I went to the Shiraishi forum that I usually went to and I saw that some people put the following up. Official family information- or it seems to be official character information but there is quite some problem…

Birthday: April 14th. (this is a contradiction because in previous official merchandise, Shiraishi’s birthday is said to be at December. While I admit that I like his birthday in April more, because this means he is the oldest in the school- heck, this make him the oldest third year. He will be even more older then Marui, who is born on April 20th. Note- I saw the following info on the internet- school year starts in April in Japan so if your birthday is in April then you’ll be the oldest in your year. Eg. Say it is August and you already turned 15 in April and your are born in 1999, you will be a third year student in junior high school. But if you already turned 15 and is born in March 1999, then you will be in senior high school. Cause their school year goes from April to March. So if you are going to be 15 in the March of the following year, ie born in March 2000, you will be a third year too. But on the other hand this is too irresponsible! Changing his date of birth completely!!!)
Interest: I didn’t really get that one…so no explanation yet.
Family member: Parents, younger and elder sister- one each. (I really don’t know why but I always imagine that he will be an only child. Must admit, I am a bit disappointed that he is not. But once more- I seriously don’t know why I have this firm believe that he is an only chid)
Father’s profession: Pharmacist. (does this have anything to do with his bandages?)
Favourite’s subject: Chemistry (this seems his dad’s influence. Lol. Once again, I don’t know why but I always thought that he’ll be more of a literature sort of person.)

But seeing the rest should be very interesting! I can’t wait to see 40.5- well, I really can’t wait to see all the Shitenhouji related bit.!!! My guess is that he sentence accompanying Shiraishi’s page will be his famous “the one who wins is the winner”. (for Kenya: “Naniwa’s speed star is at a higher level”. For Zaizen: “It is alright if you get in my way.”)

This is totally random and is fan fic related but I really want to write a story where Kenya and Shiraishi started their first year as doubles partner, and then become the buchou and fuku-buchou in their second year. (as I said before, I really believe that Kenya is one of their top three players once you exclude Kintarou, just like Seigaku ignores Echizen in this hierarchy.) but somehow this then seem to be a setting for a BL story even though my original intention is just a friendship fic…
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