I don’t know when or how exactly this happened, but all of a sudden my day and sleeping time is disrupted, this is really bad because it then works in a cycle. I would sleep late because there are things that I want to do, and because I am sleeping late I am then waking up late, and by waking up late I don’t seem to have enough time, so I will then stay up. Well, I planned to sleep early last night but I got quite distracted as I was reading (I want to know who the killer is). But I think I must be born not liking detective stories, because I would forget about who is who by the middle of the book. Yet when I read romance novels, I seem to be usually able to remember most of the characters. But I also dislike reading too much mystery novels for another reason: for me, they show the ugly side of humanity. Because mystery novels usually involve solving crime that are murders, and the reason of murder just really make you feel sad and at times deeply disgusted with humanity. Perhaps it is also due to the fact that I am not born as an intellectual, so when others go: “Oh my gosh, did you hear that, that is very symbolic”, or “Oh my goodness, that theory makes perfect sense!!!” I’ll be going: “Huh? I don’t get this at all”. So I only occasionally read these kind of stuff.

My main project in the world of fandom is the fan fiction that deals with Watanabe (prince of tennis). That story is unusual. I admit that it is quite a stretch, the plot, as in the fact that I am really stretching it. That assumption and what if in that story is probably a bit too far. (it is highly unlikely/impossible). To tell the truth I am not even sure whether I fully believe it myself but I don’t really care, I just want to finish this story (I think my theory is pretty unlikely, but I am not saying it is impossible yet.) My main problem is that I usually almost always write the draft of these story on paper first, and sometimes typing it up can be really tedious, and it tend to take quite some time (although I am a relatively fast typist).

I am also in the process of doing two more ‘one shot’ in chapters. I’ve got the draft written and I just now need to typed it up. I think these story might interest some people who will be reading this entry. The first one is actually sort of from Yukimura’s point of view. We start with Yukimura thinking about all this the reason they all want to win so much, and then he meets Shiraishi and the two talks a bit. Although I do not think it is a friendship fan fiction, which is what I initially wanted, I still like the result. The other fan fiction involves the singles 2 match in the finals of the nationals, where Shiraishi ponders about what it means, and it ends with him thinking about Niou’s decision. Not very long because this one shot is focusing on Shiraishi , but I think the portrayal of Niou, might interest some people.

Lastly… I don’t know why but I started to read ‘Bleach’. Well… it was sort of because I’ve heard about the story from you know who, and then I went on the internet and had a read about summary and characters, and because I really like the two bleach song I heard. Then the other day, I was doing stuff on the family computer (which contains copies of the manga), and I just thought I’ll have a read. Once I did I just decided to read it, and I then just read it sort of because it happens to be there, and it is quite interesting. Another reason is because I was quite interested in the story of Gin and Rangiku so I actually went to fan fiction.net after I went to Wikipedia, and then I read a lot of really nice fan fictions. (even though I haven’t even read the original story myself). So I guess that’s another reason, after reading stories about them for quite a while I decided to see what they are like in the original story. (although I do know that nothing that much happened). But I am already too much influenced by fan’s version because I might not really think that there has been something like that going on if I have not read fan fictions first. Also… I’ve read too many fan fictions saying that the reason of Gin’s betrayal is due to Rangiku… I think I am starting to believe this myself, although I know that I would never have reached this judgement if it wasn’t for fan fictions. But oh well, so what? My interpretations has always been weird anyway.

Oh, and another reason I have been curious about bleach. Because Watanabe Osamu (prince of tennis) is based on the character of Urahara Kisuke (bleach). Now that I have almost read all of the released volumes, I have to say: they are quite alike (although I think Watanabe is drawn much better then Urahara). But basically Watanabe truly have that sense of only stepping in only when things get really serious. And I am so so so glad that Konomi-sensei based Watanabe-sensei on Urahara, instead of some one really perverted (eg. The captain of the 12th division, and Szayel Aporro Granz- the number eight espada.) By the way I am really worried…the seiyuu for Aporro (what most people call him) is actually the seiyuu for Sengoku (pot again) and the scary thing is that in one scene, Aporro actually says something like: “So the fact that I get to meet the two of you is very lucky!” Yeah… “Toriumi-san, please don’t use your Sengoku voice and tone at that time!!!”
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