10:11 – 10:29 = Kaidou and Momoshiro are being lectured by Ryuzaki-sensei, I can’t help but to wonder whether Watanabe is doing the same thing? Well…how he lectures them. I really want to see!

10:47 – 10:50 = Momoshiro and Kaidou going on court with masks…once again Tezuka shows no expression at all. Gosh…if Watanabe is his coach. “TEZUKA!!! It is very important to smile as your facial expression is too numb! You must try to smile a bit more!” (begins to pull his cheeks).
Somehow I can really see Watanabe doing the above…Actually it is probably a good thing that Watanabe is not Tezuka’s coach as I can see the following happening if Watanabe is Seigaku’s coach
(Seigaku’s tennis team is about to go in a restaurant or something.
The owner: “So that is nine students and one adult.”
(Everyone prepare to pay)
The owner: (to Tezuka): “Sensei, I still need so and so more dollars.”
Tezuka: “I am the buchou, that is the coach.”
The owner: “Hahaha, don’t joke about such things, sensei! That kid look much younger then you.”
Tezuka: “…”
Watanabe: (after he first spends quite some time laughing) “He is right, I am their coach. See?” (takes out identification)
The owner: “Eh? I thought you are one of the students.”
Watanabe: “So I still look quite young!” (laughs) “Wait…it could just mean that Tezuka looks old. See, Tezuka, that is why I tell you that you have to smile more.”

10.59 – 11:01 = the poor umpire is completely disregarded. The umpire really deserves to be treated with more respect (firm nod) as the umpire sees clearer then anyone else (refers to whenever Sanada uses his wind, wood, fire, mountain thing- the whole stadium is covered with lightening and I couldn’t even see the people, but some how the umpire can actually still see the ball… and also referring to Niou’s ability of transforming into his opponents. While everyone else goes ‘it’s Tezuka!’ the umpire still goes ‘Niou!’)

11:01 – 11:10 = Watanabe telling the umpire that there is no rule that says you can’t wear masks. But does he actually have to stand up and walk to tell the judge this…it seems that Watanabe is really enjoying this. But as always, I can’t help but to wish that he might have helped Shiraishi, to let him be able to have enjoyment in his games once again.

12:10 – 12:15 = Inui’s explanation, the main point is that Tezuka’s expression is still unchanged… a while ago I wrote that in Shitenhouji, whenever Watanabe needs to correct someone’s posture he might just say “go and take a look at Shiraishi” since Shiraishi is the bible of tennis and all that. I think in this case, when Ryuzaki-sensei told Kaidou and Momoshiro to keep a poker face she should just have said: “Take a look at Tezuka” because Tezuka can probably be the illustration for the term “poker face”.

13:14 – 13:16 = I just want to insert this shot of Shitenhouji in! I was quite surprised when I saw this shot as Shiraishi is actually sitting down. I then really like this shot- the fact that he is sitting down in the very centre while his team mates all stand around him. A perfect picture of a good buchou!

13:17 – 13:21 = same picture, but a shot from the front instead of the back.

14:38 = Yuuji’s imitation act is about to start…but why do they have to show this in such a scary way? With him standing with his back to Koharu in the shadows it seem as if he is going to turn around and hit someone with his racquet…

14:42 – 14:45 = as I saw this bit I realize that I shouldn’t have complained about the previous shot, what is with his eyes only being two orb of light and the really evil smirk…to be honest I find this shot quite creepy…

14:47 – 14:50 = Watanabe: “Oh, is it finally going to be used, that?” My immediate thought- “Sensei, do you know how dodgy that sounds coming from you?”… Although this bit kind of remind me of a scene in fruits basket, when Yuki went to visit Ayame. Ayame’s assistant/girl friend then was saying how Honda (I can’t remember her name right now…sorry all fruit basket fans) will really suit this particular dress, and they kept referring to it as ‘that’. So Yuki was screaming: “What is that? What is that?”. And as I previously stated, I find Watanabe drawn much better in this episode.

