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Finally...the first week passed, how I survive it I do not know, so don't even ask me how I plan to survive the rest what 11 weeks? The first week of university is the only time you can relax, or at the very least not to be killed by work. Anyway today was quite strange...almost rather eventful. [I am very happy with my blog at live journal so I have no intention to change it to MSN, despite being pestered to, I think I like live journal because I just do- and this site throws less tantrum then MSN. So I have no intention of changing it, and live journal is pretty reliable as many people uses it.]

I don't like Friday that much now because a= university starts at 8am so I have to get up at 6:30am, which really sucks! Then I have a big as gap which I suppose could be interpreted as work, but the other factor b= work. Honestly, I am starting to think that Warehouse Stationary is cursed, because the supervisors are just getting really bad. Let's see...
1st guy=pretty good
2nd guy=he's the best
3rd guy=extreme...didn't allow us to talk at all, so many times we actually retorted to gesturing, it may sound quite funny but it was really frustrating and dead boring to not be able to talk for like at least an hour at times. (although to do him justice, he does know what he is doing and once or twice, was rather nice- a bit rare though)
4th guy=he's nice but a bit too nice, too loose? He didn't solve my problem at work until my breakdown.
5th guy=the worse I have seen so far, because everyone wonders whether he actually knows what he is doing, right now the unified answer is NO! He is trying to rearrange the whole store or something, as well as making the shelves so pack that it's going to blow up one day!

But leaving work aside, I don't really want to talk about it more then necessary, although the other day I told the ginger cat about how I had some problems at work and I think she would have came and...and um...have a good shout at the two guys who were giving me a hard time had I told her that I wanted to. As I was saying, I had a class at 8am, it was impossible to fall asleep even if you wanted to, because our lecturer seems to be well aqquaintened with methods of walking us up.eg.slaps on the table repeatively, and suddenly
yelling...but I must have been really tired as I got home aat about 3pm and went straight to bed, and I didn't wake up till 5:30pm... a rarity for me because as most of my close friends know, I have rally bad cases of insomnia, so I must have been really tired.

I got to buy some papers for scrapbooking today, I finally decided to give scrapbooking a go so I brought a scrapbook on Monday with a few paper(why is it so expensive- $14.99? And I brought the cheapest) and today I brought more paper (the price for these 6 sheets of 12" times 12" scrapbooking paper still brings a tear to my eyes as I think about it...ok that is exaggeration but seriously, the price of just one sheet of square paper is so much!) But so far doing the scrapbooking is quite fun, although I'm pretty uncreative, I'm just sticking photos on with some explanations, and I only have a few pages.

Something that I also did was to watch a bit of Fushigi Yugi (if this was manga then the equivalent of what I was doing would be flipping) but it is not my fault completely! I can't watch the rest 30+ episode that I didn't get to watch in the holidays! But I did watch episode 48 in full- and I ended up crying. For those who have read the manga or/and read the anime and know me could probably guess what happened in episode 48: It shows Hotohori's death and it was soooooooo sad! I couldn't help but to start crying (funnily, the last time I cried watching anime was when I watched episode 16 of X, when Seishiro finally dies, that is really sad too...) But I feel as if the director of the anime wanted to make up for Hotohori's absence in the second half of the anime by the great detail on his death, it seemed a final emphasize on his importance. It was done really beautifully, sadly too...you see flashes/montages of him with the song 'Message' playing over everything. I was listening to Message just then and I'm always going to associate that song with his death now...sniff...sniff...

I guess this random entry is long enough, and I don't really feel like starting a more longer topic, so I will end here!

橘 桔平
神尾 彰
伊武 深司
石田 鐵
櫻井 雅也
內村 京介
森 辰德

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I never ever would have thought that I'd actually say this but I had work tonight and it was actually rather interesting as it went pass really past...I won't go to far by saying it was fun but the three hours passed really fast- a great contrast to the time on Tuesday where I used to spent half of it looking at my watch.

