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Fan fiction is just too amazing…it really is. First of all, it let you be able to practice writing as well as getting sincere reviews because it is not likely that the people on fan fiction net would know you, so if they say something is good, your fan fiction really must be good. And fan fiction also let you write stuff that you might otherwise feel guilty for, or let you express new genre or new ways of writing. And then…the other day, ok…quite some time ago from now actually, I got another proof on how amazing fan fiction it. 

For one of my papers, I have a tutorial. As with all tutorials you are forced to do some kind of introduction thing. In this case, our activity was this. We have to group up with another person and learn five things about them, and then report them to the class. So I was with this girl and somehow we decided to ask each other’s hobby, since I said I like reading she asked me whether I like writing, and I said some. And I don’t know how it happened but she said she do too, she like writing fan fictions. Next moment: “OH MY GOSH REALLY??? ME TOO!” We then ended up in a semi-discussion about what type of fan fiction we write Because of that we become friends. And funnily enough the last time I had class she said she want to read my fan fictions (hmm…must have a look at her stuff) Oohh…so nervous then!!! In conclusion…the power of fan fiction is just too great.

As for the other bit in my blog… On Monday I had a history lecture (which is the funniest lecture I ever had, that even beat the one time where this random guy charged in one of my lectures last semester, then charged back out.) but what happened is that we were studying ‘The Gregorian Reform’ (or what is seen as the Gregorian reform). We have a break between the two hours and when second hour started…
We first see the famous clip in Monthy Python and the Holy grail when the monks goes around chanting and then whacking themselves, (side note: three of my friends can actually recite the monk’s chants in the film) as this happens we suddenly see this monk walking to the front of the room. (cloaked in those brown robes too). As he reached the centre he began to preach (well, recite the writings of this monk- we are using them as secondary sources. As he speaks we realize that this is one of the tutors.) But it was hilarious though…whenever the lecture reaches certain point the monk/tutor would began to read out other parts of the secondary sources.

It was certainly both an interesting and unusual lecture…imagine this being done in an English lecture. That would be interesting…that would be fun…

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Alright, due to being busy I didn’t get time to type out my other blog entries yet, they are some of the stuff that has been happening in my daily life. I guess the reason is I have been giving my diary more priority then my blog, but putting this story up is easier because it’s all typed up already, I just need to type in a introduction for it. But hopefully I should be updating this weekend again.
I forgot to mention this but this is a fan fiction, so I own nothing. Also, if you actually like my stories then please go to fanfiction.net, and search for autumn_leaf16 as that site has all my fan fictions that are…properly written (random ones in my mind doesn’t count). 

By the way, something that I really like Watase-sensai is her attitude to fanfiction. Not only does the encourage them, she believe in their creativity: she wrote in one of her author’s note in Fushigi Yugi that she believe that when someone write a fanfiction, they are actually writing their own work. Even if it is based on her own creation. She really like to read fanfiction as well, and even claim that she want to read them. This is what she said in one of the author’s note: “Some people send me fanfictions, it’s really fun! ‘There must be a lot of people who send these to you.’ That is not true, everyone is just being sneaky by enjoying it themselves (laugh). Some people say ‘The author will get angry!’ I tell you, everyone is different…so it doesn’t matter (laugh)! Everyone be brave!!! If I was in Japan I would love to write letters to her.

What else…oh yes, I thought I better mention now that Yui would not be coming out until the very end, and her role is that of a pure observer who reads the book, basically she is doing the role of Miaka’s brother.
Alright…part two! the official first chapter.

What happened last time: Houki Yuri arrived in the universe of the four gods and through a twist of fate, she ended up as one of the concubines for the emperor, and upon seeing her, Hotohori immediately felt in love with her. The two of them married after three months, when Yuri realized that she loved him as well. Now, two years had passed since the day they married…

She knelt down in front of the statue and clasped her hands together, bending her head down reverently. Despite her status she was dressed very simply in a plain dress, with her long hair brushed, but unbound.
Even as she prayed, tears made their way down her cheeks. She had begun to cry alone again, for the fear of distressing Hotohori with her tears. But she had to weep, as she was starting to fall into a depression.
When she married Hotohori and became the Houkigou, she thought that she would always be happy because she was in love with one who loved her so much too. Her mistake was that she forgot that while the emperor was above all, he was also bound to each and every one of his people. In a way he was in charge of every one’s freedom, but yet he lacked his own freedom.
Thus he must fulfil the duty to his people: to produce an heir.
Although Hotohori loved her deeply, he could not prevent the rumours that were spreading around, that she was barren. As after one and a half year, there was no sign of her being pregnant at all. One and a half year…that was when she began to loss her original great happiness.
Once again, she begged Suzaku to give her a child, as she had done for the past three months. She was sure that he had the power to grant her wish, as he was the one to give all this to her. Yuri wasn’t even praying for a son, she was just praying for a child: as that would show Konan that she was capable of producing a child.
The worst part was that Hotohori’s advisors were constantly pressuring him to elect a more fertile concubine, after his blunt refusal they actually turned to her, begging her to persuade him for the greater good of Konan.
How could any one expect a woman who loves her husband to tell him to be with another woman? Especially not her, who was from a society that forbid bigamy. (1)
It was beneath her dignity but she had lost her temper and ended up throwing a vase at the most outspoken advisor. Hotohori had held her very tightly that night and promised her that he would never do such a thing.
But she was still afraid, because it was his duty to produce an heir, and if he really had to then there would be nothing that she could do to stop him.
She did not even wanted to think about such a thing, that he would be making love to another woman, even if it was just for the sake of conceiving a child, and that another woman would gave him what she so desperately wanted to give him herself.
Deep down in her heart she began to wander whether she was punished for not telling Hotohori her real origin and therefore failing to be the priestess of Suzaku, could this be her punishment? But as always, she pretended that was not possible.
He placed his hand gently on her shoulder, and used the other one to drape one of her finest robes onto her, he then knelt in front of the altar beside her.
“You finished court very early today.” she forced her voice to remain very calm, and hoped that the tear stains were gone.
“I am required to go on a procession later, so the court ended a bit early.” He answered gently, taking her hands into his. “I went to your chambers and your maids told me that you are praying here. They also said…” the sadness in his voice was easily audible to her. “That you have spent the past three months praying to Suzaku when I leave you to go to court every morning.”
Yuri bent her head down, feeling the urge of crying again due to the tenderness in his voice, and the love in his eyes.
“I am very worried for you, Yuri.” He stated quietly. “I can tell that you have been crying even if you do not do it in front of me, and…”
“I am not sick.” She interrupted quickly.
“Not in body, no. But you are depressed, and that might lead to serious illness. I talked to the royal physician last night,” Hotohori admitted. “He told me about your body condition and he also,” he kissed her gently, drawing her into his embrace, “told me that there is no indication of you being barren at all. I believe, no, I know that you will bear our child. Did you not tell me once that your mother had your very late, when she was in her mid thirties? Maybe you will be like that as well.”
Her soft mutterings to his hair did not escape him.
“I don’t want you to be with any one else, even if I can not bear a child.”
“We will have children. Also, I have told my advisors that I will not select another concubine. I cannot share you, so you will not share me either. Yuri, please believe me. Do you remember what I promised you on the eve of our wedding night? Not even my kingdom will take me away from you.”
Hotohori was pestered as much as Yuri during the six months, it began six months ago as that was when they first realized the danger that Konan is facing from another kingdom. He knew that by logic, due to his duty, he should be consenting to his advisor’s wish. (2)
But that idea truly sickened him, because he would imagine Yuri being with another man if he was with another woman, although he knew that she would never do such things. Because of that, he realized he could not do so himself, even if it meant not obeying all of his duty to his kingdom.
His love for Yuri was a crazy thing, and maybe even a bit troublesome for a man in his role, but nonetheless he was glad for her. She gave him pure happiness just by being there.
With her in his embrace he could ignore all these problems, the threat of external and internal war, the possibility of having no heir just yet. The head who wore the crown does bear a heavy weight. He truly wished that he could just live with her as ordinary peasants, being together every day instead of only see her at the evening because of the state.
“Stay with me a bit longer.” Yuri said as she kissed him, “I feel so peaceful here.”
He nodded, and the two of them continued to kneel in front of the statue, holding onto each other, free from the pressure that constantly pestered them just because they were who they were.