14:56 – 15:21 = Yuuji’s imitation begin. I think the voice Yuuji used when he imitated Momoshiro and Kaidou is probably not the voice of his seiyuu. It is probably the voice of the two’s seiyuu since it is completely identical. (ie. The two seiyuu spoke when Yuuji spoke in imitation of Momoshiro and Kaidou) I really want to see Koharu and Yuuji playing against Shiraishi and Kenya! (well, to be honest I just really want to see Shiraishi and Kenya playing doubles together as I think they will be really awesome together, but in particular I want their opponent to be Koharu and Yuuji!) I am not sure why but I just really want to see that. And I think cause they are all friends, it will be super friendly with comments like…Kenya- “The speed star of Nanizawa is still faster, Yuuji!” Yuuji: “Want to bet?” I don’t know why but I just really want to see Shiraishi/Kenya playing a doubles match- especially against Koharu and Yuuji.

15:34 – 15:35 = Shiraishi and Kenya commenting about Yuuji’s imitation act. This scene makes me feels that they are in great synch too. Kenya said: “It appears” while Shiraishi then immediately adds: “Yuuji’s impressions” after Kenya. I mean…Shiraishi is basically finishing Kenya’s sentence for him. Isn’t this a proof that the two of them are in great synch, and will be great doubles partners? But it is really weird…I really don’t know why but I just think that Kenya and Shiraishi had some sort of past rivalries that prevented them from being closer friends, which is a big pity- because I feel that they would have been best friends now, a bit like Koharu and Yuuji if nothing had happened (I think they are just very close friends now), and that Kenya’s now very strong loyalty is his way of making up the past.
By the way- please notice Shiraishi’s hand- the action he does. He often put his hand in this position- not really resting his chin against his hand- but more leaning his cheeks against his fingers, which will be spread- and sometimes it almost looks like Atobe’s insight pose. I noticed this after seeing him doing it so many times…

15:42 – 16:23 = Watanabe’s explanation about Yuuji. First of all…a hat really is a very powerful thing as Watanabe actually looks quite different when his hat covers his face completely. I feel that this is one of the changes in the OVA. In the original manga Watanabe’s face is actually covered by his hat about half of the time, where as his face is hardly covered in the OVA.
I really like this bit because I quite like Yusa Koji’s voice- his voice have quite a special texture. It is kind of…husky, yet not low, so I like his voice, I think I generally like higher voice. And of course, Kansai-ben… I really like Yusa Koji’s Kansai- ben. I saw someone complaining about the OVA as they didn’t like how Shiraishi’s accent is exaggerated. Me, I am the complete opposite! I love listening to Kansai-ben ever since I first heard Shiraishi and then his coach speak in the OVA.

16:43 – 16:46 = Yuuji’s comment about impression. I just have to put a screenshot of this scene in as I think he looks really cool. Unfortunately I can’t do justice to this scene, as I can’t show how he moved his racquet. The initial focus on how he moved his racquet sort of remind me of episode 2, when we focused on Shiraishi’s racquet before he suddenly brought it down.

16:52 – 16:53 = This bit is very interesting, we suddenly get this shot of Shiraishi, Kenya, Kintarou and Gin. I like how it is shown as a collage instead of just a shot of the four of them standing (with the exception of the buchou) in front of the court.

16:54 = Koharu and Yuuji. I really like this idea but I have to complain though. While I can understand why their player number nine is not shown (he doesn’t even have a name and he didn’t play at all) and Chitose, (since he technically quit by this time) what about Zaizen? After all, he is most likely to be the buchou next year (ok, I admit, this is just my own believe). But I mean, he is part of the team! If he is not in it because he really can’t fit in the picture (although I don’t really believe this) then I think they should have excluded Kintarou (although I really like Kintarou…) and just show Shiraishi, Kenya and Gin as they are all third years. So it is the idea of ‘We have known about how these two work as we have been with them in the club ever since we were all first years.’. Or…not have Gin which kind of shows the idea of the buchou and fuku-buchou observing the knowledge that they knew all along. (voice of reason: “Shiraishi is the buchou, true, but Kenya is not the Fuku-buchou!” Autumn leaf: “I didn’t hear anything!!!”) (I apologize but this is just something I really believe should be true even though there is no proof. But I just really really think that Kenya should be the fuku-buchou of Shitenhouji.)

