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Grrr... because the pc in my house is still being fixed, while my sister took her precious laptop to school today I have to come to university even though I don't need to as I need to go on the internet for work. Sniff sniff...um...I wouldn't actually be blogging a well partly due to the fact that I have problems in going on net, but mainly because I will be very busy with the stupid management essay I have to hand in, as well as doing a test on the last day of the semester. Yeap..everyone else is going home but those unfortunate enough to do info system must stay at university until eight.

The annoying thing about using the school internet is that it costs to download stuff. The other day I managed to find some scanlations for Genbu Kaiden volume 5 which I really wanted, as I only have volume 1~4, but it is tragic! It costs me so much to get the whole file downloaded, sob sob. At least I got to read the manga though! I suppose it is kind of worth it. I think I will do a review on Genbu Kaiden another day.

For now...back to work...

I think this is not enough words so let's try force feed.

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The title kind of says it all, I'm stuck in the university library, trying to research due to my stupid management essay and the problem is that it is a very difficuult process. Management writers are soooooooooo boring, and we have to use journals, there are like five shelves of management journals so it is like do i have to go through the book one by one? In the end i Opted for a different method, to serach the e-journals but it still stuck as there are so much stuff to read but half of it...no, 1/4 of it aren't useful!!! That is why I'm taking a break and is working on my blod instead. But um...I almost wonder am I just going to forget about all these stupid journals, just look at one or two and just manage to write an essay some how...

Finally sorted out how to change the format on my blog and yes...before I forget.
(Strangles Satsuki due to what happened last night). I had just packed my bag and gone to bed and switched the light when she texted me, so I got out of bed and walked a few steps to the desk to get my phone. Since I got up and got my phone I though that I might as well texted back as she asked, but instead she didn't!!!!!!!!!!!
(whacks her on the head with my cell phone)
Gosh...another Friday...work tonight...work was pretty good during my last two shifts as my annoying supervisor was away due to being sick, it is bad but I don't think I'll be that lucky again today. Well, I'll just have to bear through it because of my pay.

My life is busy due to university...did stupid information system test this morning where stupid formula did not work (Sobs hysterically, I do not want to know what I will get. And for my management essay...want to tear the course book to shreads when the semester is over. I now have little time in the weekdays, and not that much more free time in the weekends. But I did watch some of the Fushigi Yugi OVA last weekend, before my freedom got stolen from me. And I'll just do a bit of a review. The home PC broke again and I can't go on the net with my own computer, and my sister's lap top...if her laptop is in the fantasy world then it's profession will be a mage. Why? Because it seem to have a low as hit point, if I accidnetly typed a bit hard then my sister start to scream and yell at me (NOTE= She seems to type quite hard on my computer. Grrr..)

When I first talked about Fushigi Yugi I said it wasn't my favourite manga/anime, but I definately like it way better now. I think the writing of my fan fiction actually helped me because I understand and appreciate the story more. But I still don't say it is my favourte just as I don't say X-1999 is my favourite manga even though my fav character is in there. I think it is because in both cases while my favourite characters are important, they are not domniating, so I end up watching it for the sake of their sake, and don't appreciate the rest as much. Although Fushigi Yugi is not as bad as X-1999, because I like romances and Fushigi Yugi has this. Most importantly, I agree with Fushigi Yugi's ending, I don't agree with X's ending.

OVA 1= This is an absolutely pointless OVA due to reason a=favourite character didn't even come out until the last 10 minute of the last episode, (unless you count the 5 second appearance in the flash back in the first episode) So natrually favourite voice actor didn't say much either (he did voice a random guard but this was not a consolation) But the more important complain (I think) b=the story is absolutely pointless, but yet whoever did it also somehow decided to kill two other important characters, it was just 'what the heck is this story for? and why did you kill these two when their death serve no purpose other then for me to dislike this even more?'

OVA 2= This is much better. I love episode 2 of the OVA and it makes me have a new perspective. I think Hotohori actually ended up loving Houki, at least his action in that episode definatly made me think that he love Houki. I hate to say this but it seems the author only decided that he loved Houki in the end when the second ova was shown, ie. after the original story was written. Because the originally story suggests that Hotohori still loves Miaka, as his dying thoughts were to her: "May you have happiness." But that episode when he was kind of united with his family for that little while was really beautiful (autumn leaf shamefully admits that she was crying).

But this along with other earlier factor is resulting me to do what I had insist that I would not do, I am writing a sequel to my fan fiction on Fushigi Yugi. My first story Hidden Secrets deals with the story in vol 1~13, this sequel will be talking about the story in vol 14~18. Initially it is like a jigsaw, i write random extracts in no order at all. But now the most annoying thing happened, I actually have an order now, I guess my border fitted, I kind of know what will happen in each chapter. But...I don't really have time to do it anymore. And I want to. Why do I want to? I like writing and writing this make me happy as I suppose I am doing the thing of twisting someone else's story I really like to the ending that I would want. And I like the character I created of Yuri (my Original Character). She is quite a strong character, she can protect herself as she can wield the sword tolerably well, but she's also comfortable in being a woman: she is usually decipered in a 'feminnine' (trailing dress) with her very long hair decorated elaborately. And mostly, I think the thing I like best about her is that while she can protect herself, she does not reject the protection of other.