The empress’ two maids both loved their mistress devotedly, for not only had she been their friends before she even become the emperor’s consort, she had not forgot them or even held a grudge for what their father had tried to do. She even liberated them from the empty fate they would suffer as the unwanted concubines of the emperor.
Naturally, they were both upset at the depression that had begun to grow in Yuri.
“Mistress!” much to their surprise she returned from the altar with a slight smile on her face, the two of them immediately went up to her and took her hands, guiding her to her dressing table. “You seem happy!”
At her two faithful maids Yuri gave them a deeper smile, she loved these two girls as sisters…she always wished that she could love her half-siblings but she had no chance as her “stepmother” hated her, and so forbid her children to even talk to her.
She was truly happy in this world, not only were Hotohori and her in love, she had two sisters who loved her back too. All she wanted was a child, then there would be no threat to her happiness…
“Hotohori reassures me that he loves me, and will not elect another.” she said almost dreamily. “He will wait for me.” (3)
“We are so glad that you are happy!” one of the maids said with the other nodding fervently, the two of them knelt down in front of Yuri. “We both hate seeing you cry!”
“Oh, I have worried you two as well,” Yuri gently patted the two girls’ head affectionately. “Do not worry for me, I will be fine. The emperor believes in me, so I will believe in myself.”
Her gaze suddenly rested onto the sword that hung in one corner and ever observant, one of her maids quickly ran and took it for her.
Lovingly, Yuri fingered the sheath, before she drew the sword out. This was yet another of the numerous gifts that she had received from Hotohori, but this was perhaps the most unorthodox present. On top of that, he would actually teach her in one of the rare spare times he had.
She actually became very skilful with wielding a sword, as she used to spend half of her mornings when Hotohori was at court to practise with her sword in the armoury with the sword master, who only taught her due to Hotohori’s orders, as it was truly highly unconventional for the empress to ‘play’ with a sword. Her skill grew greatly not only because Hotohori was an excellent teacher, but also because she was filled with the desire of pleasing him.(4)
The sword felt a bit heavier due to the three months’ neglect and she was very tempted to use it again, but she had to sheath it and order her maid to hang it back.
“Do you not wish to practise, mistress?”
“I wish to but I cannot, the royal physician told me to not engage myself in any sort of over active activity.” Yuri explained.
Perhaps she should practise her calligraphy instead, that was what she would do in the other half of her morning, and this was something that Hotohori would teacher her as well, which naturally made her a most hard working pupil. Due to calligraphy she gained a great knowledge of most of Konan’s character, and could actually compose letters herself without summoning a scribe to do it for her.
She quitted school as soon as she could, and even when she was at school she did not join any club as she would be working. She was very knowledgeable in the art of making herself appear older, she had been practising since her twelfth birthday.
The only club that she joined was ikebana, which was before her mother’s death when she was very little. She had took great delight in showing her mother the flowers that she arranged, and her mother had placed them in front of the doorway, the space where it would be seen the most often. It must have been one of her mother’s worse relationship periods as Yuri recollected how there were a lot of men whom her mother showed the flowers to.
The art of calligraphy was something completely new to her but Hotohori made it easier then it seemed. He would write a character out for her and taking her hand he would trace the character with her finger, then held her hand as she wrote it herself.
If only she did not have to worry about not being able to be pregnant. Hotohori reassured her but she was still worried.

Hotohori was pondering about the strange girl that he had captured today, along with her companion. The red light that surrounded her was especially puzzling, could she actually be the priestess of Suzaku?
But she was nothing like what he imagined the priestess would be, as he told Yuri he had once imagined her to be the perfect woman. It was true that it would be impossible as to him, Yuri was the symbol of perfection but still, he did not expect the priestess to be so…foolish? (5)
That would be the right description, he had been truly shocked at the boldness of someone who dared to walk right up to him and talk to him as if he really was just a nobody…but then the priestess was meant to be from another world, so maybe that was why, as to her he really would be a nobody.
“Your majesty.” Yuri’s two maids knelt as was required by the rituals that always surrounded him.
“How is your mistress today?” he asked, by this time he knew that whenever they come out of Yuri’s private chamber to greet him, it meant that their mistress was resting.
“She is happy today.” They said eagerly.
Nodding lightly, he dismissed them. Inside, he found her sitting on her dressing table, her chin supported by one hand, while her other hand held a book. Obviously she had wanted to wait for him.
Tenderly, he pricked the book from her loose fingers and carried her to her bed. Laying her down he began to undo her hair, even though he was filled with a slight regret that she was not awake, he did not want to wake her up, as she had been suffering from insomnia lately.
If the girl was indeed the priestess of Suzaku then all of their problems would be gone. He would see Yuri smiling and happy again, as she had been the first one and half year of their wedding.
“I must find it out quickly then.” He vowed.