17:54 – 18:09 = the whole thing about whether Momoshiro and Kaidou switched. I really don’t like this bit because I seriously don’t believe that they would have failed to notice that the voice and the cloth was the same. Although the OVA made it better by having Yuuji suggests that they might have changed during the interval- hinting that they could have changed clothes although I still can’t…don’t believe that they failed to notice that there was not switch.

18:12 = I know that this manga is already very fantasy like but this bit is still too extreme…a dark cloud suddenly appeared as the game is about to enter tie break.

18:14 – 18:23 = the game enters into tie break and the all familiar wind appears again. I must say, this is too overdramatic…and rather unrealistically. If you are going to have wind for dramatic effect then fine but…we first see Koharu and Yuuji, with their uniforms blowing due to the wind, but the extreme bit is that Kaidou and Momoshiro, who are standing directly next to them, does not have their clothes blown by the wind in anyway…their clothes are only being blown by the wind after we have a close shot of them. In conclusion- the weather in prince of tennis purely depends on the situation and the camera angle.
A similar thing has actually happened in the singles 3 match (so maybe something like this will be happening in the singles 2 and doubles 1 match?) but as Shiraishi prepares to hit the ball after his really sad and beautiful speech you can see his hair and uniform being blown by the wind…likewise when Fuji first appeared there was wind blowing his hair, but yet Shiraishi was not affected by any wind when he steps onto the court only a few second later…
Actually I shouldn’t really be complaining about this…I think the latest genius’s wind is the worse I have ever seen. (I am referring to the whole Niou/Fuji singles 2 match in the finals of the nationals, although if I could then I will really like to forget about that match completely.) But Inui was saying how Fuji can do his sixth counter because he is so experienced with the wind, and the last shot of Fuji, with his back to us, make him seem like some kind of god of the wind (Kaze no Kami…)

19:28 – 19:40 = Yuuji realizing that Momoshiro and Kaidou haven’t changed at all. Once again, I can only say this: I seriously don’t believe that Yuuji will only discover this at tie-break. The OVA actually made me see the whole doubles 2 match with a new perspective. While Koharu is a genius with his IQ over 200, I sort of feel that Yuuji complement him really well. From this match I feel that while Koharu provides the intelligence of the two, Yuuji is there to provide wisdom.
Why does it now sound like as if I am discussing about boy love pairing? First of all, the whole Shiraishi and Kenya thing- although I rather have Shiraishi being with his coach (voice of reason= “who the heck is asking you that!!!”) and now Koharu and Yuuji. But to tell the truth, I am actually one of the few people who does not believe that Koharu and Yuuji are a couple. I just think that they are very good friends who enjoy behaving in such an extreme way. But seriously, I think Koharu and Yuuji are a really good doubles combination.
I thought that bit about how one can not change habit is very interesting, it reminds me of what Niou said in the anime about habits, I think it is something about how habits can not really be easily altered, this then immediately made me think about what has been said about Shiraishi in the OVA: he does not have any bad habits at all. Perhaps this is a back fire? Due to playing with someone who really doesn’t have a particular habit they forgot about how important habits are? No, I can not believe this, I think I still simply can not accept that Yuuji and Koharu did not realize that there was no switch earlier on other then the fact that they are doomed to lose for the mere reason of being in the way of the hero school.

19:44 – 19:49 = Kenya comments about what his cousin has told him- these two cousins seem to be quite close- a very good example of sibling/kindred relationship, unlike some others. (cough cough) But I want to point this out: Kenya says “Yuushi is right”, he is referring to his cousin. The reason I am making such a big fuss over this is because the version of OVA that I have actually translated it wrongly. That version translated to Yuuji. But I actually went to specifically hear it as it is possible that the OVA decided to change this, but no, it is still “Yuushi”.
I think Kenya is portrayed much more maturely in the OVA, and I think his voice helped a lot- it is way lower then what I thought Kenya’s voice should be. (so the OVA make me even more convinced that he should be the fuku-buchou.)

