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The title say it all, I know that few people would actually read this but I still want to do it for some reason.

Characters (contains spoilers)
Sukisyo has a large cast of very interesting characters who are all voice by very famous voice actors. I will just do a bit of a description for the most important ones.

Sora- voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru (he also did Tamahome in Fushigi Yugi)
Sora is the protagonist and basically the whole story centres around him, and in the drama CD he also is a bit like a narrator. Sora is quite a likeable character, he is straightforward and is quite positive, and basically tries to do the right thing. He also has a rather forgiving nature. Later on we learnt that he and Nao had been kidnapped to do experiments and it is because of this that he was separated from Nao. The experiments were attempts to control the human mind. Due to not being able to endure the pain of the experiments, as well as having to look after Nao, he ended up creating Yoru, and then helped Nao to create Ran, their alternative egos.

Sunao- voiced by Hoshi Souichirou (he also did Goku in Saiyuki, and Ohjiro in Angel Sanctuary)
Nao and Sora had been very close childhood friends and so holds a rather resentful grudge towards Sora as he believed that Sora betrayed him by abandoning him, he was actually working for the evil scientist who kidnapped them. In the game/drama CD Nao also blames Sora for the death of his parents, which Sora seemed to have killed when he lost control due to the experiments. But once Nao realized the truth he forgives Sora. Nao is a rather violent character as he has a tendency to punch Sora whenever he lost his temper, and this happens quite a lot.

Yoru- voiced by Koyasu Takehito (he is in too much stuff for me to write it all down. But a few very important roles. Hotohori in Fushigi Yugi; Keiki in The twelve kingdoms; Aya in Weiss Kreuz; Seishiro in Tokyo Babylon)

Yoru is my favourite character and I admit, I am biased because my favourite voice actor voiced him, but he is the kind of character that I would like anyway so…

Yoru is the alter ego of Sora and to an extent he is rather different from Sora. I think the best way to describe him would be using this description I saw from a character survey on Sukisyo some time ago. To most people Yoru is “It will be very disastrous to be his enemy due to the scary ways that he deals with things.” Ran got harassed by two delinquents during the day, so Yoru ‘challenged them to a fight.’ The scary thing is that he wasn’t just beating them up, or beating them until they get unconscious, he even transcends the beating the crap out of them stage. He didn’t stop punching them until he felt that he is no longer angry, as he seems to have continued beating them for some time even though they were no longer conscious, then he tied them to the tree naked. When I first heard that bit I was really shocked, because the anime did not show how scary he really is, I think what he did makes him one of the most scary character I have encountered in regard to getting even with someone. Likewise, he almost strangled Nanami (see below) as Nanami had participated in the experiments at Sora and Nao, and unlike Sora he does not seem to forgive so easily.

But Yoru have a very soft spot for Ran, whom he clearly loves very much. And as I just said, he will take any harm done to Ran very personal, and he pretty much indulges in most of Ran’s wishes, as well as tolerating Ran’s obsession and possessiveness to him. The two of them are really cute but they get very mushy with one another, which kind of explain why they are so cute. Unlike the drawings of Sora and Nao, whenever Yoru comes out with Ran they usually are in very close physical contact, because their love for each other really dominates their character.

Although he often teases Sora he does care about Sora very much and he would help Sora out, he is also in charge of Sora’s memories- he actually sealed the ones that would cause Sora harm if he remembers them.
Sora based the appearance of Yoru on Shinichiro (see below), whom he regard as the type of man he (Sora) would like to be. I find that Yoru is drawn very interestingly, he looks different from Sora by being taller, with darker hair, and one of the most distinguish feature about him is that one of his eye is yellow, while the other is blue, and his right arm is almost always wrapped by bandages. While this is never explained in the anime, it is revealed in the game/drama CD: it is to cover the scar on his right hand, as he had attempted to end his and Sora’s life due to what Sora did in the experiments.