As chance would have it, Hotohori found the girl soon by pure accident. He had been waiting for Yuri outside his quarters when the girl wandered in. He offered to give her a ‘tour’ around the palace, hoping to discover more of her.
The result was certainly rewarding.
“You are not from this world?” he chocked out, beyond this, everything else she said was lost to him. He only recollected some mumbling replies that he managed to make up.
He saw Yuri in his mind, happy at the news as it meant that Konan would be safe, he would be safe too, and she would no longer be harassed by his advisors for not being pregnant and…
“Are you alright?” he finally noticed that the girl Miaka was actually rather quiet, pretty unusual for some one who talked to a stranger so energetically.
“It is just that you are so beautiful!” Miaka mumbled.
At this he couldn’t help but so smile, a compliment on top of good news?
“That is what everyone says…” he began, only to hear the sound of the guards approaching. (6)
“There you are…” the guard began, but upon seeing her companion he immediately knelt down.
“Your majesty!”
“Your majesty?” Miaka’s companion, the youth she called Tamahome repeated dumbly, before he too quickly knelt down.
“Hotohori, you are the empress?” Miaka mumbled.
“Miaka, you idiot, that is the emperor!” Tamahome whispered, and not for the first time, he cursed having met this girl. She probably just signed their death warrant.
“A man?” with her eyes wide open Miaka approached Hotohori and touched his chest, then began to move her hand around. “…it’s not there.
“What about below…” she half muttered to herself. (7)
Hotohori was tempted to burst out laughing, but that would be a too undignified a thing to do. He decided that he’ll restrain himself and only laughed at this later on, when he was alone with Yuri. At this thought he smiled, that would be good, to see her smile naturally again. He was too aware that she would force herself to be happy in order to spare him any worries. But how could that be? He would always sense sadness in her, because he loves her so much.
“Take them to the court.” He ordered.

By the time Yuri woke up it was noon, and she figured that Hotohori would have finished court now, and even if he wasn’t, she would wait for him outside. She suddenly had an urge to see him right now, if she was lucky she could probably spend a brief time with him before he get occupied again. Very rarely, he would have time for her during the afternoon.
Her maids dressed her in one of her most fancy gowns among her now many elaborate dresses, then she wove the strand of pearls into her hair. For good measure she took her fan with her, she still found it so hard to believe that she was an empress! The most important woman of the kingdom!
The fan in her hand had been a gift to Hotohori from one of his states upon hearing the news of the royal marriage, and in turn he gave it to her. He also wrote out a poem to her on the fine fabric and even signed his name on it. Giving her all the more reason to treasure this fan even more. (8)
A poem that promises unlimited love and eternal happiness, a suitable gift to a bride.
“His court is not finished yet, it seems.” She shrugged, it was one of her special privilege as the empress to be able to stand right outside the court. Unlike the rest of the concubines and serving girls she had great freedom in the palace, although she rarely exercised that power. (9)
“Hear this,” she smiled at Hotohori’s voice, it was almost strange how he could sound so serious to everyone else but be so tender and gentle to her. But her smile did not last long.
“This girl is now the Suzaku priestess.”
“Suzaku priestess?” at this she actually walked in through the door.
‘Mistress, you are not allowed to go in!” her maids reminded her urgently, pulling at the wide sleeves of her dress.
But Yuri seemed to be in a complete daze. She continued walking until she could see the half turning face of the girl who stood in front of the kneeling courtiers.
“Oh my gosh…” Yuri whispered, “Miaka…how did you come to be here?”
Then without any warning she fell down into a dead faint.
Her two maids exchanged a nervous glance before nodding, knowing the part that they must play. Half dragging, half carrying her, they took her to the door way. It should be alright if anyone found them there. They knew that the emperor loved their mistress very deep but still, rules were rules.
“What possessed her to go in?” one of her maid asked. “She usually doesn’t even come here.”
“I don’t know…oh, our poor lady.” Her sister replied, pressing a handkerchief against Yuri’s forehead. “I never thought she would faint like this.”
“What is all this?” one of the courtier demanded. “The emperor is at court, there should be no disturbance! You two should not even be here.”
“We accompanied the empress outside!” the two girls said together. “The empress then fainted, and we could not leave her lying outside, so we took her here!”
Within seconds the emperor he himself hurried out, followed by Miaka and Tamahome, but neither of them managed to have a good look at Yuri as Hotohori took her into his arms the moment he saw her lying there.
“Why…” Hotohori asked her, truly shocked. Yuri was slender and rather delicate, and she had a break down before that almost caused her to faint, but he never expected her to suddenly faint like this.
“I will take the empress back to her chambers, you,” he ordered, “will make sure that the Suzaku priestess and the celestial warrior are comfortable in the palace.”
“Who is that?” Miaka asked, watching Hotohori leaving with the two girls on either side of him.
“That is Houkigou, the emperor’s consort with her two maids.”
“Houki?” she said out aloud, unaware of the courtier’s hiss of: “Houkigou!” “How come that sounds so familiar? I am sure I heard of the name before.”
But she quickly forgets all about it when she was led to very fancy room with the promise of a meal very soon. (10)

1 In China until the 20th century you were allowed to have bigamy, and the children wouldn’t actually be regarded as a bastard or anything, and they would be allowed to inherit.
2 Personally I don’t really think not being pregnant after one and half year is a long time, but since both Konan and Hotohori are in danger it kind of make sense that the advisors felt a strong need of the emperor to produce an heir immediately.
3 Once again, she really should be calling Hotohori by his title or your majesty even in private as it seems not even the empress will be allowed to call the emperor just by his name. but that will make this story way too…awkward? She will just call him by his first name when they are alone.
4 It seems that Hotohori’s power as a celestial warrior is being a master swordsman, so I always think that he can actually beat Tamahome in fencing. Tamahome is excellent in all the eighteen traditional weapon as the author said, but Hotohori should be better as sword fighting is his special skill.
5 Miaka’s foolishness truly frustrate me sometime! Example, just following a random stranger- who turned out to be a slaver, as well as just charging up to the emperor.
6 I realize that when I write fan fiction I don’t really like to write about the bit that the authors themselves had already write, cause these bits are already what every one knows. I guess this is another example. So sorry about the rest of the incident, I will just cut to the court scene really quick.
7 When I first read Fushigi Yugi, like Miaka I thought Hotohori was a female too, and Miaka’s reaction had always crack me up, so I just thought I’ll still put that in. 
8 I think that states often send gift to the emperor as a gesture of good will, and sometimes it is their duty. In any case I think every state would be required to give the emperor something on such an occasion.
9 Realistically, I really don’t think this would be possible. Even though she is the empress, I think the line will probably be drawn in front of the court. She probably would have more freedom by being able to go to any part of the inner palace where the concubines are kept, and maybe to the emperor’s quarters, but I’m not that sure, but it is highly unlikely that she would be allowed to stand right outside the court. Hey, but this is only a story, a fan fic on top of that, so pardon my historical inaccuracies.
10 Author’s Note: While this story is ultimately focusing on Hotohori and Yuri, Miaka will come out more in the next chapter, and Nuriko will be coming out as well. And Yuri will finally be talking to Miaka.

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A lot of stuff had been happening with my life and I will hopefully be updating these soon as well. But first of all, I want to put my fan fiction up on my blog, although I don’t really know why. I’ve decided to put my fan fictions up on a weekly basis just because I can, I guess (one chapter every week). I decided to put my fushigi yugi fan fiction up because I regard that as the best fan fiction I have written. So here it is, please have a read, and if you like it please go to fanfiction.net where you can read the whole and completed thing. I haven’t actually changed much of the story saved for some typo and grammar error that I discovered, so it’s the same thing.
Warning: my grammar is bad but I like to think that this is still readable.