Ok...long enough entry and I really have to get back to my research (sigh...shudder...sniff) A last note. I have lose all my faith in english dubs. I don't know why but I don't find some chinese dub that bad, so it is not just a question of me not understanding the language. Yet I now will officially delcare out that I find english dub ghastly, they just sounds so affected and fake? somehow I found this little clip of Fushigi Yugi -the official english dubbed version- on the net and I foolishly clicked it. Moral= kill all english dub version. The guy who did Hotohori just can't compare to Koyasu Takehito, although compared to everyone else the guy who dubbed the english version is not that bad...My main complaint is actually the woman who voiced Soh...the momment she opened her mouth I almost gagged. I mean Soh is actually one of the few proper woman in Fushigi Yugi (you'll understand what i mean if you know the story), and I think she's drawn rather beautiful too, then in the english version she opened her mouth and this most horrible voice come out. (shudder shudder) (cringe)

As for names...Shitenhouji's turn again!!!
遠山 金太郎
白石 藏之介
千歲 千里
忍足 謙也
石田 銀
金色 小春
一氏 裕次
財前 光

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I have ran out of creative or even thematic titles, gosh, I got a threat post on my blog today from Satsuki (runs away). But I was going to blog anyway. So anyway...here is to blogging...

First of all my home computer (well, the family one that let me go on net) actually broke so I'm doing this at university. Below is a summary of the most interesting thing that happened in my classes.

History 102= we were given a insight on sexuality in the middle ages. Including a chart of how to know whether you are sinning due to sex. Bascially you can't be having sex during half of the week, and you have to be partially clothed otherwise you are sinning, and lastly, martial sex is only allowed after a marriage of three days.
Despite this I actually quite like this paper, it does give you quite an insight to society.

Classics 130= reading and analyzing greek lyrical poems. Some turn out to be very interesting...rather rated too (why does it sounds as if I'm doing really dodgy papers? I'm not, I swear). Had a class today on Plato's symposium...one of the 'character' view on love is certainly very...original. Two humans were originally joined together but then the gods split them up so that is why people like to have sex, to go back to the perfect form you started off as.

Infosys 110= had a special presentation today, and the guest lecturers tried to bribe us with price. The first person to jump up and scream at the appearance of this monkey thing on the slide will get a price. Why am I putting this up when I didn't even jump up? The guy who won was sitting right beside me so all of a sudden there was this "AHHHHHHH!" behind me.

Management something: my lecturer gave us a real example of the hawthorne experiment by having people folding planes and throwing them to the rest of the class. Yeah...

So that's university life, now to the worser(?) place...work...
I admit that on Monday I did do a quite crappy job at tidying the store but I resent being told in an idiotic way. I am not an idiot, that is one of my pet hatred, being treated as if I am an idiot. So work was not that good, but grr...I need to work because I want to have money. I can get a student allowence (in fact my mum make me get it), but I refuse to use that money. I have no problem in wasting money that I earned but I cannot spend money that the government give me because they can be using that money to help someone who is in more dire need then me.
Thus, I continue to bear with work although I seriously don't like my new surpervisor. It is pretty hard to follow the orders of someone that you dislike rather strongly. Because you have no motivaion. Right now I will only go to work six hours a week because that is my assigned hour, I see no point in working extra because the money i get is enough. In the old days if I was asked to do extra hours in my holiday then I usually do it. I can atually spend the whole wednesday night working if I want to as apparantly the store have to be really tidy by thursday and I actually can manage as I don't have to go to school this thursday, but I don't want to. Because I don't really care about the store, I don't have a motivation. I had at least an obligation before all this change but now I don't. Oh yeah, and whoever read this, don't tell this to my workplace, I still need to work there.

But anyway, what I do for work reminds me of this song my favoruite singer Bruno Pelletier sang. It's called billets vert (which translates to green ticket, and I think 99% that he's talking about money) and one verse seems really suitable...

"I do not have anything against these facts
But it would be necessary that one realizes
Of those and those left in the Satire
shade of the employers who pays us per hour
And they become the Masters singers"

Anyway...to an anime corner...not that I have one. I've been watching anime/reading manga this week but it'll be the last manga/anime until a while as I have to focus fully on my studies now. My sister got this from her friend and I then watch/read both, I thought I'll do a review on this as I actually finished all 12 episode of the anime (as opposed to Weiss Kreuz, who I only have a few episodes, not the whole thing.)

Loveless is a manga by Kouga Yuu, and it is then made into an anime. This is the basic summary from winkapadia: "On his first day at his new school, 12-year old Aoyagi Ritsuka meets a mysterious 20-year old man named Agatsuma Soubi. He claims to be a good friend of Ritsuka's brother, Seimei, who was recently murdered, and the suspicious organization called the 'Seven Moons' may be responsible for the death. As Ritsuka quickly finds out, Seimei and Soubi acted as a pair involved in spell battles. Now Soubi is Ritsuka's fighter, and Ritsuka his 'sacrifice'. Together, they challenge the organization to find out the truth behind Seimei's death and the reason for Ritsuka's amnesia."

As to be expected with any anime that I watch lately, Koyasu Takehito is in it. Although this led to a rather funny result. When I first watch the anime I was basically doing this to my sister: Is Koyasu Takehito in it? Are you sure he really is in it? When does he come out? Is he really in it? [we watched the first episode together and you got to feel sorry for her as he only come out in the last minute so she had to endure about 20 minute of the above] Then I read the manga and then went to watch the rest. I ended up in a really big dilema. Because while Koyasu Takehito is my favoruite voice actor, I kind of really dislike the character (Ritsu) that he voiced. So basically when he's not out I'll be wanting him to come out, because I really want to hear his voice, but when that character does come out I'll just want him to get lost.

The following happens in my head...
(when Ritsu is not out) When is Ritsu coming out, I really want to hear Koyasu Takehito's voice!!!
(when Ritsu does come out) You evil bastard...get out of my sight!!!

In conclusion: nothing worse then your favourite voice actor doing a character that you don't like at all.

This is a long enough entry...it should make up for the week of neglect, as well as giving me the opportunity of a rest. Whoever reads this, leave a message!!!

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