20:02 – 20:03 = We sees Shitenhouji’s reaction to their lose, and their expression is so sad, and of course they are sad- why should they not be sad? They have an exact same dream as Seigaku- they wish to win the nationals as much as Seigaku. I have to say though, I never realized this until I started to like Shitenhouji. Before I just thought it is natural that Seigaku should win as they are the hero school, the other school’s existence is to lose as they are not the hero school. (I am so sorry for having thought this…) I admit that this is sad, but that is the way it is, they are not the hero school. But then once I like Shitnehouji I start to question why this should happen? Because Shitenhouji made me realize that all these boys have the same dream, so why is it fair that one school should have it granted just because they are the hero school? Heck…what am I saying? Basically Shitenhouji made me realize that I can not accept this idea even if that is the way it is!!! So that is an additional reason that I want Rikkai to win (I admit, the main reason is that I just don’t want Seigaku to win) but if Rikkai win then it shows that “hey this is not just about you winning because you are the hero school”. As always I quote that comment which I once saw on a Shiraishi-forum “If you have to let Seigaku win then fine, but don’t make the others so strong that it seems clear that Seigaku only win because they are the hero school.”
But as I look at this bit I have to say that I really think Kenya looks like the fuku-buchou.

20:5 – 20:17 = the game has ended and the opponents are about to shake each other’s hand. One of the reason I really like Shitenhouji is that they all have a high respect for their opponents (while, maybe we should exclude Zaizen due to what he said about Kawamura and we didn’t get to see him play. Sigh…) and I also really like the fact that they accepts their loses and acknowledge it. For me this scene is a great example, Koharu and Yuuji admits that they lose and even compliments Kaidou and Momoshiro (I have to say this though- Momoshiro and Kaidou, you two are better at imitating each other true, but you guys know each other for more then a whole year. Yuuji is good at imitating people he doesn’t know!!! Basically I want to say this: “Yuuji, don’t just dismiss your own skills so lightly! You are still better at imitation!!!” Even though the two of them has been, to a certain extent, rather amoral (I mean, using the thousand hand Buddha to prevent your opponents from scoring by making them laugh too much…) once they finish the game you they show that they are actually really worthy opponents because they will admit their lose and compliment you. I think even if they had won they will still compliment Momoshiro and Kaidou (a bit like what Shiraishi did).
Another example of this for me is the whole Chitose/Tachibana singles 2 match in the quarter-final. The idea that you want to do all that you can to win, and that you guys are going to be opponents. Hince Chitose and Tachibana’s greeting is a bit cold for two who are said to be quite good friends. But once they finishes the game they immediately greeted each other very warmly- almost a sense of getting the business done before you can get personal. (a good example of close friends who are now in rival schools, unlike two certain certain someone. Seriously, I was so shocked at the fact that they just gave each other a slight hand shake…)

20:18 – 20:30 = Tezuka speaking…I am not being harsh but this is probably the longest he has spoken for quite some time. You really have to feel sorry for him in the last episode, the words he spoke was getting progressively less each time he speaks…
In Episode 2…
First time Tezuka speaks: “It’s perfect…his playing style doesn’t have any extra movements.”
Second time: “That’s not all.”
Third time: “Fuji…”
Wait he had his famous “Yuudan sezu ni ikou” in the very beginning so I guess my theory just got disrupted. (sniff…)

20:32 – 20:50 = “uniforms” are exchanged, not really- just their wig and masks. Why is there a pika pika back ground as they shake hands? (Pika pika sort of means very shiny. Basically what is happening in this scene). In regard to this scene I saw the most interesting comment about it. This lady wrote the following on her blog: “What is with the shining teeth? Are you kids trying to do a tooth paste ad or something?”
That comment just cracks me up whenever I think about it. But once again, I have to ask myself, does Shitenhouji really follows this whole “The one who wins is the winner?” if they do, then why is their buchou upset about his own win while Koharu and Yuuji can accept their lose so graciously?

20:51 – 20:54 = Shiraishi says the following: “What are they laughing so cheerfully for?” I really like this bit partly because I love the Kansai-ben in this sentence, it just sounds so nice. As well as a more serious reason: I think this whole doubles 2 match is making him wonder whether his belief is right. I think he is starting to ask him self whether he is right in wanting to win so obsessively due to the whole idea of the one who wins is the winner, because why is he, the winner, not feeling happy while his two friends, who lost, did not seem to mind losing that much as they had a good game.
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