Title: Snatching goldfishes
Written at: July 29 2007
Summary: A short drabble where Shiraishi and Ashita are at one of the local feastivals in Tokyo. Involves brief appearances of many from both Shitenhouji’s and Seigaku’s tennis team.
Word count: 1226

The finals of the nationals were finally finished, with Seigaku being the winners of this year. Because of this Shitenhouji’s whole tennis club would depart for Osaka the very next morning, so they were attending the local festival as a way to celebrate their last night in Tokyo.
The regulars would not stay for the whole night, as they were going to a yakiniku restaurant: their coach generously changed his mind about his treat, even extending an invitation to Ashita.
Shiraishi was dressed in his school uniform as his purpose for being in Tokyo was to represent Shitenhouji, unlike Ashita, who was in the capital for her own purpose. Therefore, she was wearing one of her yukata, a light green one with prints of white and pink flowers.
“What is it?” he asked her curiously, immediately noticing that she has stopped moving, since they were holding hands.
“I always want to play this at least once.” Ashita said rather wistfully, pointing to the snatching goldfish stall. “But because I am never sure whether I can succeed, I don’t really dare to do it.”
“Then let’s do it now!” Shiraishi told his girlfriend, understanding her hesitation. The period where her sister was the only income maker for her family of three had left a very deep impact on the way she spend money. “I think I should be able to get one for you so we won’t be wasting money. And you will definitely keep the goldfish right?”
“Of course, I’m only doing this because I want to have a goldfish, and I’ll treasure it even more if it is a present from you.” Upon saying this, she quickly bent her head down, as she was blushing.

After one or two broken nets, Shiraishi finally managed to succeed his promise. He and Ashita was about to tie the plastic bag that contained her new pet when they heard the sound of clapping.
“Yuuji, let’s have a go as well!” Koharu said loudly as he handed some money to the stall owner.
However, their way of snatching goldfish was quite different from Shiraishi: Hitouji begins to talk rather animatedly to the owner, distracting him comepltely. Using this time, Koharu sneakily grabbed a fish to place it on the paper net.
“That’s cheating!” Ashita whispered, although both she and Shiraishi were laughing.
“Not really,” one of the two who plays the infamous joking tennis said easily. He scooped the paper net into the large tank without even removing the other fish and manages to obtain a second one with relative ease.
“If I really want to, then I can get it myself,” he informed them as he returned the second goldfish to its original home, “but by doing it this way, the fish is a present from both Yuuji and I, not just from me.”
Kenya and Zaizen both happened to come to this area at this time, and seeing that three of their team members were there, they naturally joined them.
“It’s been sometimes since I did this.” Kenya commented rather reminiscently as he picked up one of the broken tools. “Yuushi and I used to compete who can fish the most when he still lived in Osaka. I often win as I am faster then him.”
“What do you do with all these extra fishes then?” Ashita asked.
“We usually gave them to people who happened to be there, do you want some more?” Kenya asked rather hopefully.
“Thank you, but I don’t really think I can manage looking after ten goldfishes, and I don’t really want to sit on the train with a large tank in front of me.” Ashita laughed out, “Having to carry a bowl is probably enough.”
“Shouldn’t you be a gentleman and carry it for her?” Hitouji teased their captain good naturedly.
“Not if it is this big!” Shiraishi protested, gesturing to the large fish tank in front of them.
“It Chitose-senpai is here then he can probably tell us how many goldfishes everyone can get.” Zaizen commented rather sarcastically, “A shame that his pinnacle of wisdom…”
He was saved from another scolding for being too disrespectful due to the arrival of the Seigaku team, who quickly made their incorrect assumption.
“Hey it’s Shitenhouji’s whole tennis team!” Kikumaru immediately announced. “I think they are having a snatching goldfish competition.”
“And they’ve only got two? They still have a long way to go.” Echizen commented in his typical ‘mada mada dane’ tone.
“We were having a snatching goldfish competition?” Koharu and Hitouji said innocently at the same time.
“I don’t think so.” Zaizen said. “At least I’m certainly not doing it.”
“Come one Hikaru-chan, it will be fun!” the two double partners said as they dragged him away, followed by Kenya.
Not that the Seigaku tennis team noticed, as they were too busy in arranging their own snatching goldfish competition.
“Kuranosuke, let’s go to the ice stand.” Ashita suggested to Shiraishi. “I really want to eat that pudding ice cream. Don’t forget that we have to leave earlier then everyone else in order to go to the house of Watanabe-sensei’s aunt as I am not going to take this to the restaurant.”
“You might have a stomach ache, Ashita, from eating grilled meat after ice cream.” Shiraishi pointed out with a smile.
“Oh, you know how we eat in our house, we just have one meal of everything and anything.” She reminded him, tugging his hand.
As they walked away, they were sure that they heard a voice saying: “But don’t you think that the competition should have some sort of punishment?”

A few minutes later, the two of them were sitting by the ice stand, with Ashita eating a bowl of the pudding ice cream that had struck her fancy, while Shiraishi was examining her goldfishes.
“I think we should buy a cheap pot and put them there temporarily until we get back to Osaka, then buy a proper fish bowl.” Shiraishi was saying.
Ashite gave a nod of agreement, but then she suddenly blinked. “Kuranosuke, isn’t that guy running toward the stall one of the guys from Seigaku?”
“Yes, Momoshiro Takeshi. He played against Koharu and…wow, he might actually be running faster then Kenya right now.”
The rather distracted member of Seigaku’s tennis team seemed to be oblivious to everything else and he almost crashed against the stand due to the speed he was running in.
“A glass of water!” he screamed out.
“Are you alright?” Ashita asked kindly, moving slightly to allow him to sit down.
“Eh, aren’t you that girl in the snatching fish stall?” Momoshiro asked, having recovered quite a bit after drinking the whole glass at one go. At least enough to notice the girl talking to him was not bad looking. “You should have stayed and watch us! We are getting a heck lot more fishes then…”
“That’s my girl friend you are talking to.” Shiraishi interrupted dryly.
If it wasn’t for the fact that laughing at Momoshiro’s expression was too childish, he really wanted to do so. He also felt rather proud and happy to be able to say this once again.
“The perfect man?” Momoshiro wander out aloud as the couple left hand in hand. “Perhaps he is. Being so good at tennis and having such a cute girl for his girl friend.”

Final note: Momoshiro’s comment of Shiraishi being a perfect man is a reference to the title of Genius 315- one version of the title is translated to this. I thought that I’ll make Momoshiro be the first one to lose since I don’t want to make Kaidou do it, because Kaidou always seem to be the first person to drink it.
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