Title: Hidden Secrets
Pairing: Hotohori and OC
Written at: June 3 to July 8 2006
Category: romance
Summary: Yuri, a young girl from Tokyo arrives in the universe of the four gods, and becomes Hotohori’s empress. They lived in happiness for two years until Miaka’s arrival as she felt very guilty for not telling him about the truth of her identity.
Author’s Note: I suddenly had the idea to write a fan fiction for fushigi yugi and I did. As I said, it is an OC story, which means I put in my own original character. At that time I felt that most of the fushigi yugi fan fictions I see on fanfiction.net are too comical so my goal was to write a serious one, so I think my story is in some part more grim. My OC is called Yuri, and since I really like the name Houki I borrowed it, so that is her last name. In the manga and anime Hotohori is sometime refereed to as Saihitei (彩賁帝), and for those who doesn’t know this is his title, which translates to Emperor Saihi. In Chinese history the rulers often have a title that is not their name. So in the same way, I will sometime refer to Yuri as Houkigou, which means empress Houki. (鳳綺后.)

In the very end, there were one hundred chosen young women from the whole of Konan to be concubines for the emperor, who was meant to chose his empress from them. She would be the most lucky one for she would be the official consort of the emperor, and it would be her that receive the attention of the most powerful man of Konan, and if she was successful in being fertile quickly, her future happiness would most likely be secured.
Unlike the rest, who, if they were extremely lucky, might occasionally obtain some attention from the emperor. Most likely though, they would end up being shut in the back of the palace for the rest of their life. (1)
“Your majesty, all you need to do is choose one woman that is pleasing to you and name her as the empress, and it will all be done!” his advisor who organized all this said again, as Hotohori said nothing but criticism at every women that they brought in. “This is not choosing an advisor! You can just choose a beautiful woman, you do not need to test them as you had.”
“I am more beautiful then all of these women so far.” Hotohori replied, his tone was light but there was not doubt that he believed in what he said. “So I want one who I can at least talk to.”
Once again, his advisors exchanged glances, so far, sixty women had come and their emperor was clearly dissatisfied. Yet these one hundred women were all carefully selected, if he was not pleased with them, then they doubt that any other women could satisfy him.(2)
“Next,” the main advisor resumed.
At the sight of the young girl that walked in Hotohori was tempted to slap his advisor, a very undignified thing to do, but he was truly shocked! This girl was probably only twelve!
“Are you trying to say I am such a man who prefer girl child to woman?” he hissed to his advisor in great disgust.
“Forgive me!” having served in the palace since the current emperor’s father reigned, the offending man knew how to act quickly to pacify the royal wrath: he immediately knelt and grovelled in front of the emperor.
The young girl exited, only to have re-entered immediately. At this one of his advisors quickly moved to guide the girl out in case the barely calmed royal wrath boiled again.
“I am not the girl who just came in.” the girl managed to whisper out. “I am her twin.”
“How old are you?” Hotohori asked kindly, he did not succeeded in making her smile, but she was at least not trembling that much.
“I will be thirteen soon.”
Hotohori nodded, he smiled at her and gestured to the door. At this the girl happily went, obviously relived that he did not choose her. A bit angry, he said coldly: “Two twelve year old girls?”
“You majesty I elected these women for you in the same fashion I had elect the concubines of your father. Beautiful girls were rounded up from every area to enter the palace to be tested, and out of all these only the most beautiful, elegant…”
“What I am asking you is why you picked two twelve year old girls.”
“I believe there was some problems in that street and these two were the only suitable ones, even though there were pretty girls a many there,” at this the man began to feel rather nervous. “These two and one other woman were the only virgins who were beautiful enough to be chosen there due to the nature of the street’s business.”
“I see.” Hotohori smiled sadly, although no one else could detect the sadness. “Very well, continue.”
The next woman was also from that street, but she was clearly older then the two girls. She appeared to be at least eighteen. She was dressed in the elaborate royal gown that was given to them all, but unlike most others, she did not wear any excessive decorations on her at all.
Her only ornament was a red ribbon that she wove into her hair. She managed to hold the upper half of her long waist length hair up into an elaborate hair do with that one single ribbon.
Hotohori gasped as he met her eyes: for the first time in his life he was willing to admit that there was someone else more beautiful then him. Physically, she seemed perfect! She was just a bit shorter then him, and her skin was tanned slightly to not be sickly pale like those who viewed fairness to the extreme as the ultimate beauty. Her hair was very dark, a raven black that matched his, but the texture of her hair differed by being curly.
Most of all, her eyes astonished him. They were such a lovely shade of rich brown that he was completely lost into them.
“What is your name?” he whispered.
Behind him his advisors were frowning, unlike their ruler, they failed to see why he was suddenly losing the tight control he always had. To them, this latest candidate was rather beautiful, but she did not stood out to them at all from the other ninety nine women they had seen.
“My name is Houki Yuri.” she quickly added: “Your majesty.” (3)
That slightest hesitation made him wonder.
“Do you not know who I am?” he asked curiously.
“I never expected to meet the emperor.” She explained in reply.
This was not an odd answer, especially when the street she came from was filled with taverns and brothels for the lower and middle class.
“You were chosen…”
It seemed Yuri was unable to control herself as at the word chosen, she snickered slightly. As Hotohori raised an eyebrow at this she quickly blushed and then knelt down.
“Forgive me…” she began.
“No, do not kneel.” Much to everyone’s surprise he stood from his seat to crouch beside her. “I want to know the truth, of how you came to be in the palace.”
“I arrived in your kingdom a week ago, and I became a worker in a tavern.” She began slowly, for she was thinking about the place of her origin. “One day, imperial soldiers came and tried to find all the virgins in the street. When they reached the tavern I worked in, the owner shoved me forward and said: ‘take this woman, she is much more beautiful then my two daughters, and she is a virgin as well even though she is eighteen years old.’
“They took me although I screamed and struggled, but my capture didn’t help the owner either. In the end they still took his two daughters. I do not know why at all, they say the emperor is only eighteen, but his two twin girls are not even thirteen.”
“I am eighteen.” Hotohori confirmed, he took her right hand into his and raised it to his lips. “I understand that you were forced here, so I wish that from now on in all that you do, you can have a choice.
“I desire you to be my empress, but I will only wed you if you wish to be my bride. Know that I have the power to make you my empress right away should I desire to, for it is my right to do so as the emperor. But I will not, because I wish to have your love.”
“You love me?” she said this in disbelieve, and she was frowning slightly. “I do not love you. How could I love someone that I only met today? How could you?”
“I do not know why, but I do love you.” Before, the only woman that interested him was the legendary priestess of Suzaku, but she, this woman in front of him, made him desire what was real instead of the dream he long spent his time in. He knew from tonight that he would no longer ponder about the woman in the legend, but he would be thinking of this woman in the palace…if she stayed that is.
“Will you at least give me a chance to win your love?”
Much to his delight, she nodded. At this he saw it as a signal for him to stand up with her hand linked in his, he would use the rest of this time more productively, he would take her around the palace, showing her all the beauty that would be her’s.
“Your majesty, what about the rest…”
“There is no need, for I have found,” he smiled at Yuri, “the woman I desires as my empress.”

