Inui: “Renji, you are my good friend so you must save me!”
Yanagi: “Don’t worry, Sadaharu, I’ve already calculated all this. Niou will get ride of every one.”
Everyone else: “INUI SADAHARU! We know that you are in there!”
Niou: “What are you guys being so noisy for? We are trying to practice!”
Everyone else: “We just want to get Inui Sadaharu…”
Niou: “Then why are you guys here? Gosh, that sign, in case you didn’t see it, says ‘Rikkai’, not ‘Seigaku’.”
Everyone else: “But we saw him running in here…”
Niou: “You think we will just let him stay in. Wait a second…are you guys all trying to spy on us? I knew it! Well, this is actually a breach of privacy!”

(Niou manages to send everyone off)

Inui: “I am forever in your debt, Renji.”
Yanagi: “No need to thank me, Sadaharu. You see, Rikkai have a policy of avenging our own grievances our self, we do not want anyone else to intervene.” (5)
Marui: “Can we please start?”
Yanagi: “Wait, first of all, are both Genichirou and Yagyuu with Seiichi?”
Kirihara: “Yukimura-buchou assured me that he will keep them occupied.” (6)
Yanagi: “Good. Ah, Sadaharu, you want to say: ‘What can a seaweed head like you do to me’, don’t you?” (7)
Inui: “I DON’T!!!”
Kirihara: “I am so going to kill you!”

Yanagi: “This is strange, we always had to refill the juice jug our self. The possibility that the staff did is x%, the likehood of this being done by one of us is y%. That then means…”
Marui: “JUICE!!!” (drinks it in one go.)

(Marui starts to roll on the ground in pain.)

Yukimura: “What is wrong, Bunta? Is this because you found out that Akaya ate your secret stash of cakes a day ago?”
Marui: “I knew it! Akaya, you are the one that did it!”
Kirihara: “It wasn’t me, I swear! It was a…a ladybug!” (8)

(Marui suddenly breaks off due to the a new set of pain)
[This is a further proof of how powerful Inui juice really is]

Yanagi: (opens his eyes) “Seiichi, don’t drink…”

(a glass drops onto the ground)

Yukimura: “My head suddenly hurt so much…I feel so sick…”

(1) I decided to be nice to Minami and not let him having to drink Inui juice.
(2) I think Kai actually calls Hirakoba just by his first name, and least that is what he did the OVA commentary.
(3) I think Ashita have quite a right to be angry. First of all, she is really tired and she is obviously not in a mood for jokes. She is asking some sympathy from Shiraishi and instead of giving her any, he gave this really foul drink to her (note- she wouldn’t have drank it if he didn’t tell her that it is really nice). So I think her being quite angry is not that unreasonable.
(4) If I stick to the story completely then I probably wouldn’t have included Shitenhouji. Cause all I can see is Shiraishi saying: “Ew, this stuff is really disgusting’ and then just forget about it. So that is why I included the character of Tanako Ashita from my fan fictions.
(5) I just can’t get this bit right, basically Yanagi is saying if someone injured any one of them, they will deal with this themselves. They will bash that person up themselves and so prevents any one else hitting them.
(6) These two are not here because I think they might disapprove the idea of getting revenge this way.
(7) This bit is curtsey of my sister, who came up with it and really believed that Yanagi would have used this in order to re-charge Kirihara in the doubles 2 match in the finals.
(8) Kirihara said a caterpillar ate Marui’s bento in the ova commentary, I decided to change the type of insect…

Sorry to all those in St Rudolph and Rokkaku, you guys are so normal that I didn’t know how to fit any one you in…But I quite like this what if scene, I’ll even say it is one of the best ones I have ever written.

I wanted to put this up in one entry, but since I can’t, I thought I’ll just add an bonus scenario. This extra what if scenario will be different because it actually wouldn’t feature any of Shitenhouji’s players. But Watanabe will come out, as it plays on the following ideas…

If Watanabe is Seigaku’s coach…
(Seigaku’s tennis team is about to go in a restaurant or something.)

The owner: “So that is nine students and one adult.”

(Everyone prepare to pay)

The owner: (to Tezuka) “Sensei, I still need so and so more dollars.”
Tezuka: “I am the buchou, that is the coach.”
The owner: “Hahaha, don’t joke about such things, sensei! That kid look much younger then you.”
Tezuka: “…”
Watanabe: (after he first spends quite some time laughing) “He is right, I am their coach. See?” (takes out identification)
The owner: “Eh? I thought you are one of the students.”
Watanabe: “So I still look quite young!” (laughs) “Wait…it could just mean that Tezuka looks old. See, Tezuka, that is why I tell you that you have to smile more.”

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