I’ve been reading some fan fictions lately and as usually, whenever I start to read fan fiction I actually start to think about the characters. It’s actually quite good, I didn’t use to like the Rikkai people but after reading some really good fan fictions I was actually starting to think that they are actually pretty interesting. I was even start to think that Kirihara is not so bad until he hit Inui in the latest chapter…

The more I think about it, the more you kind of feel sorry for Kirihara because I think he is used by the author the most…what I mean by use…manipulated by the author? Personally I think he’s Konomi-sensei’s number one victim, he is a victim as the author uses him to change our perspective towards Rikkai- unless you are a Rikkai fan. I’m not, so once more, after what Kirihara just did in Genius 358, I have decided to root for Seigaku. I was actually sort of neutral before. Although there is still one possibility where I will want Rikkai to win, if they will win by beating Echizen. And it’ll be really weird if the hero school doesn’t win, admit it- everyone.

But anyway…why I think Kirihara is the victim of the author…in my case, whenever I start to think that he is not so bad he show me the opposite. When he first come out I actually thought that he’s quite a cute kid but then he hit Tachibana so that really got me pissed, (I admit, I am biased as I quite like Tachibana. Fudomine used to be my favourite school and I was actually torn between their match in the quarter final of the national. I mean, I know that Shitenhouji will win because I have seen Shitenhouji playing Seigaku but yet I kind of wish that they won’t get eliminated so soon because I really like them. I still like them, but I just like Shitenhouji much better now due to Shiraishi.) But then at the beginning of Kirihara’s singles 2 match I was quite touched by him blocking Sanada’s slap at Yanagi with his tennis racquet, I was just quite touched at that scene so I was kind of thinking maybe he isn’t so bad, and well…(the hospital scene didn’t happen in the manga.) But then…he hit Fuji’s eyes. To be honest, I think he did it on purpose. How can you say ‘I didn’t know I would hit his eyes’ when you deliberately hit his face, the chance of you hitting his eyes is pretty high. Even worse is his ‘hahaha, you can’t see’. That is just really off because that could have been so dangerous, for example, Chitose said that he still can’t see that well with his right eye (which accidentally got hit by Tachibana.) So Fuji might have got permanently injured. I mean, Rikkai is actually quite lucky that Fuji was only temporarily blinded, because if Seigaku planned to sue them, then they can probably succeed as some of the players from the other school can probably be witnesses, and say that Kirihara was deliberately hitting Fuji’s face, and once more, it’s pretty hard to say he didn’t intend to hit Fuji’s eyes because if you hit someone on the face, it is likely that you will hit his eyes. Not to mention money paid in compensation, the lightest is probably Kirihara being kicked out of the tennis club, although it is likely that Rikkai will be forbid to continue participating. But anyway…a bit off topic, so that really made me dislike Kirihara. Then due to reading fan fictions and dream novels I was starting to consider that maybe he does have a nice side, and my talk with Penguin-chan (an online friend of mine) really helped. She is a big Rikkai fan- as I am a strong Shitnehouji fans. And it is big fans like that who help you to see these characters more well. So I even didn’t mind him in the beginning of the Doubles 2 match in the national, when he was pretty psycho but it didn’t seem that vindictive. But then he went and purposely hit Inui, once again, that was deliberate. I think when it gets to hitting Inui deliberately to make Kaidou more upset is just going too far. I really like what Kaidou said: “If you want to hit someone then hit me, since I was the one taunting you.” To be honest, even if he hit Kaidou that would be wrong, cause Kaidou only returned his taunt, but at least it wouldn’t be that bad, whereas Inui didn’t do anything to him and he was just hitting Inui on purpose, in order to upset Kaidou. (But then Kaidou is one of the Seigaku regulars that I like, the other being Kawamura and Ooishi.)

So that is why I have decided: “Seigaku’s double two must win.” Or I can see this: Inui and Kaidou defaulting as Inui can’t play anymore (he actually collapsed on the ground in the last page), and Yanagi will actually say they default as well, as he think Kirihara did too far, or Yukimura would.

By the way, I am convinced that Watanabe told Gin that he can’t play anymore, that he is the one who defaulted the game for him, because I think Gin would have tried to see if he could still return some serve even though his arm is broken. I think this is what happened, Watanabe actually rushes up to stop Gin from continuing to play because he sees that he would probably want to try. I think Watanabe realises that he’s at a situation where to even try will do some damage, so he, as the coach, quickly steps in to stop him. That is why I really think Watanabe would drag Shiraishi off the court if Shiraishi is doing what Tezuka do- the whole sacrifice his arm thing. Actually I used this idea to write a fan fiction. “Conflicting Wishes”, which is on my blog. But writing that story made me realise a very important thing. Tezuka said this to the Higa captain: “Do you think your team members really want you to win this way?” now I just can’t help but to think, “Tezuka, that can apply to you as well.” I mean, him sacrificing his arm is going to traumatise his team members forever. Those who lose will honestly think: “Tezuka doing that is all my fault, because if I had win, then he wouldn’t need to have play and ended up sacrificing his arms.” I guess this is more related to the Hyotei match, not so much the Rikkai one because he was singles 3 in the Rikkai one. However, I guess we can’t really blame them as they are boys, but then I do blame their coach. The coaches should realise this might actually leave a permanent scars on the other boys, a permanent self-accusation.

Some self advertising, this is how I dealt with this issue in my fan fiction. Basically what happened is that Shiraishi was injured really badly and as a result Watanabe forfeit the game for him, even though he wanted to continue playing. This is what Shiraishi says later on: “I now see that I did the right thing for my self and my team. I will cause them to be guilty throughout the rest of their life if I destroyed myself for their sake.” He means him doing the right thing as in the fact that he accepted Watanabe’s decision although I don’t think his protests would have mattered because I am sure coaches’ word overrules.

Ok, this is longer then I thought, so I will type the next bit up another day, it’s about Shiraishi. Because I’ve been reading too much fan fiction so I just thought “I want to write something about him. (again).

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