Yuri dragged the elaborately decorated comb through her hair as she pulled her hair ribbon off, the events of the last two months were both scary and yet wonderful. To think that she, Houki Yuri, who barely afforded the tiny room in one of the shabbiest street in Tokyo, was now living in the palace of this world.
Before she used to ration her money in order to buy the one or two things she wanted, not needed. Among them were her pretty dresses from the retail store, and the pair of stilettos she often wore. Now she was supplied with all these silk hand embroidered dresses.
Was she dreaming? Not that this world was kind to her the moment she entered. She had to live in daily harassment every day when she worked in the tavern, and when they brought her in the palace she imagined some sort of Middle Eastern harem.
The dress she wore today seemed especially fancy even by the standard of all the other ones that the emperor had gave her. At the thought of the emperor, Hotohori, she frowned slightly. Was it really possible for someone to be in love just due to a mere first meeting? She knew that these gifts he gave her would be nothing compared to all the wealth he had, but it was the fact that he valued her that much to purposely lavish these presents to her.
Maybe what she feared was not that he did not love her, but rather, he would not stay in love with her. Once again, she thought of her mother. Her mother always seemed to be in love with her boyfriends although she changed them on a basis of twice every year in the better relationship, with many weekly dates in between, these men she seemed to love too.
Her mother…at the thought of her Yuri felt tears welling up again. It was about ten years now but the mere thought of her mother still made her weep. It was because her mother was the one person who truly loved her.
From her mother, Yuri learnt that there was two different loves, the type of love that last forever, the lover her mother had for her only child. And of the other kind that was powerful, but lasted only so briefly, what her mother felt for all her lovers, including the boy she had ran off with at only fourteen.
“Are you alright, Yuri?”
“Hotohori,” he insisted on her calling him that in private. Quickly she wiped her tears away. “I was only thinking of my…my mother.”
He must have finished his daily business with the kingdom as he was dressed less formally, and his hair was unbound. Yuri had noticed that his hair was like part of his royal outfits, he always wore it up in court, and unbound or at least loosen it the moment his duties for the day finished. (4)
She was always so touched whenever he came to talk to her, because she was aware of how busy he was as the emperor.
“You were crying.” He said, touching her face gently. “Is it because of my courtiers? I really did not think that they would dare to harass you, as I told them that I don’t want any of them to persuade you to marry me.”
“It is not because of that.” She swallowed nervously. “I was just thinking of my mother.”
“Oh, I should have thought about this sooner. Yuri, where is she? If you want you can bring her here and…”
She shook her head to stop him from going on. “My mother is dead, Hotohori, she died when I was only eight.”
“I am so sorry,” he embraced her and she felt herself automatically relaxing in his arms. If only his love would last forever, then she was so sure that she would end up in love with him very quick!
“My mother died and I lived with my father, my mother was not married to him.” She continued, unsure of why she chose to tell him this, maybe it was because no one else other then her ‘family’ knew. “He met her and she had me when my father was already married. She was not a concubine but an…an adulterer…”
“I do not think less of you because of that.” Hotohori said firmly.
“Life was hard for me, I can not blame my father’s wife for hating me but it was so hard!” she felt her shoulders shaking and recognized that as a warning of her going to cry. “My father could not love me as he wanted nothing more then to forget the mistake he made, every one else naturally hated me for destroying their originally happy family.
“Since my mother died,” here she finally sobbed, “no one loves me.”
“But I love you.” Hotohori whispered. “What must I do for you to believe this? I really love you.”
“But will you love me long enough?” Yuri chocked out. “And even if I love you, am I loving you because I love you? I want to love you because I simply love you, not just because you are being kind to me and is the first person since my mother who loves me.”
She finally cried and he held her in his arms, whispering to her. She suddenly realized that this was the first time she cried with someone else beside her, before, she always cried alone.
Dimly, she felt herself being carried and then laid down. The rest of her body seemed to be lying on a soft surface but her head was resting on something that was different, to an extent it was soft but yet the firmness made her doubt it being a pillow.
Her hair was moving…she could suddenly see the end of it when she was sure that she laid on it. It took her a few second before she registered the gentle massaging of someone’s finger through her hair.
“Don’t worry, I won’t be doing anything else other then this.” He promised, his voice a bit distant from her’s. “Thinking what you just did would naturally be hard, so I want you to just rest.”
She smiled as she finally fitted everything together. All of a sudden, her position became very comfortable. (5)
“I am sorry.” She whispered, stretching out her hand to his he immediately clasped it. “I am wasting your valuable time.”
“No, there is no waste at all.” He told her as he kissed her fingers. “I am spending my time with you, which is what I want.
“I want to love you so much,” she finally admitted, “I really wish that I can be your empress.”
The night gave both of them a newer understanding about the other, it also brought them a bit more closer.

