Today must be international coughing day…this is what happened to me in my Irish history lecture today. (I was sitting in the centre of the room) The lady sitting a few seats to my left begun to cough really loud, a few minutes later the guy sitting directly behind me began to cough… So that was hard enough, having to concentrate when two people were couching really loud right new to you. And then…this guy at the right side of the room began to cough. Considering that I could hear his cough pretty clearly when he was sitting some distance away from me indicates that he was coughing pretty loudly…

And then unbelievable as it was…my history lecturer start to cough, so one way to summarise today’s lecture: coughing at the left and right, coughing at both front and back.

But history lecture was very interesting today. First of all, I finally found out something that I have always been really curious about. Why Northern Ireland is not part of Ireland, but Britain. Well now I sort of know why. Many people in modern Northern Ireland were unionists, who actually didn’t want to be separated from Britain. They want to be part of Britain, or at least they did.

What else…we learnt about the Easter uprising today and it is very interesting. Initially the Irish people actually disapproved of those who participated as they believed that they were foolish and misguided for what they were doing (seizing local buildings and reading out a declaration of independence…well, sort of.) But because the British government executed them in a rather nasty way (some of the leaders were denied of their last right of seeing a priest) the people who initially disapproved ended up seeing these people as martyrs and become quite anti-British.

So, that’s my five minutes brief history lesson, although it is a very general view.

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