The one thing that I really don’t like in the anime is the ending, Yoru ended up gone. Because Sora could no longer rely on him, he was not needed and so he just disappeared. He’s my favourite character so I am naturally upset at this ending, and even more sad they never mentions what happens to Ran, although you presume that Ran would eventually go away as well. It is probably better for Sora to have him gone as he is only an alter ego, but his character is so distinguished and different from Sora that you really feel that he is not only an alter ego. (The last episode when he come out is really sad as he and Sora stood side by side, and while Sora’s shadow is very obvious, Yoru have no shadow, seems a reminder that he is not a real person.) And the love between him and Ran really make you think that they deserve to be together. However, in the game/drama CD Yoru does not go away, and it seems that he and Ran are still together even though everything is solved.

Ok, long enough entry, but Yoru is an exception as he is my favourite character, who is also voiced by my favourite voice actors, so that is a bonus. Onto next person…

Ran- voiced by Yamaguchi Kappei in the drama CD and the game (who is most famously known to the western culture as Inuyasha and Ranma). But in the anime he is voiced by Hoshi Souichirou (who voices Nao).
Ran is the alter ego of Sunao, and for me, the most distinguish character about him is his obsession and love for Yoru. More then half the time he come out, he is trying to get Yoru to come out through means that varies from flirting with Sora, to screaming and yelling at him, to punching him and even to strangling him once. He gets incredibly jealous whenever Yoru flirts with anyone, or even talks about anyone else at certain times. (One of the most funny incident in the drama CD is when he was trying to stop Yoru kissing Nao, and instead got kissed by Sora, he then started to cry and say how disgusting it was). His character is really diluted in the anime though.
I was really shocked at the fact that Yamaguchi Kappei is voicing Ran, as at that time I just thoughts of him as Inuyasha. I think this need extra mentioning because Yamaguchi did such an impressive job in Sukisyo as Ran that it is scary. When I first him voicing Ran I was absolutely shocked because the first thing I heard was this very girlish like giggle that I would never expect to be from the same voice actor who voiced Inuyasha. (For those who have seen Inuyasha, just imagine him sound so feminine, and even giggling). It get worse though...in one track he was purring, I am still tramutised by that purr.
In conclusion, Koyasu is my favourite voice actors but Yamaguchi is the one I regard with the most amazement.

Matsuri- voiced by Chiba Susumu (who also voiced Tomo in Angelic Layer, and Aki in Ayashi no Ceres.)
Matsuri has been friends with both Sora and Sunao since they were children, and he continues to be a very good friend to them, helping them whenever they need it. On the other hand, Matsuri has a tendency of creating plans that involved Sora and Nao which sometimes gets quite embarrassing. He also tends to embarrass the two of them by taking a lot of pictures of Sora and Nao, who are often in awkward positions due to Yoru and Ran. I think Matsuri is also one of the smartest character in the story, he is often the brains behind something, and his judgement is usually right (at one point in the anime I almost thought that Matsuri might the ultimate villain.)

Shinichiro- voiced by Miki Shinichiro (who also did Tsuzuki in descendent of darkness, Yoji in Weiss Kreuz, as well as Miaka’s random brother Keisuki in Fushigi Yugi)
Shinichiro is like a mixture of father and brother to Sora (who calls him Nii-chan, which mean brother). Shinichiro is a detective and in order to investigate the whole conspiracy that involves Sora and Nao, he undercover as a maths teacher: Minato. Minato is like an alter ego, but not quiet as most of the time he controls his own behaviour. Unlike Shinichiro, who is rather immature, Minato is so much more…scary and a pervert. He looks very different as Minato as he would wear a formal suit with his hair very flat, so I got quite a shock when I first saw a picture of Shinichiro (because in the anime we sees him as Minato first for most times) He lives with Nanami and these two are like a married couple, although I always feel that their relationship was never in the dominate light due to Yoru and Ran, then Sora and Nao.

