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Full title: You reap what you sow…(ie. The consequences of distributing out Inui juice to the other schools…)

I suddenly got this idea the other day. The presumption is that almost all the school has been gathered together for some sort of training and then Inui had the idea of letting other schools drink his Inui juice.

Note: For Shitenhouji I actually included ideas from my own fan fiction, because otherwise I don’t see how I can include Shitenhouj in it, since I think their reaction will be pretty normal. So I included Tanako Ashita in it, the original character in my fan fiction “Sacrifice” and “Chapters”, and I guess she is here as a volunteer, a bit like what Sakuno and An did in the American team arc. (So just presume that Shiraishi have a girl friend as that is her role in the story.)

This what if scenario differs because of the narrative. There isn’t any specific distinction between thoughts and actual speeches because the italic bits are flash backs…

“words”= speech
(action)= action in the present
“words”= speech in the past
(action)= action in the past.

The start of everything
Inui: “Oh hohoho, it is finally completed! My latest invention- deluxe Inui juice. Not only does have the same favouring as the previous one, it also looks exactly like real juice. No one should be able to suspect anything!
Inui: “Hohoho, I should be able to get a lot of data tomorrow! Hohohoho…”

(Inui spends the rest of the night planting Inui juice in every school’s dormitory)

Inui: (Notebook in hand) “Why is no one affected by my juice at all? There should be some people complaining while others would be drinking water madly. At the very least Fuji would make some comment.”
Inui: “Unless everyone is immune to Inui juice already? I must go to other schools and investigate.”

Ooishi: “What a lovely day! A shame that no one else is up yet. Oh? Someone actually filled up our juice jug this early? I really must thank whoever that did this.

(pours himself a glass- immediately rushes to find water after he drinks it…)

Ooishi: “Inui must be the one responsible for this! What should I do then? If I just leave it here then someone is bound to drink it, but it will be a great waste of food if I just throws it away…”
Ooishi: “What should I do? What should I do?”


Ooishi: “As the fuku-buchou I must do what is good for the team! Yes, I must!!!”

(pours all the juice down the sink)

Momoshiro: “Echizen, don’t you think that Inui-senpai is up to something?”
Echizen: “He probably made more of these drinks…”

(After a long discussion the two of them decide to warn everyone about the mysteriously filled up juice jug on each table by writing the truth out on a note. However, due to tragic reasons each note is delivered too late as no one was saved due to it. Nor did the two of them realise that they should prevent their senapi from being in great danger by stopping him going around to collect the data of his work…)

Inui: “I can’t believe that they are eating such fancy food! The meal itself must have cost quite a fortune, not to mention the delivery fee.
Inui: “Why are they all looking at me in such a strange way? As if they are deciding whether to curse or thank me?”

Atobe: “Finally, some decent service! Ore-sama can not believe that they expect ore-sama to refill the juice jug by going to the kitchen myself!”
Shishido: “Che…I bet he paid them just because he can’t be bothered to do it himself.”
Ootori: “Now, now, Shishido-san.”

(everyone pours out a glass…)

Atobe: “What is this? This is disgusting! Kabaji, fetch Ore-sama’s cell phone! Ore-sama is going to get some decent food so we can all wash this foul taste away!”
Kabaji: “Usu.”

Hyoutei regulars excluding Atobe: “Should we strangle him for making that juice or thank him for letting us have this meal?”

Sengoku: “Why, it’s Inui-kun! Lucky! I am so glad so see you!”
Inui: “Is it possible that my juice did not have any effect on Yamabuki at all as they want to thank me!”
Dan: “Sengoku-senpai, are you sure that this is a good idea? Don’t you think that it will be too dangerous?”
Sengoku: “Oh, I am sure Inui-kun can manage! Akutsu! Inui Sadaharu, the maker of that juice is here!”
Akutsu: “Where? I am going to beat him up so that he’ll regret ever putting that thing onto the table.”

(Inui starts to run)

Sengoku: “Hmm…today is meant to be a very lucky day for me.” (Continues reading)
Dan: (Splutters and gags)
Sengoku: “What is wrong?”
Dan: “That juice!” (continues chocking)
Minami: “Everyone, I just got a note from Seigaku warning us to not drink the filled up juice in case it is ‘the poison made by our Inui-senpai.’” (1)
Sengoku: “Phew, I was just going to drink it. LUCKY!”
Minami: “Sengoku! Dan, are you alright?”
Dan: “I think so…”
Sengoku: “Don’t worry, we’ll avenge you. Just don’t say anything until I do.”

(Akutsu enters and grab the jug of juice…)

Inui: “Crap! He is still chasing me!”
Kai: (In Okinawa dialect) “Rin, that guy running toward us is Inui Sadaharu. The one who made that juice.” (2)
Hirakoba: (In Okinawa dialect) “Really? I am going to get him!!!”
Kite: (In Okinawa dialect) “Just don’t give him any permanent injury.”
Inui: “What did they say…why is Hirakoba chasing me as well now?”
Akutsu: “Get out of my way!”
Hirakoba: “Who the heck are you? You get out of my way!”
Akutsu: “I am Akutsu Jin and don’t command me!”

