I saw someone talking about the OVA for prince of tennis by doing it the way I will be doing, instead of just talking about it in an over all manner. I really like the way that person did it, because you can know the exact point she talked about. So here is my version and I will do this for the whole of OVA 2 (Which very sadly just have 6 episodes. I think this is unfair because in the earlier days it seems that a noticeable match get to take about two episodes the very most.) but for some reason I decided to start with episode 3 first. (Considering the size of this I will be very surprised if it can actually fit in less then two entries…)

Note of explanation: the first series of OVA (OVA 1) contains 13 episode and then we have OVA 2. So what happens is that the first episode of OVA 2 is also often described as episode 14 of the OVA, as well as Episode 1 of OVA 2. For the entries that deal with my OVA commentaries, I will be referring to the OVA 2’s episode as episode one, episode two etc.

OVA 2 episode 1 (episode 14): Fudoumine vs. Shitenhouji
OVA 2 episode 2 (episode 15): Roar
OVA 2 episode 3 (episode 16): The horror of Joking tennis
OVA 2 episode 4 (episode 17): Seigaku’s baggage
OVA 2 episode 5 (episode 18): The two doors

We don’t know the title for the last episode of the Shitenhouji arc (ok, this is also called the nationals semi-final arc, actually to tell the truth this is probably the proper name but I like calling it the Shitenhouji arc). I will put it up when I find out.

So here it is, be warned that this is from a Shitenhouji fan’s perspective and I actually quite like Koharu and Yuuji.

NOTE= this blog does not have pictures so please refer to my proper blog at life journal if you want to see the pictures…

0:01 = the episode actually opens with Shiraishi going to shake Fuji’s hand and I really like that bit, and this is better then the last episode because of the really haunting music in the back ground- is it piano? I have no idea…but I really like the music though. As this episode is the joking tennis match (the very first prince of tennis match that I saw) I thought that I’ll be going hahaha throughout the whole episode but I actually felt like crying within the first minute as…

0:33 – 0:40 = Because Episode 2 actually cut of the bit when Tezuka and Fuji talked about Shiraishi, I felt that the OVA was focusing on Seigaku much more, so I did not expect there to be the whole Kenya talking to Shiraishi thing. Unlike the last episode, which just ends with Fuji walking away, we actually continue the scene in this episode with Shiraishi recollecting what happened at the final point of the game. We actually focuses on Shiraishi and I am really glad that they showed us this bit to show how he is not happy as he believes he only won due to chance (which I believe is not true) but it is good that we get to see this because this is a major part of his character. He really would prefer to have more fun instead of being so obsessed with winning if only he was not the buchou. The very beautiful music in the back ground then make you even more touched. I also think that he is bitter about his win because it is yet another reminder of why he have to do this, why he have to play his perfect tennis, but I understand that they can’t really show this.

0:42 = I just have to include this screen shot as Shiraishi’s expression here is just drawn too good, this is exactly what I think he must have felt.

0:44 – 0:50 = as I said, I really didn’t expect to see this bit due to what I said before. I really like this bit, Kenya trying to help Shiraishi (which is another reason of why I believe Kenya can occupy the position of fuku-buchou. It is logical to expect the fuku-buchou being the first one to comfort the buchou.) Although in general Shitenhouji’s regulars all seem really close with each other. But my main complaint: Watanabe-sensei…don’t you think you should say something to this kid? Considering all that he have done for his team, don’t you think it is right for you, as the coach to help him? To be honest, for the longest time I thought that Watanabe was the one who remind Shiraishi about the whole ‘the one who wins is the winner thing’. Well…before anyone start to laugh at me this is my defense: my sister told me that Shiraishi was reminded about this by his coach.

0:51 = another screen shot because Shiraishi just looks so cute in this shot.

0:58 = we switch to Seigaku and Tezuka really angers me here. I can not believe that he just stood there with his arms crossed and basically just ignored Fuji. Even if Fuji is not his friend (which is not true, as they are really great friends) you still have the obligation to console him as the buchou- especially considering how miserable he is.