A note to Satsuki-I was almost going to strangle you but you are forgiven, yes, it is rather shameful to be bribed by a lot of milk bottles but having Satuski with me at work is really good! Although most of our other co-workers think that we are crazy as we talks about anime/mangas alot alot alot! But I think it's almost a cultural thing sometimes: western definition of cartoon is for kids, not so much for teenagers (that is certainly what I thought), which is why I only got into anime/mangas last year, end of last year actually. But there is a beauty in most of the mangas (note that I say most. I got out a volume of Initial D, flipped a few pages then gave up even though I wanted to read the manga as Koyasu Takehito is in the anime. Seems that I can only go so far. But the whole car thing in Initial D did not interest me, and I didn't really like the the drawing style.) *cough, cough* back to the main point, most mangas are beautiful- the two characters I think are drawn most beautifully will have to be Sakurazuka Seishiro (from Tokyo Babylon/X-1999) and Hotohori (aka Saihitei, emperor of Konan) from Fushigi Yugi.

Work actually started very funny today. I had a red ribbon in my hair, I brought it and wore it in my hair as my hair is finally long enough again to be able to be put in a ribbon, and ribbons always conjure up romantic feelings. (hard to explain but I can just think of so many characters who wore ribbons and how the ribbon shimmers in their hair. In fact, it really reminds me of one of my stories. Where the protagonists (a troubadour) gave his lover (a gypsy) a multi coloured ribbon and when she dances the ribbon would flow with her hair...Later on, when they were no longer together, he would held that ribbon up and think of her. Then his foster daughter wanted the ribbon and asked him to explain why he refuses to give it to her (as he pretty much indulges her in everything)
Ooops...off topic again...But basically that's one of the strange images I would conjure up when I see ribbons. And lately in my fan fiction for Fushigi Yugi my OC (protagonist) actually wore a red ribbon in her hair. That might have been why I choose to buy a red ribbon.

Anyway Satsuki asked me this: Are you wearing that ribbon as a tribute to Hotohori? {that was why she was almost strangled} My immediate thought: what the...
Although now that I think about it that is kind of true, although I always thought that he ties his hair up with a white ribbon. Although in the anime I think it was kind of dark gold? Not really sure...But I suppose she was telling the truth, now I regard the ribbon in my hair as a tribute to Hotohori. (For those who don't know, Hotohori has very long raven hair which he sometimes ties with a ribbon somewhere at his upper back, so there's a draping feeling). Although I think I paid my greatest tribute to Hotohori by writing that ~40000+ fan fiction. The fan fiction had been really fun to do and I almost am kind of sad that it is over, as writing it was really fun. I don't think I'll be doing another fan fiction like Hidden Secrets lately, if I do any fan fiction then it'll probalby just be random one shots.
Although I can read others (looks at Satsuki)(wink wink nudge nudge hint hint say no more...)

As for university, unfortunately that happened too. It could be worse I guess, and my history paper started quite interesting. As the title is Sexuality in histories you can imagine...but my lecture started the lecture by showing us a picture and wants us to tell him what it is. Not surprisingly the class waited a bit before giving him the answer. I'll leave you to guess that the picture was...

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Um...quite a depressing title isn't it? Well, I do have to go back to university tomorrow and I seriously don't want to- all that stress and panic and work again, not hard to understand why I don't want to go back to university. I am really really happy with what I got for my first semester but as I now believe the glass is half empty, I don't believe I can do the next semester that well too.

Anyway, this is a bit of a random entry today. First of all, least I forget- strangles Satsuki. (You know too well what crime/sin you have committed). But I still thank you very deeply for reading my fan fiction and leaving a review, and I am sooooo glad that you like it.