Whenever the two of them were outside either of their private chambers, they were always carefully observed by the majority of Hotohori’s subjects.
“When he finally chose a woman he had to choose one that would be stupid enough to not agree to be empress immediately.” This was muttered again. “He is eighteen and he needs an heir, otherwise there can be a risk of a civil war, there are some who would willingly support any one of his brothers.”
“If only we can force her to agree to him immediately. It has been three months.”
“He made it clear that any harsh words we use against her will be dealt with as an insult to him.” This was spoken by one of his most senior advisors. “At least he wishes to marry.”
The couple that they were discussing were taking one of their walks in the luxurious royal garden. Hotohori was still in his formal court dress while Yuri was naturally dressed regally as well, on top of the gown she was also wearing jewelleries. They were walking with their arms linked, clearly very happy to be in the other’s company.
“There are many headdresses for you to wear if you desires to.” Hotohori was saying, not missing the opportunity to touch the natural crown of her hair. “You always wear it in a ribbon, although you do seem to change the ribbons.”
The ribbon on her hair tonight was actually one of his. Last night he had his hair down and loosely bound by a piece of white silk ribbon as he usually do when he prepared for rest, and when he declared his intention of giving her something again she had laughed and pulled off his ribbon, saying: “Give this ribbon to me then, and it will be one of the greatest gift because you used to wear it in your hair.”
“I think it is another sign of me holding onto my mother’s memory, because they used to be my happiest memory.” She said darkly. “I used to sit in her lap, and she would brush my hair for me, then tied it up like this with a single ribbon, which was the exact same way she tied her own hair. When I got a bit older she taught me how to do it and would let me do her hair.” She smiled a bit before she ended sadly, “before she died she made me kneel down against the bed so she could brush my hair a final time, that red ribbon was the last ribbon she tied into my hair.”
“But you are not wearing it any more.”
“I think I held onto the past too obsessively. I am willing to let some of it go because I want to start a new life. A life with you.” She added shyly.
He put his hands on her cheeks and drew her to face him, he was so close that his breathings dabbed her face.
“Are you willing to be my empress then?” his voice was barely audible as he was so worried and afraid at the answer.
She nodded, and she tilted her head so that her lips met his. The last three months she spent with him finally convinced her that he would love her forever, and that she was in love with him too. It was not that logical but then love was never so.
He made her realize that she was Yuri, and should not be overshadowed by her mother. She would trust her instinct, even though she feared to do so for the whole of her life for simply being her mother’s daughter. Her heart’s feelings for Hotohori were so intense that she firmly believed that she was not wrong.
She started to miss him fiercely whenever he was not there, and when he spent her time with her, she was so happy as she would finally forget her original bitter life. She did not know that what he did for her was what she did to him. Before, she would wake up with ‘Mama’ on her lips as a last desperate cry, but now, she woke with his name.
This was love. She believed with all her heart that it would stay.
“I am ready to start a new life, I believe I love you, and I know that you will always love me.” (6)
“You will marry me then?” he embraced her so tightly as he was so afraid of this new joy slipping away from her. He had already noticed that her presence, even if it was just in his mind, drove away all his accumulated loneliness. “You will marry me tomorrow if we could?”
She nodded the second time, she slipped her arms around him so she could lean onto him.
“Yuri, what flowers do you like?”
“Hotohori…” he suddenly let go of her and started to dart his gaze around.
“I wish to give you something immediately, and since we are in the garden, what better gifts?” he was almost laughing like a young boy.
“Lilies.” She said without any hesitation. “I have always loved the flower of my namesake the best.” (7)
He, the emperor of Konan, the most powerful man in the kingdom knelt down in the mud, dirtying his fine robe, to place his hands against the root. Yuri couldn’t help but to laugh, after three months she knew how vain he was! To her, this was a great sign of his love for her.
“Lilies.” He declared proudly as he placed the bosoms onto her hands. “Now I want a kiss from the lily herself.”
Unfortunately for him, he was interrupted by the loud cries of his advisors.
“Your majesty, what were you doing?” they all demanded anxiously.
“Oh, that?” he gestured to the soils on his robe with his muddy hands. “I was picking some flowers for the future empress of Konan.”
He turned to smile at Yuri but his smile changed to an expression of wonder as he saw that she was clutching to the lilies that he just gave her. She was stroking the petals lightly with one hand, while the other held them against her bosoms tightly.

The wedding was quickly arranged, to be held in only one week’s time. It was slower then what Hotohori had anticipated, but he felt much better when Yuri told him about how royal weddings in her old country took months, or even years to arrange.
“We should pray to Suzaku together for our happiness.” He told her on the eve of their wedding.
“Suzaku? The guardian of Konan? Will he listen to me, a foreigner?” she asked.
Hotohori had showed her the altar in his palace but she never really paid much attention to it, as she wasn’t religious at all.
“Since my childhood I would pray to Suzaku very often, at first it was for me to find some happiness, then for my kingdom and people when I became the emperor.” He told her as he knelt in front of the statue. “But recently I started to pray to Suzaku for myself again, to have the love of the beautiful woman whom I desire to be my empress.
“In a way it is almost strange,” he continued after they both finished. Yuri prayed very sincerely, as she actually believed that the guardian of the country of the man that she loved was responsible for making him love her. “As a child I imagined the legendary priestess of Suzaku to be the perfect woman, only to discover that she will not be, because I found her in you. Oh, you have not heard of the story at all?” he began to tell her the legend very quickly upon her confused face.
He failed to notice almost horror like expression that appeared.
“She have to be virginal?”
“She does not have to be, but she should, as otherwise the summoned God will demand her as a sacrifice, instead of just as a priestess.” (8)
“I don’t wish for such a fate.” She muttered softly, leaning against him, recalling what they did the night she agreed to marry him.
“Are you afraid about the state of my kingdom?” he misunderstood her completely. “Do not worry, Konan is in a state of prosperity.” (9)
She held onto him very tightly that night, even though they would be spending the majority of the next day together, parading in the town after the ceremony.
“I want you to be there forever.” She declared. “Promise me that nothing would take you away from me permanently, especially not your kingdom.”
“I promise I will. And there has been no major war in Konan since four years ago.” He assured her again. (10)
Lying next to him Yuri allowed herself to forget about everything, she would marry him the next day and be the empress of Konan, and she would pretend that she was from this world all along, not from the other world.
I am not meant to be the priestess of Suzaku, I am only meant to be his love. She vowed again, watching the sleeping figure of the man who would be her husband soon.
She would not let guilt eat her up again, but it was so hard to do so.
As soon as Hotohori declared their marriage, Yuri was treated as an empress in all but name. Everyone one saved for the emperor would bow to her, and she even had two personal maids. She thought about the two twin girls who were her first friends in this world, now shut in the palace as concubines. She asked Hotohori whether she could have them as her maids, and he agreed without any hesitation.
The empress was to have her own quarters in the palace, a little proportion of the palace would be hers. She didn’t like this rule much as it meant that she had to be some distance away from Hotohori, he had laughed and told her it was a tradition that would not really affect them as he intended to spend all of his leisure times with her anyway.
Marriage…she wanted and feared this at the same time. She was not just marrying any man, she was to be the bride of a ruler.
Wordlessly she left the bed, draping Hotohori’s discarded robe on her, she had wore his robes for many occasions now, but usually it was he who put them on her. Silently, she began to walk toward the main altar in the palace.
Kneeling down the closed her eyes, praying to Suzaku again.
“Let Konan be prosperous forever, because I don’t want to be the priestess of Suzaku, I don’t want to leave Hotohori ever. And let me be a child of this kingdom, not who I am. I don’t want any one to discover my identity.
When she thought of that night she often marvelled at the wonder of her not being spotted by any one in the tightly guarded palace. She slipped back into her chamber and found Hotohori still sleeping with a smile on his face.
She lay down next to him, and watched him until she too, fall asleep.

Yuri would wake up next morning with Hotohori’s arms around her, as if he never loosened his embrace.
In the next day she was crowned empress, and became the emperor’s official consort. Her wedding garment was the finest dress she ever wore and instead of a ribbon, she wove a string of pearls into her hair. Walking beside Hotohori with his hand holding her so tightly, she felt as if she really belonged to Konan.
“Houkigou!” Hotohori announced to his people, from now on this would be what everyone addresses her as. By being an empress, no one but the emperor could use her first name: Yuri. Not that many knew it, but from this day everyone would only call her by her title of Empress Houkigou.

