan to say the following lines to her so I want you to check that they would be alright.’ I should really just tell him ‘no’ since it’s all going to be from these romantic films that he watches…Ok, first one: ‘‘Is the soft blush that appears on your lovely face due to the sunset, or is it because of me…’ (1)
Kenya: “…”
Kenya: “Why does this guy have to be my cousin…”
Shiraishi: “Kenya! Practise is starting! I can’t believe I have to come and remind you, I thought I only have to do that for Kin-chan! You are also the fuku-buchou!!!”
Kenya: “Coming!”
Kenya: “I’ll just delete them later. Gosh…thanks to Yuushi I am going to be a bit late…which is enough to make Shiraishi yell at me…”

Chitose: “Kenya, I left my phone at home so can I borrow yours?”
Kenya: “Sure, go ahead.”
Chitose: “Thanks.”
Kenya: “Wait a second…Yuushi’s text messages…”
Chitose: “(whistles)”
Koharu and Yuuji: “What is this? ‘Though I am able to close off emotions I realise that there is one emotion that I can never erase. And that is my feelings for you…’” (2)
Kenya: “Out of all the things they could have saw they have to read the message that contains how Yuushi plan to tell that girl his feelings.”
Kenya: “This is…this is not what you guys think…”
Chitose: “Now, now, Kenya, there is nothing wrong with having a girlfriend.”
Shiraishi: “What is going on? Why aren’t you guys practising?”
Koharu: “We were just a bit distracted at learning that Kenya has a girlfriend!”
Shiraishi: “Really?”
Yuuji: “This text pretty much says it all.”
Shiraishi & Watanabe: “Let me see…”
Watanabe: “Ah, Kenya has reached that age in his life! The age where he finally falls in love!”
Kenya: “It…it is nothing like that!”
Watanabe: “No need to be shy, Kenya. When I was your age…”
Kenya: “This is not from my girlfriend! It’s just my cousin asking me advice on how he should talk to the girl he has a crush on.”
Watanabe: “As I was saying, by the time I was your age there was quite a lot of girls after me! This is something that you can be very proud of.”
Koharu: “So there is no need to continue denying it!”
Zaizen: “Congratulations senpai, so that is why you have been distracted lately during practise.”
Kenya: “I have not been distracted!!!”
Zaizen: “And for being a bit late too.”
Kenya: “It is because I was reading this text.”
Watanabe: “Ah, to be young and be in love again…a grand feeling. When you want to spend every moment with that person…”
Kenya: “I’ve told you guys so many times already! It is nothing like that! Shiraishi, help me!”
Shiraishi: “Well…I suppose I can understand why you are late although I still don’t approve as you are the fuku-buchou. But if she wouldn’t distract you then tell her that she is welcome to come and watch our practise anytime that she wants.”
Kenya: “…”

(in Hyotei)

Yuushi: “What is taking that guy so long in replying my text? I told him that this is very important, and that he must reply back as soon as possible. Eh? Finally…huh? What is this? ‘YUUSHI YOU BAKA I HATE YOU!’ Baka?!” (3)

(1) this is what Yuushi said in the prince of tennis games.
(2) same as above
(3) being called a baka by a person from Kansai is much more offensive then being called a baka by a person not from Kansai. That is why Yuushi is so surprised.

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