I really shouldn’t be doing this but I feel I have to do it…this is a very very quick comment about the latest prince of tennis…which will soon come out, but it’s not that bad as some of this is taken from my comment from my sis’ blog.

First of all. Genius 361-362: since this is already out I can’t be bothered putting git on spoiler but basically this is what I felt.

This seems the worse case of ‘Seigaku as the hero school I have ever seen as this nationals is just turning into Tezuka playing Fuji (now we finally have prove that this is a story that can not be real, although I was quite suprirsed that Fuji was actually playing normal tennis. (Heck…thought I’ll never see such a thing ever since Shiraishi went off…)

But I really don’t like what Nious does because I think he deserves much better then that, he deserves to have his own playing style instead of just being able to turn into Tezuka, yes, that is very impressive but I rather him being able to go into that state of muga, not just because he turned into Tezuka.

To be honest I think it is really bad for Niou to turn into Tezuka. Fuji probably always want to have a game with Tezuka but is worried due to concern for Tezuka’s arm, and now Niou is basically letting him be able to have a game with Tezuka without having to worry about Tezuka’s arm. Because ‘Screw this, look at what Rikkai just did to my own friends…’

And then I thought of Shiraishi, because Shiraishi is (I believe very strongly) on the same level as Fuji, he did beat him and he even managed to push Fuji into a stage of 5-0. Actually he was on match point too…but then I thought that turning into Shiraishi will have a really negative effect too, as bad as Tezuka. Isn’t really bad to turn into some one who actually beat him, and who actually might have beat him with a score of 6-0? (explanation, if Shiraishi had got that point after Fuji stood up again then Shiraishi would have been the winner. Honestly, if I am Fuji I’ll be thinking: “This guy (Shiraishi) beat me in singles, and he even pushed me into a 5-0 siutation. I am so going to beat him this time…”

Next bit contain spoilers for genius 363 . I just saw two pictures from it…so read at your own risk.

But anyway, the reason I typed this up is because Niou actually goes… “Tezuka is actually not that good” and turns to Shiraishi. Now I honestly don’t know what I feel other then this: “LET ME READ THE NEXT CHAPTER!!!” Ok…on one hand I am really glad that I get to see more of Shiraishi (mysterious voice: admit it, you might even want Niou to win just because he turns into Shiraishi. Me: I didn’t hear anything!!!) but yet I am having a bit of mixed feeling about this. First of all I don’t want to see Shiraishi being like Niou!!! No offence to Niou fans but Shiraishi…Shiraishi is so different from Niou! (rolling on the ground) Yet I am also super glad that Niou choose to turn into Shiraishi as it means the author regards him as a top player (otherwise why will Niou substitute Tezuka into him?). But yet I think it is also quite unfair to Shiraishi…another can just copy his playing style without going through all the pain that he went through- both the emotional and physical pain…

But I can’t wait to see Shiraishi coming out again!!! (haven’t been this excited about prince of tennis since I waited for OVA 2’s 3 and 4 to come out. By the time I read the story I think it was at the yakiniku competition and when I looked for OVA OVA 2’s 1 and 2 is already out.) Although I rather see the real Shiraishi but it will still be so cool if Shiraishi will come out again!!! But I have to point out something. Niou can imitate people’s skills but can he imitate their personality? Afterall, Shiraishi is one of the calmest people Fuji has ever seen on court. Can Niou imitate this too? And I think this is a big factor in Shiraishi winning over Fuji as well, he didn’t panic, he just continued to play and try to break the counter. So if Niou can not imitate Shiraishi’s personality then he can not get the full benefit of the transform!!!

(I am in such a dilemma now…)

But sigh…my greatest wish right now is this. As Niou play he’ll make a comment about perfect tennis being boring and everyone can realize what Shiraishi choose to do because of him being the buchou. Not likely but if he does…I will be able to forgive Konomi-sensei for making Majinofuji into the runner up last year instead of Shitenhouji, and even almost being able to forgive him for not giving Shiraishi a more glorious win.

On the other hand, I will never forgive Konomi-sensei if he just uses this to prove that Fuji is better then Shiraishi (to pacify Fuji fans.). As I get a bad feeling he might…then I will be really pissed…although I don’t think it will be that bad, as I said before, I think Shiraishi’s personality played a large part in determining his win.
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