1 Remembering the Chinese tv shows I watched set in ancient time and one or two of the books I read, life as one of the concubine in the palace is really harsh, you don’t get to go free even if you want to, and chances are the emperor wouldn’t even know you. Apparently quite a lot of women choose to kill themselves due to the loneness. Once more, since they are in a world like ancient China I thought I’ll make it some what realistic. Also, according to Yuu Watase, Hotohori have two elder brothers, one younger brother and two younger sisters. So I think it’s possible that his mother was either the favourite concubine or the empress, as he is not the oldest, but became the emperor.
2 Once again, I remembered one tv show had a character who almost got elected into the palace. And there was like all these tests, first they made sure whether she was pretty, then they looked at her posture, and then the made her read this poem to see if her voice was nice etc etc, it was not just about physical beauty.
3 Yes, I am “traditional” as the last name goes first, as in the Japanese and Chinese fashion.
4 Not fully true as when they found Nuriko, his hair was actually lose. But I really like this concept so I’m using it. Although the majority of his time his hair is not held up when he is not attending to the businesses of the kingdom. Make sense too, he does not need to appear that formal.
5 It should be quite obvious at what happened. Basically Yuri had a breakdown at the thought of her mother and about her relationship with Hotohori. So he held her in his arms, then carried her to her bed (he goes to her room when he have time). He laid her on the bed, then sat down and placed her head in his lap.
6 I could elaborate on these three months but since this is already an OC I don’t want to take forever doing this, analyzing her feelings for the whole of three months. To some extent I know that it is very illogical but hey, this is a story, fairy tale romances can happen.
7 Yuri is the Japanese word for lily.
8 This bit is altered for the sake of the plot. In this version the priestesses does not get eaten by the God unless they are not a virgin (which differs from the original story again, as only virgins could be the priestess.)
9 I remember how Hotohori said the priestess would only come when a kingdom is in great danger of war, or ending, but in the very beginning Konan doesn’t seem that bad. I presume the danger is the other kingdom’s wish of attacking them.
10 I am saying that there had been a civil war with his brothers, this theme is hinted in the story, but it is not explained fully, a bit vague.

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This is not to order, but I don’t care. First of all I now decided, rain is sheer evil. On Wednesday I got absolutely soaked. The worse bit is that it started to pour with rain when I was in the middle of Albert Park so I couldn’t have any shelter, and then to rub salt onto my wound…the rain start to stop when I arrived at the bus stop. I don’t mind so much getting wet as that is temporary, what really pissed me off is that my books and all that got wet- and that’ll be permanent. I guess if I am truthful the thing that most upset me is the fact that my accounting text book is damaged- and I had intended to sell it third hand after I finished with it. I wonder if I can still manage to sell it without losing too much money.  As we all know, paper can eventually dry from the rain but there’ll be permanent scars on them as they’ll be permanently wrinkled. The other thing that got damaged is my diary…my personal diary. I usually write with a ball point pen so most of the stuff didn’t get smudged but some of the bits when I wrote with a ink pen…disastrous. The worse bit is the few lines at the top that was written with an ink pen, not only did it smudge completely. There is no words left apart from the stains, it also stain the next few pages. (Note, both the stuff in and out of my bag got completely drenched. And to think I had been so careful with all my books.)

Onto second agenda- leaving the evil rain behind- something quite interesting happened in my accounting lecture the other day. (seiyuu nickname list next paragraph) My accounting lecture is this pretty young guy, probably only in his late twenties, at his early thirties the most, he’s most likely Asian and he has spiky hair. (black hair). On Tuesday he was wearing this loose long sleeved t-shirt with a pair of equally baggy pants. I don’t know why but he just really looked like L from Death note, which really shocked me…especially when you take his hair into consideration. But he wasn’t dressed completely identical as L, as L wears white shirt with blue jeans, where as my lecture was wearing light purple with black pants. But the style of his clothing is just identical to L’s clothing…maybe this is a sign that I have been reading too much manga since last year. But he really does look like L (and he really look like the actor who played L in the real version of the film)

Now…seiyuu nickname list, this is kind of due to my onnesan (aka Albatross-sis) that I am putting this on my blog. I watch anime in their original language which let me appreciate how great the voice actors (aka seiyuu) are. The thing is, it is easier to remember their names in Chinese because their names are just a few words, as opposed to a bunch of syllables. However sometimes I’ll need to use their name in the romanji form if I want to write or say it in English, (in Chinese I’ll just use the kanji) and it get quite difficult to try and remember them so I eventually ended up giving some nick names to the seiyuus, which is how I remember them.

But as I read more manga and watch more anime, I start to notice the familiar seiyuus and so nicknames began to appear, since they are no longer just tied to one role. Eg. The first role I heard Koyasu Takehito voice is Keiki in twelve kingdoms and so when Albatross-sis told me that he also voiced Seishiro she said this: “He’s the guy who voiced Keiki.” But as you hear more of their roles you no longer just limit them to the one character you first hear them in, so it was either remembering their name or…give them a nick name to distinguish them. (Note- I had the habit of associating voice actors with the first few roles I hear them voice but I quickly stopped this after I saw Narita Ken in Life Pastel- [a life concert with many seiyuus].)

So anyway, Albatross-sis say I give seiyuus weird nicknames and she actually got a list of seiyuu’s name for me and conned me into doing a list where I list the nickname I gave them, as well as my explanation. (Note to albatross-sis: fill a comment or else…since this is all for you.) Here is the list (names are not arranged in any particular order).