Um...what else? As quite befitted I went to a party on Saturday. My friend's 19th birthday party and it was great as I got to see most of my friends from high school last year, some whom I have not seen for half a year (the only consequence is being slightly tired due to the lack of sleep.) We also, being true to Kiwi culture, had some alcohol. (I remember how my english teacher last year told us that it used to be a tradition in NZ to drink a yard of alcohol or something like that, and two of my friends at work told me that one truly becomes a kiwi when one gets drunk. We truly are a country with potential drunkards.) I didn't get drunk as I had learnt my lesson on my own birthday party the hard way, but one of my friends did. It's strange how people who are drunk never admits that they are drunk...
But in short it was a good party. (sing star was funnnn, although I seriously can't sing. I swear, whoever gets me in their team is doooooomed to lose, but still, good fun.)

Ok...that is all from me this time. Please read and leave a comment (gosh, this sounds exactly similar to posting a fan fiction on line, only that would be please read and review.)
Today's name list...

幸村 精市
真田 弦一郎
柳 蓮二
仁王 雅治
柳生 比呂士
切原 赤也
丸井 文太
Jackal 桑原

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Wow...It's been ages since I last update my blog, but that is because no one reads this! (sniff, sniff) Anyway, what has been going on my life? Nothing that interesting to anyone else, my writings (my fanfiction is finally finished...I had been working on it so much and in some cases I even stayed up the late just typing it up.) My muse should be very happy at my hard work...although it is now finished and it is about ~40000 words in general. Orz, I don't really know what happened. For anyone who wants to read it then go to: www.fanfiction.net/, and click anime, then Fushigi Yugi, then search for Hidden Secrets. (or just go to www.fanfiction.net and type in Hidden Secrets then click search.) It should work, I would paste the direct link to the story here but the site itself is going a bit weird so yeah...sorry. But I quite like my result. Word of warning= the rest of the entry is about Fushigi Yugi and my fan fiction, and contains spoilers.

As I said before, my fan fiction is on Fushigi Yugi. It's an OC pairing, which means I put in an original character (one I created) into the story and paired the OC with a character in the original story.

My fan fiction is an alternative to the manga (as all fan fictions kind of are). This is the basic summary/introduction: Yuri (OC) enters the book of the universe of the four gods and met up with Hotohori, the two of them fell in love and married. That is my prologue (about how she ended up as the empress), then Miaka came into the world and Yuri seems to know Miaka. Through out the rest of the story Yuri's purpose is slowly revealed... [the story does end with a ending I guess you can describe as a happily ever after fairy tale ending. Not really surprising when you consider why I wrote this fan fiction.]

I think I started writing this fan fiction because I just feel so so sorry for Hotohori.(my favourite character)His unrequited love for Miaka is just so sweet and so romantic and even really beautiful! And I think the most tragic part is that he kind of never got over it, even though me married someone else. But I HATE how he suddenly changed to a minor character from a major character (Sniff-why does this have to happen?)But anyway, I wanted to write a fan fiction for Hotohori as I guess I just kind of wish for an alternative version, when he can be in love with someone who returns his love. I didn't want to do a fan fiction with Miaka and Hotohori because I think that is just wrong. As I said before, I consider fan fiction a compliment, not an insult. Because take the example of Fushigi Yugi, I feel for Hotohori's character so strongly that I actually want to let him have a happy ending.

Well...this is so hard to explain but I think those who write and read fan fictions will understand me anyway.

越前 龍馬
桃城 武
海堂 薫
河村 隆
菊丸 英二
乾 貞治
不二 周助
手塚 國光
大石 秀一郎

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After watching alot of anime in the past year, I reach to the conclusion that Japanese voice actors are absolutely amazing, they are so talented! Unlike the western industry the voice actors for cartoons are really really good, and they are famous just for being a voice actor for cartoon. I mean, they are so important in an anime that you get situations when you watch an anime for the sake of a certain seiyu, (Which I admit, is what I am actually doing), you certainly don't get this with western cartoons.

My favoruite voice actor is Koyasu Takehito (子安武人) because I love his voice, it is such a beautiful voice. However, right now, the voice actor I most admire now is probably Yamaguchi Kappei (山口勝平), because his voice range is absolutely amazing. I mean, after hearing him scream out Inuyasha's "Naruku, I am going to kill you!" , then hear him purred out Ran in Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Sh?ganai's line of "Yoru, I only belong to Yoru," it is quite scary and amazing, that his voice range is just so wide. He was voicing two characters who are like at the two extreme end of a voice range. (If you have listened to Yamaguchi's lines in "Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Sh?ganai!" then you'll understand what I mean. Basically his character speak in the opposite of Inuyasha, and in one case he was purring. I'm not joking!)

