First of all, for those who doesn’t know Dojinshi (同人誌) are basically kind of like fan manga, that’s the best way I can think of to explain it. For those who are unsure please cheek on line. But anyway, on Saturday night I went to the Shitenhouji community that I belong in and I saw that if you actually log in then you can see so much more stuff, and one of it is this dojinshi. Since the person who put it up ask us to not directly link it I wouldn’t, it’s the least I can do to thank the person for being so kind by not only putting it up, they also provided translations. But I am sure they would not mind if I sort of suggests others to read it.

Warning: this doujinshi features same sex pairing so if that kind of stuff offend you then don’t say I didn’t warn you. And don’t read any more of this entry if you can’t stand that kind of stuff: fan fiction and/or same sex pairing. But the drawings are so beautiful. I know it’s not the author’s drawing but it is still so beautiful!!! And I love the idea of the story. Ok, it is a doujinshi with this pairing: Watanabe/Shiraishi and Chitose/Shiraishi. And what is amazing is that the author of that doujinshi is able to touch your heart (ok, this is a very cliché saying but that is what I felt as I read it), even though it is really short, only nine pages. So you go to the Shintehouji community (which you can find at my user info, since I belong in it) and once there, log in and click doujinshi and you should be able to find it. It’s called Cigar.

Ok…some of my opinions about it. The main character is Watanabe Osamu and I love being able to see a doujinshi/fam fiction that focuses on his character, and to be honest, I really like the idea of Watanabe/Shiraishi as a pair, that’s my favourite same sex pairing in the whole of prince of tennis (I’ve actually read quite some different ones too, including Chitose/Shiraishi, Kenya/Shiraishi, Shiraishi/Fuji, Shiraishi/Yukimura and even this Shiraishi/Atobe one. I am at the stage where I just want to read stories with him so I don’t care what they are about, as long as they are well written then I’ll read them! But I do wish there is more fan fiction with Watanabe/Shiraishi). So Watanabe is portrayed really beautifully in the doujinshi and Chitose hardly come out so can’t say anything about him. But as for Shiraishi, to be honest, I think the person portrayed Shiraishi rather fragile in that one. He appears as rather melancholic, which is not exactly the way I think of him, I think he should be more confident although I wouldn’t say it is out of character, as I think that doujinshi showed Watanabe seeing him off guarded. And of course, no one (not even Atobe) is confident the whole time…

Basically what I am saying is this: it is really worth a read if you don’t mind either fan fiction and/or same sex pairings.

So as a result I was suddenly filled with a desire to see some fan arts (rather crazy considering that I should be sleeping) and I did find some really pretty ones of Watanabe and Shiraishi, as well as ones that…*cough cough* made me quickly close the window. At one stage my sister stopped by my door way, which gave me a big fright (I wasn’t seeing any dodgy ones but she doesn’t really approve of that kind of stuff so yeah…Well, disapprove just in the sense of ‘I can’t believe you are seeing this’ and ‘You are crazy’, not so much the ‘You are sick’) (inner voice: so why are you broadcasting your crime on the net for all to see? Well…she doesn’t’ really visit here and the warning beforehand should be enough to prevent her from reaching here. Heck, she would make that comment even if I was jsut reading fan fiction, or if the picture is just any fan art, even if the picture just have Shiraishi by himself). My self defence to the slightly dodgy fan arts: I happened to stumble across them.

I remember that some while ago I posted this fan fiction pairing list for Fushigi Yugi, Genbu Kaiden and Inuyasha, maybe I should do one for Shiraishi. Basically I just talked about what I think of certain pairing, whether I like them or not.

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