1. 石田 彰 (Ishida Akira): stone/rock, (apparently a lot of people call him stone/rock as the first letter of his last name is literally the kanji for rock and stone), Ah! Ishida Akira (every time I listen to something he voices in I can usually recognize his voice, so my reaction ended up as this: “Ah, it’s Ishida Akira”
2. 關 俊彥 (Seki Toshihiko): kendo guy (I heard that he is actually quite good at Kendo so…)
3. 保志 總一朗 (Hoshi Soichiro): bun (a lot of Chinese people call him bun because his last name sounds really like bun in Chinese. And my sister says he kind of resembles one…)
4. 森川 智之 (Morikawa Toshiyuki): orange head (because in every picture/photo or performance which I have seen him, his hair is always that bright orange colour)
5. 子安 武人 (Koyasu Takehito) : Aya (He is actually the only seiyuu who I purposely remembered his name. Once I realized that he is my favourite seiyuu I actually copied his name down and memorized it. However, his name is quite a mouthful so I decided to find a nickname for him. I then hear how many of his following fans call him Aya because they really relate him to his role in Weiss and apparently Aya is the charater in Weiss who is most like him. And it sounds quite nice too…thus he became known as Aya.)
6. 井上 和彥 (Inoue Kazuhiko): edible plant guide (this is his answer in regard to the ‘what would you bring to an island’ and because this answer is just too brilliant, that became his nickname.)
7. 置鯰 龍太郎 (Okiayu Ryōtarō): evil chemistry teacher (the first thing I saw him voice in is Sukisyo, as a character who is a chemistry teacher. My sister starts to call him the evil chemistry teacher because she is convinced that his character is evil, somehow that name really stick…)
8. 小杉 十郎太 (Kosugi Jūrōta): evil chemistry teacher’s dad (see above, he voices the dad of the guy Okiayu Ryotaro voices, and this is one of the names that really stick as well)
9. 關 智一 (Seki Tomokazu): noodle (I saw this clip where he played a trick on Yamaguchi Kappei involving noodles…)
10. 遷谷 耕史 (Tsujitani Kōji): who is this guy?/the guy who I can never remember. (I really don’t know why but I just don’t remember his name even though I should remember him as he plays Miroku in Inuyasha. But I swear, ten out of ten times when I see his name I just ask ‘Who is this guy?’ So my sister seem to have got a bit feed up as one day, she said this ‘the guy who you can never remember…’)
11. 速水 獎 (Hayami Shō): the guy who voiced that perverted doctor (the first role I saw him do is the perverted doctor in yami no matsuri and for some reason it really really really stick, I think this is also due to the fact that in the second anime I seen him in (Zetsuai) he started kind of perverted too….that’s why the name stick…partly because I feel really strongly towards the doctor in yami no matsuri.)
12. 檜山 修之 (Hiyama Nobuyuki): Initially Hikitsu (after I read volume four of Genbu Kaiden when Hikitsu came out, I immediately went to watch the episode of Fushigi yugi when Hikitsu came out and of course, to cheek if I recognize the voice actor cause Hikitsu is my favourite character in Genbu Kaiden. Initially I recognize the name as I remember seeing Hiyama’s answer in that what would you bring to the island list. So I then began to call him Hikitsu), now brave heart (he is the only seiyuu whose nick name I deliberately changed. This is because when I listened to the muteki drama cd, his role is a bit of a pervert so by calling him Hikitsu I feel as if I am insulting this really noble character, so I decided to call him brave heart, as that is the name of the character he play in life pastel- life performances by many voice actors.)
13. 堀內 賢雄 (Horiuchi Ken'yū): banana (in one of the performances I saw him in he was yelling out ‘banana is yellow’ as well as doing a little dance…)
14. 綠川 光 (Midorikawa Hikaru): pikachu guy (as with Inoue Kazuhiko, this is his answer in regard to the what would you bring to an island, that become his nickname because I feel that this is the most Orz answer…)
15. 山口 勝平 (Yamaguchi Kappei): monkey (I would call him doggie due to Inuyasha but then I read somewhere that he actually doesn’t like being called that, I then call him monkey because that seems to be most people’s nick name for him. I think he calls himself monkey…)
16. 成田 劍 (Narita Ken): airport (there is an airport in Japan called Narita airport) muteki (his character in the drama cd Muteki na Bokuru always say “Boku wa…muteki” which means “I am invincible”. Later on I saw him in life performances and he would often say that line. It seems that in the life performances he basically has to say “Boku wa…muteki” at least once…)
17. うえだゆうじ (previously known as上田祐司) (Ueda Yūji): toast (for some reason I just feel that his first name- when I pronounce it in Chinese- really sounds like toast in chinese), occasionally as sushi as well (one of the character he did in sukisho is called soushi- which really sounds like sushi), sometimes known as “the guy who can no longer write his name in kanji”. (Apparently he is no longer allowed to have his name credited in kanji, and must credited it in hiragana due to changing agency. So what is he going to do if he changes his agency again? Spell his name in romanji??? @@ Note- how come his wife didn’t have to change her name when they quitted together)
18. 鈴村健一 (Suzumura Ken'ichi): mouse (the first role I seen him in is in twelve kingdoms, where he voiced a rat. He’s called mouse instead of rat, as I feel rat is a bit too rude)
19. 趣訪部 順一 (Suwabe Jun'ichi): guy with absolutely amazing writing (I saw this sheet of paper online with his writing, and not only is it pretty, but the words were also perfectly straight even though the paper was unlined, lastly, some of his writings were also smaller than the printed words…I bet he is one of those people in exams who you see writing so much in such a tidy handwriting which totally discourages you. Note: this actually happened to me in my management exam. I was thinking that I did ok…my writing is not that bad even though I wrote quite fast…then I made the mistake of accidently glancing at the girl beside me…)
20. 三木 眞一郎 (Miki Shin'ichirō): Shinichiro (when I first saw his name it was on the cast list of Sukisyo when he voiced a guy called Minato Shinichiro, so I just cracked up. This is what appeared on the cast list: Minato Shinichiro…voiced by Miki Shinichiro), PVC (in one of the performances he was wearing this absolutely scary outfit…bright red PVC jacket and bright red PVC pants. On top of it, they also have a very bizzare printings on it. In another life perfomance he was weraing bright purple PVC jacket and bright purple PVC pants)
21. 森久保 祥太郎 (Morikubo Shōtarō): guy with six words (kanji) in his name (I always wander whether you could have people with six or two kanji in their name since most people’s names consists of 3, 4 or 5 Kanji. As he is the first person I saw with six kanji in his name, that became his nick name)
22. 中原 茂 (Nakahara Shigeru): rose (in life pastel he plays this character who always come out with a rose in his mouth.)

This have some consequences though…once I was talking to Satsuki-sis via text and I think she mentioned how she is reading death note, since Yamaguchi Kappei is her favourite voice actor and is in death note I said this to her. “Oh death note! Monkey is in it.” (As seen as above, monkey is my nick name for Yamaguchi Kappei.) I got this text back. “Monkey?! WTF!!!”

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First of all I really x100000 want to kill the person who invented the system of general education. I just spent ages trying to figure out my geo assignments and it is so frustrating…I wouldn’t have to do it if I wasn’t forced to have done something that I don’t want to do that much. Seriously…I am so angry… Kill…murder…

Ok, now that my anger is released I am going to talk about some other stuff. I suddenly have so much stuff that I want to write but I can’t really afford to waste so much time writing my blog. Maybe I should only give myself sometime to work on my blog in the weekend. But basically this is some of the stuff that I want to write on my blog…(this can also serve as a reminder for me)

Reviews on Neverwinter nights expansion: hoards of underdark
Reviews on Baldur’s Gate 2 and the numerous mods you can get
Reviews on the musical ‘Notre-dame de Paris’, which involves my favourite singer Bruno Pelletier, in fact, that’s how I know him from.
Review of Ayashi no Ceres
A second list of the fan fiction pairing list
Putting my fan fictions up on my blog, I just want too.
And a lot of other stuff.

definately not enough word...hmm...
渡邊オサム(わたなべ おさむ) (監督) (声優:遊佐浩二)

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