Anyway, I want to put something interesting on my blog. This is a list I got from my sister, who in turn got it from her friend, and I have no idea where her friend got it from. But any way a bunch of japanese voice actors were asked the question of what one thing they would take to a no-man island. The list is actually in chiense so i kind of translated it, using the help of Wikipedia I managed to get most of it done. Although there are eleven voice actors whose name I still could not find and therefore it is not in romanji, but still in Kanji. So sorry about that!

My sister and I were actually writting our own comments beside it but that isn't done yet.Any way, please enjoy. I had a quite good laugh when I read the list. by the way i followed the japanese way of putting last name first.


石田 彰 :洗的褲子
Ishida Akira: a pair of spare pants.

關 俊彥:風箏
Seki Toshihiko: a kite

保志 總一朗:防曬油
Hoshi Soichiro: sunscreen

森川 智之:新宿)
Morikawa Toshiyuki: Shinjuku (a place in Tokyo somewhere)

石野 龍三:女朋友
Ishino Ryuuzou: my girl friend

岩田 光央:女人
A woman

子安 武人:女人
Koyasu Takehito: a woman

石川 英郎: 女人
Ishikawa Hideo: a woman

伊藤 健太郎:枕頭
It? Kentar?: a pillow

一條 和矢:身材好的美女
A woman with a good body

金丸 淳一:小叮噹的口袋
Kanemaru Jun'ichi: Doraemon’s pocket

菊池 正美:小叮噹
Kikuchi Masami: Doraemon

私市 淳 :小叮噹
Kisaichi Atsushi: Doraemon

井上 和彥: 食用野草圖鑒
Inoue Kazuhiko: book on eatable plants

江川 央生 :勇氣!
Egawa Hisao: courage

大塚 明夫:骰子
?tsuka Akio: dices

置鯰 龍太郎:小刀
Okiayu Ryotaro: a knife

小野 健一 :可愛的女孩
A cute girl;

小野阪 昌也 :車
A car

神穀 明 :釣具
Kamiya Akira: a set of fishing equipment

小杉 十郎太:正露丸
Kosugi J?r?ta: digestion pills

阪口 大助:武器
Sakaguchi Daisuke: a weapon

佐佐木 望:酒井 法子
Sasaki Nozomu: Sakai Noriko (a really famous Japanese singer)

鹽澤 兼人:信用卡
Credit card

志賀 克也 :擴音器

陶山 章央 :時鐘
Suyama Akio: a clock

關 智一:有女孩就很棒了,活潑的女孩更好
Seki Tomokazu: a girl would be nice, especially a lively one.

高木 涉 :夢

千葉 繁: 命
Chiba Shigeru: my life

千葉 進步:漫畫
Chiba Susumu: mangas

遷谷 耕史 :釣竿吧?
Fishing rod

遠近 孝一:相機
T?chika K?ichi: a camera

難波 圭一:啤酒
Nanba Kei'ichi: beers

林 延年:吉他
Hayashi Nobutoshi: a guitar

速水 獎:世界地圖
A world map

古澤 澈:太太
Furuya T?ru: My wife

古穀 澈: 橡皮艇
rubber dingy

檜山 修之: 我不想去
Hiyama Nobuyuki: I don’t want to go there

堀內 賢雄: 回程票
Returning ticket

松本 保典:拉麵
Matsumoto Yasunori: noodles

真殿 光昭:刀(蘭波拿的那種)
Madono Mitsuaki: knife (the type that Rambo use)

綠川 光:pocket monster
Midorikawa Hikaru: pocket monster (pokemon)

宮田 始典:電視
Miyata K?ki: a television

矢尾 一樹: 浴巾
Yao Kazuki: bath towel

山口 勝平:家人的照片
Yamaguchi Kappei: photographs of family members

山寺 宏一 :一個東京狄斯耐樂園
Yamadera K?ichi: Tokyo disney land.