1:24 = the new opening then starts…

1:55 – 2:02 = Kintarou and Echizen sort of facing each other, the first appearance of the mysterious wind that will constantly be present in the semi-final…

2:02 – 2:07 = the two team facing each other…I really like this bit because Shitenhouji happens to have nine people as well (although I still don’t really see the purpose of their mysterious player number nine) but it just look really good, a sort of a long shot starting with the two buchou facing each other.

2:08 = cameo appearance of what happens in the Rikkai singles 2 match in the semi-final. That guy (Kirihara’s opponent) should really be grateful that he played Kirihara as otherwise how would he even manage to make it to the opening for the shitenhouji arc of the game?

2:17 = this time, the team members of Shitenhouji and Rikkai (no offence but why are you guys coming out? This is the Shitenhouji arc! You guys already had your own appearance in the kantou regional and you will get to appear in the finals of the nationals so why are you guys appearing now?! People in Shitenhouji only get this opening and the last one to appear!!! Although Rikkai, Yamabuki and even St Rudolph appeared in the opening for OVA 1 and 2 too.) are shown to appear in a slide show. Basically we have a picture of Zaizen and Gin standing together, then we have Shiraishi appearing and his picture sort of covers the previous one…the effect is very interesting.

2:18 = the example from above (ok, I admit, I just wanted to put this picture in because I really like Shiraishi’s expression.) Well, not like but he is drawn to beautifully. Although the fact that he looks so sad make me want to scream about how unfair he has been treated, as well as how great this guy is for doing what he did. I think this picture sort of summarizes his whole ‘I’ll like to stop playing my perfect tennis if I can, but I can’t because I must play it for my team. So be it then.’

2:20 = another reason why I like this OVA opening better. Watanabe comes out! And his is even playing with his hat! And even their player number nine come out. Well…I think Watanabe deserves to come out but their player number nine…

2:24 = Yukimura and his coat…to be honest I am still really surprised that Yukimura is the one who always have his coat draped around him instead of Atobe, considering that Atobe always have to do his throw the coat into the air thing in order to began his game.

2:56 – 3:49 = the infamous appearance of Shitenhoujis’ infamous doubles! Watching this whole bit just cracked me up though, especially since the OVA did it in a much more dramatic way.

3:51 – 3:53 = I am so glad that Watanbe had his ‘Eh, did I say such a thing?’ I don’t know why but I just really like this bit. I also think Watanabe is drawn much better in Episode 3 and 4. Seriously, I am convinced that he looks evil in the previous two episodes. I think he actually looks more like himself in the original manga, although the fact that his hair is red is just…while his clothes. I don’t actually know which one is worse. In the manga it is him wearing a really weird hat with a matching shirt, but otherwise there is nothing wrong with his pants and coat. But in the anime even though his hat is normal, he is wearing pale pink shirt with dark red pant and a brown hat. (translation, no sense of colour!!!) Yeah…I don’t know which situation is worse.
But here is a picture of Watanabe…

By the way, I actually finally found a trading card with Watanabe on it.

I have to say, I really want to know whether Watanabe did teach them this too- the whole ‘you must always stay together’

4:13 = Yuuji’s famous: ‘You traitor, you want to die?’ speech. The scary thing is that I actually know this phrase now due to having heard it too often.
I also noticed some thing else during this point: the stadium is almost empty. WHERE IS EVERYONE??? (well, it is better then the finals, you started off with a very large crowd but by the time of doubles 2 the stadium is much more empty…)

5:10 = Momoshiro is having his name mispronounced again- Sengoku also mispronounce his name. As I saw this bit I suddenly wonder- Yuuji, are you the one responsible for Kintarou pronouncing many people’s name wrong? I can see this scene in my head. Kintarou: “What is this name? It looks so hard?” Yuuji: “It’s Koshimae.” Kintarou: “Oh, ok. Thanks!” (in the OVA commentary Kintarou actually calls Atobe Atode, which made Kenya says: “I’ve been wondering about this for sometimes, Kin-chan, are you actually deliberately mispronouncing everyone’s name?” Laugh….I wouldn’t be surprised if Kenya got his last name pronounced wrongly as Oshitari is apparently quite an unusual last name. Watanabe probably just goes: “As long as he get my name right then I don’t care…”) Actually… in one of the dating games for Prince of tennis, Gakuto will tell the PC that he actually mispronounced Oshitari’s name.