Nanami- voiced by Ishida Akira (who also did Hakkei in Saiyuki)
Nanami is probably the school nurse (although he used to be a psychologist) and it is revealed that he was actually involved in the experiment done to Sora and Nao. (Which kind of explain why Yoru tried to strangle him at one stage.) Nanami obviously cares very much about Sora and Nao, although what he feel about the alter ego seems less certain. When I first saw Nanami I really thought that he was a woman until I heard Ishida Akira’s voice, which was quite funny because my initial thought: “hold on, this is not Fushigi Yugi!!!” But Nanami looks very feminine, and he is almost always smiling.

These are the main characters, but just for Claire I am going to include the follow character, as that is her favourite character.

Umae-chan- voiced by Ueda Yuji (the voice actors also voices Shinichiro’s brother) (who also voiced Kakyou from X, and Hojo from Inuyasha)
Sora’s homeroom teacher. Umae-chan is a very minor character who doesn’t even speak in the anime and is basically absolutely unaware of what is going on in the school. He is probably the only normal person in the whole story, as his main worry is that he is over thirty with no girl friend.
I always associate Ueda with his role from Kakyou, to be blunt, very soft spoken. Hearing his as Shinichiro’s brother who is absolutely posh is pretty similar, but as Umae-chan he have this psychotic breakdown which is very worth listening to (apparently the voice actor is famous for these sudden outbursts.)

I was going to put some pictures up to show the drawing style but for some weird reason it just doesn't work, ok...let me tell the truth, I don't know how- I thought I did, but not right now. So maybe some other day.

Lastly, some quotes. I translated these sentences that are translated into Chinese from Japanese, my translation is not good but hopefully the basic ideas will come through.

About Sora
“No wonder people say that you are naïve.” ~Yoru

About Nao
“He’s dreaming about being surrounded by bread? Ha…just like a little kid.” ~Sora

About Yoru
“I am not going to forgive you for kissing my Ran and making him cry!” ~Yoru
“Apprantly these two (the delinquents who harassed Nao/Ran) were beaten up and tied to the tree naked.” ~Matsuri
“They (the delinquents who harassed Nao/Ran) are already unconscious so why do you continue hitting them?” ~Sora

About Ran
“My whole world consists only of Yoru! My creation…my name…everything is given by Yoru!” ~Ran

About Matsuri
“He must have some sort of stalking complex.” ~Yoru

About Nanami
“I always thought that Nanami is a woman.” ~Nao

About Shinichiro
“I’m not a pervert like nii-chan (Shinichiro).”~ Sora

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Alright…here it is, the manga/anime weekly review that I intend to do. Technically it should have started last Friday but I got so busy that I didn’t really manage. I know that people keeps on saying make time but well…I just don’t seem to have that ability. Well, I shouldn’t even be doing this now but I want to take a break from studying (exams coming up…sob sob)

Jeez…how should I start this…(cough cough) Anyway…here it is! The start of my manga/anime reviews which I will try to do at a weekly basis, I’ll include basic summaries that will be spoiler free and likely stolen from winkepaedia which just introduce it, followed by my own comments (which might contain spoilers) as well as maybe some character analysis (not an in-depth one, it will very basic). I’ll mention when the spoilers are coming up, I should really find a way to do what I saw this site did, the spoilers are only visible if you highlight it. Technically I have already done some form of review for both Fushigi Yugi and Loveless but they were too informal. Random? So this is a proper one. If you are not interested in anime/manga then don’t read.

Basic data
Title: Sukisyo (full name= Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shoganai [this translates to “I like what I like, so it can’t be helped”]) [I have no idea why I decided to do this but I just did, by the way this does not represent the type of stuff I usually read!!!]
Category: Game (I think this is the first form)
Drama CD (then made into a lot of drama cds that are basically identical to the game.)
Anime [OVA. That means it was released into the store straight away.](13 episodes)
Novel (I think only one is published, I haven’t read it but I have flipped it and it is identical to the game. This is pretty new too.)
Manga (One so far, the newest product I’ve seen the manga and it is in Japanese so I have no idea what it is about, other then the fact that it is weird and drawn really differently…….)

The anime is something that starts off very light-hearted, and it is very funny. But it does get serious though, it is worth watching. If you really like the anime then I advise you to listen to some of the drama cd but I do not recommend the game to anyone, as what I have seen of it is enough to be traumatise me.

