I had a semi argument with my sister due to an incident in the weekend, and the result of it is that it made me realise a really interesting in regard to favourite characters and finding information about them. An interesting metaphor that made me understand…

So Albatross-sis (this sister) was writing ‘what if scenes’ and to be honest, I think they are fan fiction but she goes ‘no no, it’s different’. I don’t see why Kuso is different from fan fiction. They are both things that are not happening, so it is fan fiction in my opinion! Fan fiction are basically us fan fiction writers re-structuring the story with what if stuff. But anyway, she was writing kuso (in Chinese that’s basically what if scenes, kind of.) and she got stuck on Shitenhouji which she says that (I am so sorry to repeat this, but this is the exact opposite of what I think) Shiraishi have no personality and is not really an authoritative buchou, which I disagree on both account. Granted that his team members are not addressing him as if he is some unapproachable figure, there is still a clear sense of him being the buchou, and that if he said something his team members will obey him. Ok, the yakiniku competition, she uses this as a way to say he’s not really authoritative, well my defence- this had nothing to do with tennis. Being buchou for him is not a role that he must play twenty-four-seven. The yakiniku competition is not something he needs to be authoritative for. It’s a bit hard to explain but I mean, I think he and his team separated this- their relationship at that moment is that of friendship, not as buchou and team mates, which I think is quite right. I also can’t help but to think of that scene as Shiraishi prepares to leave, followed by the rest of his team. He was at the very front, clearly the buchou and I think the fact that they all walked behind him showed this. He is leading them away.

But anyway, my realisation. I got a bit side tracked. Something that I realise, and I’ll use prince of tennis as an example as this is what caused this realisation. As I read the story, it is as if I have a basket of wool in front of me. As I read on, I am taking the wools out of the basket and look at them briefly. Eventually I will find one that I particularly like due to what ever reasons. Basically this is me having found a favourite character.

But the problem is that some of the wools are neatly rolled up, while others are tangled. Important characters like the Seigaku characters are the balls of wools, to discover stuff about them you just have to unroll the wool, which is pretty easy. But for characters like Shiraishi, his wool is pretty tangled so you have to carefully untangle it, while requires quite a lot of work. You can’t just find out information to what he is like very easily, you must put in some effort to discover his characteristics by carefully analyzing his speeches and actions, because some information are hidden quite well. This is the untangling of the wool, which would be time consuming. Sometimes you will get stuck on a particular knot and you probably wouldn’t figure out how to untangle until some time passes.

So when my sister told what she said to me, about his personality, I think it is because she wasn’t trying to untangle the wool, she was just tossing it about. And in his case, you really have to untangle the wool in order to know what he is like.

As for fan fictions, I think it is as if people untangled their wools and wove it. Since they wove it, they naturally used others wool and altered that wool. But the wools you see from the weaving should be enough to make you wonder.

So this is my interpretation of this process. Although I admit, I am very bad as I have only probably almost finished unwinding Shiraishi’s skein completely, while the rest of his team and his coach have their wools partially untangled. As for everyone else (nervous laughter) I think they are all still in the basket. I know that this is a pretty weird metaphor but this was what came to mind.

I think the problem with our argument is that I am incredible hard head in regard to the stuff I am convinced is that way. If I really made up my mind then I just can’t change it. But I am not that intolerant though, I mean this is just what I do: “Ok, that is your opinion and I don’t agree with it but that is ok, cause we all have different opinion. I don’t mind if yours is different.” I spouse it can be annoying if you really think that I am wrong but…it isn’t stuff that are black and white. It’s not as if I am saying, ‘oranges are pink and whatever you can come up with as a proof is still not going to convince me’. No, I just do stuff like…using prince of tennis example: ‘I think Shitenhouji is a very strong team, stronger then this certain school, which I will not reveal.’ But this actually caused an argument that ended up quite bad. But there is no proof that I am wrong or she is right. But I mean, I do this with Satsuki-sis the whole time, and I mean, we sometimes get so childish, ending up doing a ‘Is so’. ‘Is not’ but she’s not pissed with me about that, and I don’t think she had been seriously mad at me because of that. The only time I can recall when she was seriously pissed was when we were both going through a rough period due to family and school and blamed the other for not understanding us, which has nothing to do with how we interpret a certain story.

Well…I guess this is a rant…

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