(a fight between Hirakoba and Akutsu begins…)

Kite: “We must remember all that we went through and why: it is to make a name for Okinawa…”
Hirakoba: “Why does this juice taste like goya?”
Kite: “Interrupting me when I am talking? Do you really want to eat goya?”
Hirakoba: “I don’t! But this really tastes like goya!!!”
Kai: “Let me have a taste! Wow…it really does taste like goya!”
Chinen: “Is it possible that our coach…”
Hirakoba: “Yuck! I feel sick now!”
Kite: “Hm…I don’t think it is likely but…”
Hirakoba: “Ew…why does this have to happen to me!!!”

Inui: “Phew, that was close. Luckily only one from each school was chasing after me…”
Tetsu: “There he is! The one who did this to Tachibana-san!”
Sakurai: “We will get him!!!”
Ibu: “Is it really my fault that I didn’t read the note earlier? But how was I supposed to know that it would contain such an important message?”
Kamio: “Shinji, don’t worry about such a thing now! Just get him!!! Everyone, I’m going with the rhythm!”

Tachibana: “As always we will give our best shot and show everyone that Fudoumine is not to be taken lightly.”
Fudoumine (excluding Tachibana): “Yes, Tachibana-san!”

(Tachibana drinks the juice and rushes to throw up)
[Note- this juice affects everyone in a different way…]

Fudoumine (excluding Tachibana): “TACHIBANA-SAN!!!”

Inui: “I am in great trouble now as a whole team is chasing me! The possibility of being captured by them is x%, while the like hood of being harmed is 100%!
Zaizen: “Kenya-senpai, isn’t that the guy who made that juice?”
Kenya: “Really? Maybe we can be saved for this torture! Shiraishi…”
Shiraishi: “Do you want to clean the whole camp instead of just our dormitory?”
Kenya: “But I have something very important to tell you! Inui from Seigaku is running past us.”
Shiraishi: “The one who made that juice?”
Yuuji: “Where is he?”
Koharu: “I am going to make him pay for making Yuu-kun and I get punished as well when we didn’t do even anything.”
Zaizen: “Senpai-tachi, you two technically…”
Shiraishi: “Alright, I’ll cancel all the extra trainings if one of you can grab hold of him.”
Shitenhouji (excluding Shiraishi and Kintarou): “We will!!!”
Tetsu: “Why is niisan’s team mates running with us?”
Gin: “He made all of us get punished by Shiraishi due to his juice.”
Kamio: “I am not going to let you outrun me this time!!!”
Kenya: “I am sorry but the Speed star of Naniwa is much faster, especially in matters of life and death!!!”

Kenya: “This drink is disgusting!”
Zaizen: “If only Chitose-senpai told us about the note earlier!”
Chitose: “Why don’t we hide this from Shiraishi until he drinks it?”
Zaizen: “I do want to see buchou’s reaction.”
Shiraishi: “Someone filled up the juice jug? Is the juice nice?”

(Zaizen, Kenya and Chitose all nods madly)

Ashita: “Kuranosuke, I am so tired. One of the coaches just made me run across the whole camp in order to deliver this bunch of paper, then made me carry boxes of equipment…”
Shiraishi: (gives the glass in his hand to her) “Have a drink then.”
Ashita: “I don’t really like these kind of juice.”
Shiraishi: “But this one is really nice.”
Ashita: “If you say so then I’ll drink it.”
Kenya: “Tanako-chan, wait…”

(Ashita begins to throw up.)

Shiraishi: “Ashita are you really alright?”
Ashita: “How can you tell me that this is nice? There should be a limit to joking around! Lying in order to make me drink this is going a bit too far!” (Ashita exits with a loud slam of the door) (3)

(Shiraishi then dips his finger into the juice and licks it.)

(a long silence…)

(Shiraishi went to the board that consists their practise schedule and write times two beside every item)

(Gin wisely starts to run)

Chitose: “Hmm…” (activates his pinnacle of wisdom) “Crap!” (starts to run too)
Kenya: “Shiraishi, I know that you are mad but don’t you think that this punishment is a bit too harsh?”
Shiraishi: “That was not any punishment as I would be doing it too, it really just is extra training. But since you and Zaizen specifically reminded me, you two can clean up the whole dormitory tonight.”

(Koharu and Yuuji wisely tries to sneak off)

Shiraishi: “Koharu and Yuuji, since you two threw some water bomb into one of the teacher’s office a few weeks ago you two can join Kenya and Zaizen in cleaning up as well.”
Koharu: “How did he even know…”
Yuuji: “Just start running before he mentions any other stuff that we did!” (4)

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