結城 比呂: 我絕不去那種地方!!
Y?ki Hiro: I will not go there!!

Quite an interesting question, isn't it? If I am asked the question then I'll bring Sayid Jarrah from Lost with me, (he'll be able to protect you and hunt for you, so you basically don't have to worry about survival much), and if the answer have to be realistic then I'll bring an useful guy with me.

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This isn't my favourite manga/anime but I thought I'll talk about it a bit considering all the circumstances. I've been working on a fan fiction on it and I have also been bombarded with character song, and even stumbled onto a site where I can read the Fushigi Yugi novels. So...it almost seemed like sadame (fate...)

Fushigi Yugi is a manga by Yuu Watase, it is about how Miaka (A Japanese girl) ended up in this book world, and become the priestess to their god. Miaka must find 7 other celestial warriors, and then she will be able to summon the god Suzaku, who will grant her wishes. For a better summary, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fushigi_Yugi.

I first read the manga and I quite like it. At that time I really wanted to read a manga with a normal romance in it and it has it. (although racing through all 18 at once...not that a good idea). I do quite like the manga, the original story although I did get a bit sad reading it because my favourite character started of as a major character, then he slowly faded to the back ground, becoming a minor character. (sniff) I also like it because like many manga it is drawn really beautifully, especially my favourite character. I supose that is why I started writing a fan fiction. I'm the type of person who like fan fictions and considering them a tribute to the author, for me-I will very deeply touched if I could be an author with people who actually write fanfictions from my story, as to me that is a sign that they like my stories and characters so much that they would think of them and come up with alternative stories for them.

Anyway, I also have access to the anime at home. I don't like the anime as much as the manga despite the fact that favourite voice actor Koyasu Takehito (子安武人) voiced Hotohori, who is my favourite character. I think he did a great, wonderful job as Hotohori but the reason I don't like the anime more then the mange is because I feel the drawings are not as well done as they are in the manga. I think the beauty in the manga's drawings are lost as it got transformed in the anime.

Then there is the novel which I stumbled across on a site. The novel basically talks about some of the character's past, and while it it interesting, I don't like it as much as I thought I would. I think it is because I feel that the novel is too fast paced, there is too much action, and not enough focus on what the characters are thinking. But then I have only read one so I might be wrong.

Lastly, I've also downloaded some of the characters songs for Fushigi Yugi. I have the Hotohori character songs which Koyasu Takehito sang and they are so good! I love the lyrics as it is really really beautiful. My favourite one is "Sadame no Hoshi"- The star of destiny. I really love this song a lot so I'm putting the lyrics (the translation) up. the translations are obtained from anime lyrics.com. Me being me, I ended up very weepy whenever i hear this song.

"Please shine,
Star of Destiny!
Now, it's fading
in my consciousness.

Wishes are far away.
Dreams are in vain.
Yes, erase them
at once.

And then it will all be over.
And then it can all be put aside:
the self-accusations,
worrying about the country,
and the days of
regret and sorrow...

Please shine,
Star of Destiny!
Now, in the sky
that's getting dark.

Please shine,
Star of Destiny!
I should love
the people.

But their sad condition
is not the only concern
that my inner heart
tells me of.

That was our first parting,
but then we'll meet again eternally.
I'll still exist.
The two of us will
always live on
in my memory...

Please shine,
Star of Destiny!
Release this body
into the heavens "

In conclusion, it is a story worth reading and/or seeing. It's very funny in some parts, yet it also get very sweet and romantic. :)

Once again...name for blog pet to learn. I am pretty much temtpted to just type in Shiraishi's name about a hundred times, kind fo a 'see if you can still refuse to learn his name!' thing.

遠山 金太郎
白石 藏之介
千歲 千里
忍足 謙也
石田 銀
金色 小春
一氏 裕次
財前 光

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