Ok, I admit that I am ranting again but hey, my life’s ship haven’t been sailing in perfectly smooth water lately. Between having to not panic due to exams; then feeling guilty for not working even though I’ll feel even more guilty if I work; pondering on what papers I should do next semester; and having an argument with my parents etc etc, I think I’m entitled to having some rant on my blog.

As usual I think I give up talking/complaining to my own oneesan, because there is seriously no point. I think it’s the fact that our personality just made such things impossible. Right now I want some sympathy by having some one listening to me rant, and say that they agree with me at the moment when I get really work up, and if they disagree, I can understand, I want them to at least break it out in a gentle manner. But my oneesan never seem to understand the offering me some sympathy. I remember once complaining to her about how I score really bad in a NCEA assessment and I was pretty upset, and I mean surely most people would say something like “It’s ok, don’t be so upset, it’ll be ok.” Instead she said something like “That’s stupid NCEA.” I mean for goodness sake! How does that help your sister who feels like that her whole world is darkening? It’s like what happened to Satsuki-sis in regard to her Japanese exam (if you know it then you’ll know it without me explaining it, and I really have no right to elaborate either). Ok…I’m not saying my oneesan is completely unsympathetic 24/7 or anything as she can be very nice, but it’s just that right now I’m a bit angry. (partly due to the fact that I’ve seen her in front of the computer since 12 for about at least the six hours. The reason I’m pissed is mainly that she did it without getting told off, which I surely would. And she doesn’t feel guilty…if I did that I’ll probably be twitching every time anyone enters the room).

Another reason I’m mad is that I expected her to give me some sympathy in regard to this whole general education business. (because of my degree I have to select to general education paper which means I have to do two paper that is not related to my degree.) I’m really angry at this because as I said before, I thought the whole point about university is that you can do what you want because we’ve done all the general education for me. I’m angry due to the fact that my oneesan said she think there is nothing wrong with that (yeah…I bet. Just because she’s not doing it, I bet she wouldn’t be that happy if she had to give up doing something she likes instead of doing something that she doesn’t like.) I admit, I’ll probably find the stuff rather good because university lecture can actually talk for a whole hour without letting you fall asleep most of the time so it probably won’t be that bad. When I first entered university one of the thing I really wondered is how you will manage to not get bored from a whole hour of listening to another person talk only, but well, it isn’t that bad. You do get bored but it’s not ZZZZZ every time class start. And I guess if I actually find economics a bit interesting I can probably survive doing a general education paper. I mean I remember forth form economic as nothing but a memory of pure horror. I got an absolutely crap mark for my economic exams and the only reason I passed for forth form business study was because I managed to do ok for the accounting exam. (in forth form I did business study, which split the exam into two parts: economics and accounting). I thought I was going to battle with falling asleep in my economic classes in the economic paper I did in first semester 2006 but no, nothing of that sort (most of the time). It was pretty interesting.

Back to studying I guess…wish me luck everyone! Freedom should come to me for about a week by the time I get this posted.

Oh yeah, and the whole thing about the rice ball, I forgot about that. Basically on Friday I went home quite late and I was hungry, so I suddenly remembered the rice ball shop that I said I’ll go one day. (it’s called QQ rice and there’s a store in Welleslet St and one in Dominion road.) so I went there and it was…interesting. Think of it was subway only with everything shoved into a rice ball instead of a sandwich. It was really nice…quite nostalgic as I haven’t eat a proper rice ball since what seemed like ages. Maybe even years and years. As I take a bit into it I feel tears trailing out from my eyes to slid down on my cheeks…ok, that’s definitely going to far. But the thing is I was kind of not doing that well on Friday, so somehow eating the rice ball made me recollect a lot of things, which made me quite sad. But it seems that to observers I was gazing sadly at the rice ball…I’m talking nonsense now, blame that on too much stress due to exams. The only drawback is that I think it is kind of too expensive. One rice ball costs at least $5 and I guess I was just thinking of the yakisoba that is sold at the same price in the place where I work. And I swear, the yakisoba is like at least five times larger then the rice ball. Or I can get a box of butter chicken curry which is bigger. Compared to a kebab it is really expensive as well as a kebab is 3 times larger and it only costs about 3 dollars more. Although I still recommend those who read this to go there once: see it as trying something new by eating a rice ball. It is really nice and you get interesting rice, there’s like purple rice…black rice…brown rice etc etc.

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