Why I saw it: My sister downloaded the OVA and it seemed interesting and it also contained a lot of famous voice actors. At that time I just decided that Koyasu Takehito is my favourite voice actor, and since he is in Sukisyo I decided “Great I’ll watch it.” So this is the symbolism of this anime? I like the basic story and I love hearing his voice so that is why I decided to hear the drama cd after I watched the anime (and the story from the anime is very interesting, and my sister found translation so why not?) Later on we found screen shot of the game (some are really dodgy) and it is also at this time when the drama cd gets dodgy too…after that we decided to do some research and we discovered that the story is a very heavy BL and the anime is an absolute dilution. This then led nicely to the next section

This is a BL (Boy love) story so it means that is about guys, and Sukisyo is like the BL that defined all other BL, but we had no idea that it was going to be like that. (Not only is there not one single female character in the story, there is not even a female voice actor!) BL is basically love between guys and the heavy ones can get rather graphical (like Sukisyo) while the lights one are only playing with the idea that is two guys in love with each other (a bit like loveless or even Tokyo Babylon)
So warning…if the lightest BL stuff disturbs you then DO NOT continue reading, as this is a very heavy BL story, it contains a lot of stuff that are rated. Apparently the game is R18, I haven’t played it but looking at some of the game shots, I can well understand why!
Although the anime itself is alright, it’s just normal bl? Kind of light, not very heavy. As I said before the anime is like super dehydrated! That is why I watched it! If it was like the game straight away I don’t think I would watch it…

Basic Story (spoiler free)
Sora (protagonist.) just recovered from an accident (fell off from a school building) and as a result he lost his memory. His new room mate is Sunao (usually known as Nao), whom, he is told by his close friend Matsuri, used to be his very close childhood friend.
As Sora tries to make sense of what is happening he discovers that both he and Nao have an alternative ego. Ran (for Nao) and Yoru (for Sora), and these two are (*cough cough*) lovers.
One of the most distinguished things about this story is that it had a large cast of characters that are very interesting…the two main characters and along with their crazy friends and teachers, and as I said it is a very funny yet rather touching and cute story at parts.
The story basically centres on Sora trying to make sense of everything going around him, and kind of coming to term with his “friendship” with Nao.
For me, the main factor that made me want to continue watch it is because I really want to know what had happened. Why did Sora fell off? Just what happened with Nao? What did they mean by Nao leaving that place? When can the two alter egos come out and what is the stuff that they are hiding? And there is this conspiracy that is slowly being built…

There are 13 episodes although the last episode is absolutely random, so you really just need to watch the first twelve. The anime version differs greatly by being way diluted, and the climax of the anime is what happens (in the game and drama cd you find out why Sora and Nao got separated, as well as why he fell off in the very beginning, whereas you only find this out in the last episodes of the anime). The anime is also very funny in the first few episodes, that is another reason why I watched it, I was just cracking up. (And the romance of Yoru and Ran are so so cute!!!)

Drama cd/game/novel:
The game is really dodgy…I mean, some of the screenshots I saw would be labelled as porn if it isn’t for the fact that it was censored, so this just indicates how dodgy it is. But trust me, the anime is alright.
The drama cds are kind of like the game, where there is this whole relationship thing that is not just platonic, so you basically have to hear it with earphones. And it is kind of funny, Japan has been stereotyped for being very strict and formal, and then you realize that the stores sell these type of things openly, I was told that any drama cds are very easy to find in bookstores. In a way they are more open then Western culture, at least in this case, because voice actors who are really famous voices a lot of bl drama cd and bl games, and it is not a shameful thing to do as we might expect. It is almost a form of art!!!

Hey, pretty good, no spoilers yet. Well, I am also going to do a character summary for the main characters but this entry is getting way to long so I will stop here and post the character summaries tomorrow. If you read this then leave a review! (it’s so ironic that this is the same length as my history essay, but does not take days to write)

BLog pet still refuse to learn Shiraishi's first name...i'm not going to stop until he finally succedd.
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