5:30 = the thousand hand Buddha. I still remember the fact that I just cracked up when I first saw this in the manga. I believe that Shitenhouji’s regulars actually practice against Koharu and Yuuji in order to make them self really calm in a game. If you can be immune to joking tennis then you pretty much can be immune to almost everything.

6:11 – 6:15 = Ooishi and Kikumaru’s praises. I am really glad that this bit happens because it is a reminder that Koharu and Yuuji are really good, even though they just demonstrate their skills in such a weird way. I think this is also a reminder that one should just not dismiss their skills, because it is quite tempting too do so- just judging by appearance. This idea then also applies to Watanabe, because I think quite a lot of people (myself included) initially just dismissed the possibility of Watanabe being a good coach due to his appearance and attitude, which is quite unfair for him as he is actually one of the best coaches in the story. (in my opinion he is the best coach).

6:32 = I included this screen shot because I really like Kawamura’s expression…

6:42 = I love Kin-chan’s expression in this picture!!! Kenya’s expression is also quite interesting. It seems a “Haha, I am so glad that this is not happening to me this time expression.” So I then believe that a similar thing has happened to him in the past (being danced around by these two), which then make me even more convinced that Shitenhouji’s regular often play against Koharu and Yuuji in order to train their mental strength.

6:44 = Kenya commenting that he doesn’t want to play against them. What he says does not offend me, but I am really angry that he is saying it, because this is Zaizen’s line. So that poor kid’s only line seem to be saying Kawamura is Seigaku’s burden and then get told off by Shiraishi which to me, shows Shiraishi’s character more then Zaizen’s own character. Zaizen should be saying this line- that he doesn’t want to play against Koharu and Yuuji and this is another indication of Koharu and Yuuji’s skill because Zaizen is actually quite cocky, but even he does not want to play against them.

6:50 = Shiraishi appears again! (I’m just commenting this out due to my personal biasm…)

7:15 – 7:17 = Koharu explaining about the boomerang snake shot…what is it with the wind? It look as if he is standing in front of someone who wants to charge at him, not knowing that he is all prepared for the attack. In short, a bizarre image…(remind me of the angel sanctuary OVA, when Setsuna hurled the stone Kira gave him to him, we sees Kira just standing there even though this wind began to blow around him.)

7:21 – 7:50 = I take back what I just said, this get so much worse…the eerie green colour that Koharu turned into is so much worse then the wind…the weird ray of light make things even worse…

7:52 = Shiraishi appears again. I just want to point out this once again.

8:01 = is it me or is Shiraishi’s expression a bit evil as he points out that Koharu’s data is much better then Inui?

8:41 – 8:56 = Koharu begins to reveal all the data he have on Kaidou. I really don’t want to know how he got these data. Once again, this makes me wonder… “Watanabe-sensei, what are you teaching these kids…”

9:07 – 9:08 = Momoshiro calling Koharu a stalker. I feel that I have to defend Shitenhouji in this case! To me, this is a bit like the kettle calling the pot black. Seigaku have Inui, who actually hides in locker and get data as people get changed!!! (although this only seem to have happened in the game, not the actual story)

9:35 = the score board appears and watching it just make me sad because I really think Shiraishi deserves to have a more glorious in then 7-6. I really think it should be 6-0. How could he not have got one more point just because Fuji suddenly recovers? I am so sorry but I just think that is too much of a miracle…I think Fuji should have recovered when the game was about to become 5-0, not 6-0.

9:56 = this scene is really…well…Shitenhouji must be a very open school…

9:58 = for all who have see the above scene will have no problem in wondering why Momoshiro and Kaidou ends up like this

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